Update: Ouch, The Honda CR-V is Not The Only Thing That’s Hurting

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Sep 072013

Pick a muscle any muscle... yes, that's the one that hurts.

Pick a muscle any muscle… yes, that’s the one that hurts.

As I told you on Tuesday, my wonderful, dependable Honda CR-V was t-boned in Orange on Tuesday, Sept. 3 while on my way to Amity High School.

Mike from Mike’s Auto on Derby Avenue said with confidence that my Honda will be declared totaled by the insurance company when they come look at it. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I need a dependable, safe car in which to transport my granddaughter around when I watch her – as well as being able to handle the 1,000 miles I rack up in a months time for Orange Live.

Unlike other news agencies, I can’t just send a freelancer or “one of my people” on assignment to cover a game, meeting or event, since I am Orange Live and it’s all on me.

The value of my 15-year-old Honda with 213,000 miles is simply not that much, yet, had I not been hit by the other driver, I’m sure the car would have lasted me another 5-10 years.

Aside from the devastating damage to my Honda, my back also sustained heavy damage. This was evident at the Amity Football Game on Friday night when every muscle tightened up in the cold as I tried to take photos, and the past five consecutive sleepless nights that I’ve had since the accident.

The Doctor at the Milford Hospital Walk-in Emergency Center could not find a pain killer or muscle relaxer that I can use with the other medications that I take daily to prevent further strokes and control my seizures (a result of the strokes), etc.

So what is the purpose of this column? I know that the site hasn’t had a lot of new content since the accident, and for this I apologize.  I’m hoping to begin therapy very soon and then I may be able to sit and work on the computer for several hours at a time as I have for the past 15 years.

I thank everyone who has returned faithfully every day, in spite of the lack of new stories. I am genuinely surprised by the readership Orange Live has continued to receive since the accident.

I thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and well wishes. Like I said the other day, I always bounce back and I promise I’ll figure this one out too.

I’m dedicated to Orange Live and serving the town of Orange. I’m not happy about losing my CR-V, or these new “health” issues, but I’m not giving up, and I will be back just as strong as before just as soon as I possibly can.