Meet the 2020 Amity Boys Cross Country Team

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Oct 032020

Over the years, Amity has had a lot of talented runners, both boys, and girls.

Often, there’s one stand-out, who outpaces his or her teammates and opponents on the trails or tracks.

This year, the boys’ runner that you will most likely hear about a lot is Orange resident Mason Beaudette. His brother Kyle Amity ’17 won the MVP award at the Block A Dinner that year. During local races, his mom would tell me, just watch Mason, he may even be faster.

During this season’s first competition against Wilbur Cross in Woodbridge, the Amity Junior led the pack in the 5k and crossed the finish line a solid minute before the entire field.

Seven of his teammates were among the top ten. It looks like the Spartans are off to a great start.

This year’s team, coached by Christopher Elledge, are:


Max Corvino, Nicholas Demarco, Tyler Derosa, Gregory Hofstatter, Christopher Nam, Anton Rathjens, Bowen Tullo, Raymond Walls, Eric Zhang, and Kyle Zhang.


Francis Cavallaro, Ai

den Courtney, Ryan Magri, Sheehan Munim, Harshil Parmar, Sean Pivovar, and Marc Vanschaick.


Joshua Baitch, Mason Beaudette, Benjamin Cap, Scott Lowder, Brodey Lu, James Nichol, Colby O’Connor, Christopher Oko, Parker Paragas, Nolan Smith, and Kelvin Zhang.


Jack Cadelina, Christian Chen, Juan Garcia, Michael Haverstock, and Adarsh Kongani.

Beaudette The Leader Of The Pack In Amity Cross Country

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Oct 022020

The Amity Boys Cross Country Team had its first race of 2020 on Thursday and Orange resident Mason Beaudette, a junior, proved he has the right stuff, just like his brother, 2017 Amity grad Kyle Beaudette.

Even though eight Amity runners were among the top 10 finishers, Wilbur Cross came out on top this time 38-23.

Keep on moving boys!


  1. Amity                 
            1    4    5    6    7   (8)  (9) = 23
  2. Wilbur Cross          
            2    3   10   11   12  (13) (14) = 38


Place TmPl No. Name Gr School Time Pace
1 1 702 Mason Beaudette 11 Amity 17:10 5:32
2 2 765 Nikita Omelchenko 11 Wilbur Cross 18:00 5:48
3 3 753 Wolf Boone 11 Wilbur Cross 18:45 6:03
4 4 716 Brodey Lu 11 Amity 18:51 6:04
5 5 712 Michael Haverstock 12 Amity 19:19 6:13
6 6 706 Christian Chen 12 Amity 19:28 6:16
7 7 722 Parker Paragas 11 Amity 19:32 6:17
8 8 721 Colby Oconnor 11 Amity 19:33 6:18
9 9 714 Adarsh Kongani 12 Amity 19:55 6:25
10 726 Nolan Smith 11 Amity 19:59 6:26
11 10 764 Ethan O’Connor 12 Wilbur Cross 20:01 6:27
12 705 Frank Cavallaro 10 Amity 20:21 6:33
13 11 752 Donald Bailey 11 Wilbur Cross 20:24 6:34
14 724 Sean Pivovar 10 Amity 20:29 6:36
15 12 759 Brandon Inahuazo 12 Wilbur Cross 20:34 6:38
16 720 James Nichol 11 Amity 20:43 6:41
17 729 Cian Walls 9 Amity 21:01 6:46
18 13 766 Jorge Sampedro 12 Wilbur Cross 21:06 6:48
19 14 760 Phi Lam 12 Wilbur Cross 21:15 6:51
20 728 Mark Vanschaick 10 Amity 21:23 6:53
21 762 James Maciel 12 Wilbur Cross 21:29 6:55
22 763 Hector Meza 11 Wilbur Cross 21:52 7:02
23 739 Mekhi Banks 11 Hillhouse 21:52 7:03
24 761 Elmer Lucero 12 Wilbur Cross 21:54 7:03
25 704 Benjamin Cap 11 Amity 22:14 7:10
26 703 Jack Cadelina 12 Amity 22:19 7:11
27 741 Tremayne Sweat 11 Hillhouse 22:22 7:12
28 758 Jadon Gomez-Stafford 12 Wilbur Cross 22:29 7:14
29 711 Juan Garcia 12 Amity 22:36 7:17
30 742 Mikiel Wade 12 Hillhouse 22:49 7:21
31 757 Owen Faulkner 12 Wilbur Cross 23:28 7:34
32 755 Jayden Cardenas 10 Wilbur Cross 23:56 7:43
33 756 Ali Fadhil 12 Wilbur Cross 24:12 7:48
34 718 Sheehan Munim 10 Amity 24:18 7:50
35 708 Aiden Courtney 10 Amity 24:54 8:01
36 754 Matthew Cain 11 Wilbur Cross 25:07 8:06
37 730 Eric Zhang 9 Amity 26:18 8:28
38 701 Joshua Baitch 11 Amity 27:11 8:45
39 723 Harshil Parmar 10 Amity 29:14 9:25

Amity Boys Cross Country Bows to Fairfield Prep 23-32 On Tuesday

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Sep 182013

IMG_5820The Amity Boys Varsity Cross Country Team lost its first meet of 2013 against Fairfield Prep at the Fitzgerald Trail in Woodbridge on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Prep’s Christian Alvarado had the winning time of 15:40 in the 4,800 meter race.

Amity’s Mike Yuan came in third with a time of 16:39 and teammate Aaron Barkin rounded out the top five with a time of 17:00.

