Boys Hockey: Another Disappointing Outcome

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Jan 092022

The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey team hosted the Cheshire Rams in West Haven on Saturday, Feb. 8 at 3 p.m.
Coverage hasn’t been very consistent this season and as in past years, Mike Richetelli, one of my favorite coaches, doesn’t send the sheets after a loss, and I can’t always quickly access a live stream. But, yesterday, I did, with the help of Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin (Thank You).
Here’s the best I can do with what I have:

Dom Harris scores Amity’s sole goal at the end of the first period. (Photo by Eric Hackett)

First period

Just 8:23 into the game both teams had one man in the penalty box and Cheshire scored.
Then, with 1:50 left in on the clock, Amity’s #27 Dom Harris smoothly slipped one into the net behind Cheshire’s goaltender to tie the game.
Second period
Five minutes in, a fight broke out near the Amity net that led to penalties and a very long delay in play.
Taking advantage of the confusion, Cheshire scored just 55 seconds later, bringing the score to 2-1.
With 3:15 remaining on the clock, the Rams took a 3-1 lead.
Third period
The clock read 4:33 and Cheshire scored again (4-1)
It appeared that a Amity player was tossed from the game for some reason.
Emotions were running high, confidence was running low, but the Spartans were still working the ice, but not well enough.
Amity’s Record 1-5.
NOTE: in spite of the final outcome, goalie Aiden Courtney #31, worked his butt off and did a phenomenal job staving off the puck as the Rams hammered him in quick succession.
All photos courtesy of Eric Hackett. 

Boys’ Hockey: Amity Spartans Show How It’s Done Twice This Week

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Feb 172021

When I first saw the 2021 Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey team last Wednesday night (Feb. 10) I knew I was witnessing something really special.

Even with all the COVID restrictions and the lack of fans in the arena, I knew, and said, they had a lot of potential. They may have lost that first game, but I knew they would be okay, and they proved me right twice this weekend.

I looked forward to watching them play on Saturday, but a freak accident left me with a big tear in the cornea of my photo-shooting left eye. The bright lights and the strain of trying to shoot 250-300 photos was too painful and I had to skip it.

Thankfully, Coach Richetelli sent the score sheet so I could put something together for you.

Saturday, February 13 

Amity vs Cheshire

Both teams hit the ice, pumped and ready to win, but it remained scoreless through the first period.

In the second period, both teams played fast and furious, then with 9:04 remaining Cheshire’s Damon Zurolo (7) got one past Amity’s goaltender Brandan Smith (30) on an assist from Will Gaudet (10).

The Spartans returned to the ice for the third period with their skates on fire. Within 38 seconds, David Brown (17) scored his first career goal as a Spartan, tying the game 1-1 on an assist from Niko Tournas (26).

At 7:29 Tommy Schittina (11) shot one in on a power play, giving the Spartans a 2-1 lead. or, even better, as CTHSHockey put it in their tweet, “Tommy Schittina gives Amity the lead with a point shot that had eyes. Puck must’ve passed eight skaters en route to the back of the net.”

Thanks for that description, CTHSHockey, it was absolutely poetic!

Then, to seal the deal, with just 1:03 remaining Justin Miller took advantage of an empty net. Amity wins! 3-1.

Saves: Amity’s Brendan Smith (Player of the Game) 33, Cheshire’s Amaan Chaudhry 13

Records: Amity 1-1; Cheshire 0-1


Monday, Feb. 15

Amity vs East Haven

The Amity Spartans hosted the East Haven Hornets at the Edward Bennett Ice Rink in West Haven on Monday, Feb. 15.

Amity wasted no time in getting this party started. Just 2:34 into the first period Tommy Schittina (11) scored the first goal on a power play assisted by Justin Miller (4) and Jason Dittman (21).

The Spartans did not disappoint in the second period. 2:01 after reentering the ice, Miller scored off an assist from Dylan Gherlone (15). Four minutes later, Schittina made his second goal of the game, assisted again, by Dittman.

With Amity ahead 3-0, East Haven stepped up its game and with 4:45 remaining in the second period, Duncan Rider (8) finally got one past Amity’s hardworking goalie Aiden Courtney (31), assisted by Dave Amatruda (21) and Rocco Piano (3). End of second, 3-1, Amity.

The third period had a lot of action, with both sides battling it out and doing their best to score.

With 2:57 remaining in the game, Niko Tournas (26) made an unassisted goal.

Just as we thought it was over, with 55 seconds left on the clock East Haven’s Chad Feola (7) sneaked one in, assisted by Dylan Ingram (68).

Final Score: Amity 4, East Haven 2