Less Than 5 Months, 691 Stories Published, 2 Million Hits — Thanks To You!

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Oct 202012

In May, the naysayers swore it couldn’t be done. One individual with a dream — giving the residents of Orange what they really want — a place to go for Local news from your town 24-7.

The Orangectlive.com news site is accompanied by an active Facebook page where most residents share their thoughts and post events that I then rewrite as a news story and post on the news site for non-Facebook users and everyone else to see.

On August 18, Orange Live made its first milestone with 1 Million Hits. That was less than three months after the official launch date. And NOW, Just 2 months and 1 day later, just shy of the five month anniversary, Orange Live has received more than 2 MILLION Hits.

If we did polls and contests, you might see something asking when readers think we’ll see our 3 millionth hit. But, Orange Live is about the news. Posting your events for you, finding interesting information to pass on  and giving you the best, most complete Amity High Varsity Sports coverage available anywhere.

Knowing how important Amity sports are to Orange residents — Our Numbers Show It — I hired renowned Sports Writer Phil Brodsky “2010 Sportswriter of the Year,” to cover Amity’s Sports Teams. He has done a phenomenal job for us.

I’d like to thank our advertisers for believing in Orange Live, our Sports Sponsors for their generosity, and YOU the faithful readers who come back day after day.

If you have a neighbor or friend that doesn’t know about Orange Live yet, please spread the word. That’s how we’ve gotten where we are today.

When you visit any of our advertisers’ businesses, make sure to tell them you saw their ad on Orange Live. I’d greatly appreciate that!