Fairfield Prep won 23-32

Records: Prep 1-0; Amity 0-1.

Boys Cross Country: Orgovan Pleased With Team’s Performance

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Oct 212012


Orange Live Sports Writer

Prior to last Friday’s Southern Connecticut Conference’s boys’ cross country championship race at Hammonassett State Park in Madison, Amity Coach Bob Orgovan admitted that his Spartans would not beat very talented teams from Xavier and Fairfield Prep for the top two spots but he did expect Amity to be among the top four teams. As Orgovan had predicted, Xavier did win the 3.1 mile race and the SCC crown, scoring only 46 points. Prep was second at 64 and Amity sat in third place with 74 points.

Fairfield Prep’s Chris Alvarado was the race’s individual winner as completed the course and crossed the finish line in 16 minutes, 14.92 seconds. The Spartans’ top finishers were: Shae Belenski (4th out of 133 runners—16:25.42), Brian Dunleavy (13th—[16:52.14), Anthony Barletta (18th—17:04.26), Michael Yuan (19th—17:05.51), Connor Dunleavy (20th —17:07.06), Brian Moser (21st—17:07 75), and Aaron Barkin (24th—17:16.58).

According to Orgovan, “I was very pleased with how we ran at Wickham Park. We came together and ran nicely in a group. From our No. 2 guy to No, 7, there is only a 20 second gap. Running in a pack is a strength of this team, so if we just move our pack up a little bit at the Class LL Championship Race on Saturday, we’ll be in good shape. The toughest teams in the state are usually in the S.C.C.  For us to place third is really good. We can’t be No. 1 every year. Right now, Xavier is No. 1 in the state poll. Prep is No. 4 and we are No. 5.”

By placing among the top 12 runners in the race, Belenski was named to the All-SCC team. To be included on the All-Housatonic Division team, runners had to be among the top eight Housy finishers. That group included: Belenski, Brian Dunleavy, Yuan, Connor Dunleavy, Anthony Barletta, Connor Dunleavy, and Brian Mosher.

Amity also won both the junior varsity and freshman races last Saturday. In the junior varsity race, the Spartans had 21 points with Cheshire (45) and Xavier (76) behind them.  Amity’s Alex Hart won the race with a time of 17:31. Chasing him across the finish line were fellow Spartans Eric Hansen (17:40) and Alex Bunnell (17:55).

It was much the same story in the freshman race as Amity (with 24 points) defeated both Xavier (68) and Cheshire (69).  Spartan freshman Matt Arovas posted a winning time of 18:04.

THE CIAC Class LL State Championship Race will be held on Saturday at 10:40 a.m. at Wickham Park. Orgovan felt Danbury, Xavier, and Prep are the teams to beat with his team probably looking at a fourth place finish.






Boys Cross Country: Five Amity Runners Place in Top 20 at SCC Championship Race

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Oct 212012

This week’s SCC Championship Cross Country race took place at Hammonasset Park, Madison.

Amity, with 74, scored higher than Xavier, 46 and Fairfield Prep, 64.

In the Individual results, Amity runners in the top 20 ranked as follows: 4. Shae Belinski, 16:25.42; 13. Brian Dunleavy, 16:52.14; 18. Anthony Barletta, 17:04.26; 19. Michael Yuan, 17:05.51; 20. Connor Dunleavy, 17:07.06.



Phil’s Preview: Boys Cross Country

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Sep 102012


Orange Live Sports Writer

Despite having 4 of his top 7 runners from last fall graduate in June, the word “rebuild” never comes out of the mouth of veteran Coach Bob Orgovan. As he begins his 37th year at the helm of the Spartan harriers, Orgovan is in the midst of reloading his roster. The 2011 season was a glorious one for the Spartans. In addition to winning the Housatonic Division championship with a 4-0 record, the Black and Gold ended up 9-0 overall, second (to Xavier) in the Southern Connecticut Conference, sixth in Class LL, and then fourth in both the State Open and the New England Championship race. Amity currently has qualified for 9 successive New Englands, which is longest qualifying streak in the Nutmeg State .

Clark Shurtleff, Adam Kelley, Nate Arndt, and Brendan Regan were all along the team’s top 7 runners last fall and departed in June.

Returning will be senior Shae Belinksi, who currently holds down the No.1 spot on the team, senior Captain Brian Dunleavy at No 2, and his twin brother Connor Dunleavy in the No. 3 hole. Rounding uot the top 7 varsity runners are: junior Aaron Barkin, junior Mikke Yuan, senior Anthony Bartella, and junio Brian Moser.

Asked about his team’s chances for success this fall, Orgovan said, “We do have some talented, experienced runners but after the first 3 guys, we lack experience. Our goals for this season are to win the Housy again; place among the top 3 in the SCC (Fairfield Prep  and Xavier appear to be Amity’s toughest competition); qualify for the State Open by finishing among the top 6 in Class LL; and, qualify again for the New Englands by finishing among the top 6 teams in the Open.”

He added, “Those goals are not easy but they are attainable.  It is possible we could do as well as we did last year. That’s not out of the question. In order to do that, we have to avoid injuries to our top runners. If our 1,2, or 3 guys get hurt, we could be in big trouble. Our No. 4-7 guys are inexperienced. As they gain experience during the season, their times will drop and their confidence should grow.”

The Spartans head into Saturday’s season-open Windham Invitational in Willimantic ranked No. 3 in the state (behind Danbury and Xavier with Prep right behind Amity). The Spartans kick off their season in the Varsity No. 2 race which gets underway at 1 PM.