OPINION: Parents Behaving Badly Ruins Children’s Event At PEZ in Orange

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Mar 262016

easterEggHunthuntEvery year PEZ Candy hosts a huge Easter Egg Hunt for Children, it is always crowded, but this year, organizers had to stop the event because of the way some parents were behaving.

Orange Live does not announce the event because we know that there are enough PEZ friends and followers on Facebook to fill the grounds, and bringing more people in would cause chaos… unfortunately, for the kids that’s what happened.

More guests than expected showed up for the fun and then competitive parents ruined the entire thing.

See this story from NBC Connecticut

It is sad when adults demonstrate bad behavior in front of children and let their own competitiveness take over what should have been an amazing experience for their kids.

It would be a shame if PEZ decides to stop offering this traditional hunt because of what happened today.

We saw some parents acting like this at the Lions Easter Egg Hunt, too. Pushing and sweeping up handfuls of chocolate eggs just so their child could go home with a full basket, while other families who followed the rules and stayed out of the way had a much better time even though their kids only collected 10 or 15 pieces of candy. At least these youngsters enjoyed a sense of accomplishment.

If adults want to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt, then everyone should bring a bag of candy, toss all of it onto a field and have at it. But stay out of the children’s events. It is time for adults to act like adults.

PEZ should NOT be chastised for its handling of this event. IF they offer it next year, parents should be kept in a corral away from the action and if you don’t like it, then buy your child a bag of candy and stay home. This is ridiculous.