Feb 172021

For the past week, since I first saw them on the ice, I’ve not been shy about singing the praises of the 2021 Amity Spartans Ice Hockey Team.

Some of the names are familiar and they have been together for a while, but everyone seems to be in synch and they all play well together as a TEAM.

Head Coach Mike Scooter Richetelli already is proud of his boys and has only good things to say about their skills and sportsmanship. On and off the ice, they are a great bunch of guys.

The Spartans have two different uniforms, the white jerseys (shown here) are the HOME uniforms. The gray jerseys are worn at AWAY games.

That said, here is the roster for this year’s team:

2  Dylan Raver

4 Justin Miller  C

5  Dean Gatttinella

6  Caleb Marcin.  C

7  Nolan Smith

8  Caden Demaio

 9  Ethan Moffett

11 Tommy Schittina

12 Cam Delvecchio

13 Joe Carangelo

15 Dylan Gherlone

17 David Brown

18 Kyle Hummel

20 Cade Simone

21 Jason Dittmann

25 Ben Qian

26 Niko Tournas

27 Dom Harris

30 Brendan Smith. G

31 Aiden Courtney. G

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