Jun 102021

Just before 9 p.m., members of the Orange Volunteer Fire Department were on the scene of a very active house fire at 467 Ridgeview Road.

Word is that it was a real inferno.

The Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Department covered the town of Orange while our firefighters battled the blaze.

Stay clear of the area if you can and let them do their jobs. — The area is roped off.

NEVER run over fire hoses laid out in the road.

By 9:10 p.m. it appeared that the fire was knocked down, but the smoke was still visible from the Ranch-style home.

Neighbors said the whole area of the home where the bedroom once was is gone, and they were relieved to see their neighbor walking around unharmed. Click HERE for an unedited video shot by a neighbor.

We will have more information after we talk to the Fire Marshal.


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