Dec 182020

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to a father-son rescue team from Orange who came to my home and shoveled out the mound of ice and snow blocking my driveway. I would never have been able to tackle the 7×8 sqft of heaviness left by the snowplows by myself this year. It’s tough getting old.

I put a plea out on Twitter yesterday asking for help and only two people responded. My heroes, and one other person. (Thank You so much for your offers).

I’m not sure if my two knights in shining armor wanted to be identified by name, so I will keep them anonymous, But I WILL say that the son was always one of my favorite Amity Athletes, a true gentleman, a highly respected teammate, and friend to all.

They went above and beyond what I had requested by beautifully clearing my driveway and widening the pathways I’d made on my front walk and steps and the sidewalk in front of my home as well.

This has been a terrible year in countless ways, but the kindness I’ve been shown a few times this year, in a couple of situations — 1) needing donations for Annie Davis’s memorial bench, 2) seeking help when the Orange Live bank account got so low that I almost had to shut down the site, 3) needing someone to help with the back-breaking job of clearing the Great Wall of China (ice and snow) blocking me into my driveway. — have renewed my faith in mankind.

So Thank You ALL For being neighborly and for caring.

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