Oct 032020

Over the years, Amity has had a lot of talented runners, both boys, and girls.

Often, there’s one stand-out, who outpaces his or her teammates and opponents on the trails or tracks.

This year, the boys’ runner that you will most likely hear about a lot is Orange resident Mason Beaudette. His brother Kyle Amity ’17 won the MVP award at the Block A Dinner that year. During local races, his mom would tell me, just watch Mason, he may even be faster.

During this season’s first competition against Wilbur Cross in Woodbridge, the Amity Junior led the pack in the 5k and crossed the finish line a solid minute before the entire field.

Seven of his teammates were among the top ten. It looks like the Spartans are off to a great start.

This year’s team, coached by Christopher Elledge, are:


Max Corvino, Nicholas Demarco, Tyler Derosa, Gregory Hofstatter, Christopher Nam, Anton Rathjens, Bowen Tullo, Raymond Walls, Eric Zhang, and Kyle Zhang.


Francis Cavallaro, Ai

den Courtney, Ryan Magri, Sheehan Munim, Harshil Parmar, Sean Pivovar, and Marc Vanschaick.


Joshua Baitch, Mason Beaudette, Benjamin Cap, Scott Lowder, Brodey Lu, James Nichol, Colby O’Connor, Christopher Oko, Parker Paragas, Nolan Smith, and Kelvin Zhang.


Jack Cadelina, Christian Chen, Juan Garcia, Michael Haverstock, and Adarsh Kongani.

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