Dec 192021

A lot of readers find out that I’ve posted a new story on this site through cross posted material on Facebook.

I haven’t been able to cross post anything from Orange Live on Facebook in days. The new “improved” security measures that “META” – Facebook has installed is impossible for me to deal with.

Each day I log in using my laptop, which I have used for YEARS to access Facebook and I get this message.

Login approval needed

We noticed a login from a browser, device or location you don’t usually use. We need to confirm it was you before you can get back on Facebook.

It gets worse

Oh, it offers options, like identifying 4 “recent” comments that are mine out of a random list of 10.
I do so, even though some of those recent comments were from 2 months ago — and a window pops up telling me that I FAILED to confirm my identity — AND that I have exceeded my hourly limit for that option. Nine hours later that option STILL isn’t available to attempt again.
It then expects me to confirm my identity by logging into another computer or device — yet it fails to inform me what to do when I try to check my phone — then immediately states that I FAILED to confirm my ID with that option as well.
After 10 years, people aren’t logging into Orange Live automatically every day and depend on reminders from Facebook or Twitter that there’s something to offer here.
If Anyone understands this new security insanity, please help! I will come to YOU with my computer and phone so you can walk me through it.
Give me a call at 203-506-1747 and leave a message.
NOTE: No one has come forward yet. Someone MUST know how to get through this. Please!

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