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Following are the property transfers for July and August from the Orange Town Clerk’s Office.

Aug. 27 

42 Grannis Street, $196,000, Carl Carangelo admin Anne Davis Est. To James and Sara Vincent

423 Sheldon Court $345,000 Jean Williams to Tian Wushuang

120 Coram Lane $805,000 Brian and Jennifer May to Kumar Vuay

55 Red Cedar Circle $280,000, Mary Newell Estate, to Robert and Elizabeth Dow

147 Cherry Hill Road, $330,000 Anna Caccavale Estate to Sawsan Kassar

Aug. 26139 Coram Lane $820,000 Heather Enos and Ross Wohlert to Shivakumar Rujaraman and Darshana Dhanaraj

No address given $642,500 Georg Ling and Suzanne Elliott to Samantha Smith and Matthew Zegarek

913 Green Circle $685,000 Gladys Soto to Asmath and Shelina Mohammed 

Aug. 25

117 Cricket Lane $349,900 John and Nyleen Dories to Elizabeth Gerace and Timothy Ryan

270 Zak Court. $475,000 Timothy and Margaret Dowd to Karolina Dudzik

Aug. 24 

27 Hedgefield Court $795,000 Mark and Joan Nordstrom to Robert and Rebecca Sanderson

Aug. 21

393 West River Road. $460,000 Donald Bailey III and Kristina Houst to Jason Staples

705 Orange Center Road, $135,000, Elizabeth Hovey Family Trust, to 706 Orange Center Road LLC

Aug. 20

502 Grassy Hill Road, $314,000 Peter Cahill to Annacarina and David Jacob

259 Hemlock Hill Road, $365,000 Alfred Mayer to Belal Basatna and Alia Shehada

Aug. 18

Clark Lane , No Price Given, BGRS Relocation Inc to Ahsley and Kevin Siros

483 Ferry Road $365,000 Kivin and Danielle Carrano to Alex and Katherine Bird

503 Carriage Drive, $430,000,  Elaine Pavlik Trust to Vera and Glenn Gaetano

Aug. 14

615 St. Johns Drive $275,000 Michael Richetelli to Norma Camacho and Daniel Tarifi

Aug. 11

Miles Road, $465,000, Jane Cenami to Joshua Orlinsky and Melanie Sion

Lot 3 Sunrise Hill Estates, $306,000 Sunrise Hill Estates LLC to Jennifer Lucarelli

Aug. 10

No Address Given, $320,000, Sidney Gimple to Christopher Pizzi

Aug. 8

129 Cherry Hill Road, $440,000, Elnur Nasibov to Ryan and Kelly Mihalyak

Aug. 4

70 Russell Ave. $297,000 Lorraine Sikeritzky to Kristen Isacsson and Craig Parsons

Aug. 3. 

20 Shepherd Lane Parcel $510,000 Church of the Good Shepherd to Jessica and Finn MacDaniel

392 Clark Lane $539,000, Brian and Kathryn Malagrida to BGRS Relocation INC

295 Derby Turnpike $351,000 Oyster Point Investments LLC to Marie Vazquez

37 Rolling Ridge Road, $325,000, Mark Gorenbert Trust to Mengke Tang

July 31 

19 Hampton Close $550,000 Richard McCarthy Trust to Thomas and Heather Weatherly

July 30

436 Treat Lane, $1,110,000 Michael and Sheryl Richetelli to Jeremy and Jennifer Myers. 

139 Wild Rose Drive $650,000 Mindy Printz-Kopelson to Adriana and Sebastian Tavenas

July 28

65 Lakeside Drive, Beecher Walk, $269,900, Oak Tree Development to Wan Meng Ting

July 27

630 Lakeview Road, $349,900 Kelli Jelsma to Charles Buynovsky III

312 Hawthorne Lane, $325,000 James Flynn to Sheryl Richetelli

July 23
21 Crofut Road, $400,000, 21 Crofut LLC to Richard Carlstrom

350 Woodland Lane, $565,000, Robert Kroepel Jr and Rosanne Kropel to Jeffrey and Robin Adefun

July 21 

357 Ridge Road, $441,000, Jeffrey and Robin Adefun to Joseph Sulzychi and Linsay Aronheim

July 20

Fairway Road, $441,000, Pauline Lin and Albert Shaw to Arun and Anusha Pillai

25 Hampton Close, $648,000 George Palermo to Bhavika and Dinesh Patel
(Two pieces) Wagon Trail, $480, Robert and Gina Bohan to Azem and Send Dushaj

July 17
571 Summit Drive $330,000 Brian and Mary Moulder to Anthony Calandro

Derby Milford Road, $260,000 Kopek Family Trust to Lauro Marin

July 16

650 St. Johns Drive $1,175,000 Richard and Heather Sell to Prashanth Vallabhajosyula

457 Pine Tree Drive, $405,000 Jeffrey and Gail Barnett to Xiau Wu and Xia Wang

July 15

Orange Center Road $240,000 Janet Lutz to Fabricio Zelaya-Salgado

July 13

293 Arnold Lane, $355,000 Matthew Shaw to Troy Kovalik

July 6 

388 Fairlea Road, $320,000, Jennie Klinger Estate to Junkai Zhou and Jinglan Wang

350 Woodland Lane, $565,000, Robert Kroepel Jr and Rosanne Kropel to Jeffrey and Robin Adefun

(Two pieces) Wagon Trail, $480, Robert and Gina Bohan to Azem and Send Dushaj

July 1 
62 South Rolling Ridge Road, $493,000 Jackson Voss to Aung Naing

67 Lakeside Drive , $276,510, Oak Tree Development LLC to Maryann Palmieri Trust

361 Drummond Road, $370,000 Stanton Taylor to Nicholas and Amy Rivers

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