Sep 032020

n response to recent questions about a proposed federal bill by Sen. Murphy concerning SRO’s:

There is no question about where I as a person, a mother, an elected official, or as a candidate stand on school safety. Quality education and school safety are two of my greatest priorities. 

My voting record shows complete support for our local police department and their involvement with our schools, which includes D.A.R.E. program support and supplemental funding. 

We know our towns. We know our schools. Towns and local Boards of Education should continue to be able to decide how programs and personnel are integrated into their schools.

I have advocated for and helped secure federal funding for social/emotional-based violence prevention programs, and implemented them on local and state levels. 

I testified at the very first Session for the Federal Commission on School Safety in Washington, D.C. for federal funding to keep our schools safe.  

I have worked the last 7 years advocating for our children – I know that many districts have very strong relationships with their SRO’s and know they can be incredibly helpful in their schools and communities. We do need to address the districts where that relationship is not as positive.  

We need to find balance where the end result is safe children, schools, and quality education.

This isn’t a talking point for me, nor should it be a partisan issue. This is about all of our children’s safety and education. 

Mary Welander

Orange, CT

State Representative Candidate, 114th District

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