Jan 072021

Orange Town Clerk Patrick O’Sullivan filed the following property transfers in his office in December.

Dec. 1 No address given $350,000 Salvatore Persico III to Elaine Guidone

Dec. 31 No address given $$16,500 Keith Proto to Cosma and Lisa Laudano

Dec. 31 51 Sunset Drive $400,000 Gillian Hepburn to Jorge Rivas

Dec. 28 451 Oakview Drive $465,000 Janet Mazziotti to Mason Law and Lauren Costello

Dec. 28 21 Lakeside Drive $286,500 Oak Tree Development LLC to Francis Bowser

Dec. 24 54 Boston Post Road $6,600,000 Orange Haven Ralty LLC to Delyn Properties LLC

Dec. 22 422 Sheldon Court $380,000 Frank and Susan Servin to Kristine Flittner

Dec. 22 367-369 Boston Post Road $1,300,000 JDW Realty LLC to 367 Boston Post Road LLC

Dec. 21 686 South Greenbrier Drive $410,000 John and Jason Perrone to Anthony and Janice Volpe

Dec. 18  438 Howellton Road $360,000 Pascal Panza to Yama Enayat

Dec. 18 637 High Ridge Road $389,900 Leslie Gayle to JOhn Turnbert and Lynn Htrick

Dec. 16  368 Fairlea Road. $411,500 Darlene and James Gentile to Jean Williams

Dec. 11  186 Mulberry Lane  $——— Fannie Mae. to Mary Ruth Windham and Robert Liston Jr.

Dec. 11 483 Ridge Road $305,000 Top of the top LLC to Victor Marini Jr. and Edward Kirknam

Dec. 10  283 Silverbrook Road  $280,000 Carol and Lisa Latella to Lila Khan

Dec. 8. 609 Chestnut Ridge Road $300,000 Paula Lin to Robert Murphy

Dec. 8  281 Sarah Circle $430,000 QFamily LLC to Jeremy and Erica Smith

Dec. 8  422 Clement Lane $475,000 Gary and Gina Bucciero to Michael Dolan

Dec. 8 576 Racebrook Road $310,000 Janet and Robert Bucci to Alanis, Marcia, and Jose Palma

Dec. 7. 10 Laviola Lane  $678,903 J&A development LLC to Gregory and Lauren Senia

Dec 4.  308 Narrow Lane $371,000 Jeremy and Erica Smith to Peter O’Neil

Dec. 3  — Ridge Road $366,000 Paul Whittaker Estate to Warren and Lorraine Dean

Dec. 4  374 Grassy Hill Road $350,000  Cathy Saffioti trustee to Gezim Zeko

Dec. 23  523 Wagon Trail $675,000  Cristy B Jones Trust to Gregory and Anna Medoff

Dec. 18  400 Orange Center Road $450,000 Laurel Wapple Family Trust to Filip and Nadezhda Ivanov

Dec. 15  692 North Greenbrier Drive$526,000 Dolores Ann Piland-Ayad Trust to Michael and Deborah Gerwien


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