Jun 302020

Tracey Energy Systems, Inc., a full-service fuel oil company with an 89-year history serving greater New Haven has been approved as a qualified contractor for the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) Loan program and can now offer residential and commercial access to fixed-rate energy loans for heating, cooling, and hot water installations.

“Loans through NEIF are designed to support and encourage businesses and
homeowners to make energy improvements to their properties,” explained Ralph Carlo,
who co-owns Tracey Energy with his wife and business partner, Jennifer Tracey-Carlo.
“These are simple-interest, fixed-rate loans, and can make a significant difference in
decisions to upgrade to more efficient and lower-cost heating and cooling systems.”

According to the NEIF site, the organization is, “focused on providing lending and
other services for improvements to make homes and businesses resilient, efficient, healthy
and comfortable.”

For more information on the NEIF program and opportunities for heating and cooling
system efficiencies, contact Tracey Energy Services at 203-777-5747.

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