Sep 172021

In the first quarter Amity chose to do a lot of running plays and passed once or twice. The game was scoreless after one.

The Spartans intercepted the ball and made some nice progress early in the second, but the Gaels soon took over and the battle was on.

Amity defense was strong keeping Shelton back, but with just 3 minutes remaining in the quarter and the action stuck on the 20 yard line, Shelton chose to kick a field goal to try and get onto the scoreboard, but no joy.

The Spartans took over and once again took to running plays. Sophomore Patrick Coughlin #10 gained 14 yards. Another play, another tackle and it was halftime.

Back on the field and Shelton kicked the ball to nearly the 35 yard line. The Gaels kept inching closer to the goal line and then, with just about 11 yards to go, Shelton’s Santiago made a goal, and the kick was good.

With 2:30 minutes left in the third, Santiago struck again, and the kick was good. (14-0 Shelton)

The Spartans passed the ball and James Denton #67 made a nice catch, but a flag on the play stopped the action.

The QB was sacked before he could throw the ball on the next play.

End of the third quarter Shelton is ahead 14-0.

Amity senior Ralph Toussaint #4 intercepted the Gael’s first pass in the fourth and the Spartans took over and the heat was on for the Spartans to perform.

With about 8 minutes left to play, the Gales intercepted Amity’s punt.

Not much happened for the next 5 minutes, and with 3 minutes remaining a personal foul on Shelton’s #12 gave Amity a 15-yard advantage, but they still couldn’t do anything but admit defeat.

So, after a promising season start,  the Spartans have lost their first game.

Next week, Friday, Sept. 24, Amity hosts Stamford in Woodbridge at 7 p.m. 

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