Nov 112020

Hello, My name is Amelie. I’m 9-years-old, so I am a kid.

In March, when Covid-19 started I went home from school and the next day we did not go to school – for the rest of the school year.

It is so hard to be a kid during the coronavirus, and here’s why:

#1: You don’t get to see your friends AT ALL!!!

#2: I have my fears, then my family has their fears, so I have to worry about their fears too.

#3: I LOVE SCHOOL and not going to school was torture!

#4: The coronavirus started happening when I was in third grade, right before our living museum presentations, which we spent months working on.

#5: I could not see my Yia Yia for four months — only on Zoom calls. I was lucky if I could see her from the front porch! I got a pillow of her face that I could hug because I missed her so much!

Grownups don’t understand that it is very, very, VERY hard for kids during this pandemic.

But there are some good things to come out of it.

#1: It made everyone really good at washing their hands.

#2: I learned how to sew masks.

#3: I got to wear my pajamas during homeschooling.

#4: During homeschooling, I got to sleep super late.

#5: I don’t have to smile in pictures, because I get to wear a mask.

I hope that the pandemic ends soon so that everything can go back to normal. Until then, wear a mask and wash your hands often.

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