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In current times, college students are very worried to have gotten very low grades in colleges. Some of them are sunk in severe mental disorders because the content they had written had several plagiarism issues. Teachers usually fail the students who are found to have submitted plagiarized assignments or examination papers.

The students in colleges or universities complain about having no useful online free plagiarism checker as they are not used to online scrolling. There are the best free tools available online. Thus, in this article, college students are going to get great benefits as this contains the top three free plagiarism checker online tools.

By the use of these free tools, the students can verify their assignments/essays or other types of academic writing. In this way, they are going to deliver the best of their knowledge. Zero plagiarism is also a scoring point before a teacher. To maintain the standard of academic write-ups, every college student must make sure that the content submitted is free from plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the ratio of similar content of other person added in one’s newly written content or text.

For example, one writes the same what others wrote will be understood as 100% plagiarism. In colleges, some students cheat in their examinations which is not good, but with time, modified plagiarism detectors can know how unique content one has written, and what the plagiarized sentences are.

How many types of plagiarism are there?

There are two types of plagiarism;
• Intentional Plagiarism
• Unintentional Plagiarism

What is Intentional Plagiarism?

Intentional plagiarism means writing someone else content on a personal desk intentionally, and one knows that this is a copy of others. Likewise, some years ago, students wrote similar assignments copying from one and another just giving a different structure and breaking the actual coherence.

With time, plagiarism detectors evolved, and now the plagiarism software can detect who has taken another one’s content. In this way, a teacher can know whom to give good grades and who is liable to fail in the examination or assignment test.

What is Unintentional Plagiarism?

Unintentional Plagiarism means that someone has written a copy, and fortunately or unfortunately written the same phrases as someone else has already written. This type of plagiarism issues usually arise while appearing in online essay competition or using the online system for checking students’ papers. Thus, it becomes enormously necessary for a student to check for plagiarism using the free online tools.

Why to check for plagiarism?

In the current era, students have been imposed more restrictions on using any black hat technique to get better grades. For this, it becomes a mandatory thing for a teacher to check for plagiarism and authorize the actual writer of a paper or thesis.

Students should check plagiarism for getting good results from college or teacher. Otherwise, one might lose to pass the examination or assignment test. Researches or research journals usually ask the researchers to check if someone else has already published the same content.

To go through completely and successfully, it becomes essential to use plagiarism tools and check for plagiarism so that a student can get gargantuan grades in the examinations.

Does plagiarism matter for college students?

Yes, plagiarism matters a lot for college students. Owing to lockdown because of the pandemic in 2020, many institutions have asked the management department to conduct online examinations. The policy of institutions included that every student must pass one’s content without a single percentage of plagiarism.

Some institutions allow the students okay for 20% plagiarism in their content or examination paper. Thus, to secure the best position in the results sheet, college students are responsible to check for plagiarism before submitting their papers.

How are college students responsible for no plagiarism?

Some colleges take online assignments or examination papers. Search engine algorithms or online platforms have the policy not to write what is already written on the digital media or online websites. In this way, students are going to lose their marks. So, they are responsible for writing unique content or write-up having zero plagiarism.

How can plagiarism issues destroy students’ grades?

As institutions and online standards do not allow one to reuse any write-up or content, in this way, there are many intentional or unintentional plagiarism issues for a student. If the plagiarism exists in one’s assignment paper, then surely the teacher will fail one. Thus, plagiarism can destroy students’ grades.

What are the top 3 free plagiarism online tools for college students?

There are various tools for checking plagiarism online. Some students use premium plans of these online detectors while some are only trying to get their work done. There are three unique tools to check for plagiarism online. These tools are;

•  Websiteseochecker
•  Prepostseo
•  Plagtracker

Websiteseochecker plagiarism checking tool

Following are the Pros and Cons of Websiteseochecker Plagiarism Checker

• Does not deliver false-positive results
• Easy to use
• It shows in percentage
• Secure

•No detailed report
• Sometimes stops delivering any result

Prepostseo.com plagiarism checking tool

Following are the Pros and Cons of Prepostseo.com Plagiarism Checker

• Detailed report
• Easy-to-use
• User friendly
• 500 words to check daily for free
• Low rates for premium packages & plans
• Secure detection

• Low word limit to check for free
• One search per day for free
• No free trial

Plagtracker plagiarism checking tool

Following are the Pros and Cons of Plagtracker Plagiarism Checker

• Full detailed reports (sent by email)
• A user-friendly tool for checking plagiarism
• Free searches

• Various limitations
• Limited searches
• Login is required for a report
• Not immediate results

Prepostseo vs websiteseochecker vs plagtracker





These 3 plagiarism detectors are very useful for college students. No doubt, the premium plans are mostly recommended yet the students can get benefits from the free versions of these plagiarism checking tools available online. It is highly recommended by several digital marketers to use whatever is free at hand. Thus, these three free tools are fruitful for students’ progress and halting the failure due to plagiarism issues.

— by Eric Williams

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