Jan 132021

Colin Spoerndle accepts a Certificate of Excellence from the Connecticut Association
of Public School Superintendents given by Amity superintendent, Dr. Byars. Not pictured Maya Quaranta. (Photo by Kathy Burke)

AMSO students Maya Quaranta and Colin Spoerndle received the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents Award of Excellence and were recognized at the January Board of Education
meeting for their community service and service to others, as well as their academic progress and leadership service to the school community.

Maya Quaranta is an active member of the AMSO school community. She serves as the student representative on the School Climate Committee. Maya can be counted on to share her ideas and make
practical suggestions to improve the school climate.

Her teachers note that Maya has distinguished herself among her peers with her diligence, ability to collaborate, and her outstanding effort. Outside of school, Maya contributes to her community
by volunteering at a local church baking treats for Orange residents. She also works at a nearby farm stand.

Colin Spoerndle also serves on the AMSO School Climate Committee and can be counted on to provide thoughtful, honest comments at school climate meetings. His insight and suggestions have been helpful

in providing the student perspective on what is and is not working in terms of our school climate. Colin’s teachers praised him for his positive attitude and work ethic that make him a leader among his peers.

Outside of school, Colin is busy swimming with the Amity Regional Aquatic Club. Colin has also been active in the Orange Little League helping out clinics for the younger children.

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