This Week’s Amity Varsity Sports Schedules

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Mar 092021

As the regular season draws to a close and the 2021 playoff games loom, you still have a chance to cheer on your favorite Amity teams before the clocks change this weekend.

Here is this week’s Varsity schedule.

Tuesday, March 9

Boys Swimming and Diving vs N.Haven/E.Haven/N.Branford/Guilford HOME High Plains Pool Orange at 3:20 p.m.  (virtual)

Boys basketball vs North Haven HOME at Amity High School 7 p.m.

Girls Basketball vs North Haven AWAY at North Haven High at 7 p.m.

Wednesday, March 10

Girls Ice Hockey vs N.Haven/E.Haven/N.Bran/Guilford HOME Lou Astorino Ice Rink Hamden at 3:45 p.m.

Boys Ice Hockey vs Milford Coop HOME Bennett Rink West Haven at 6 p.m.

Thursday, March 11

Girls Gymnastics vs Greenwich AWAY Greenwich YWCA at 6:30 p.m.

Friday, March 12

Boys Swimming and Diving vs Daniel Hand HOME High Plains Pool, Orange at 3:20 p.m. (virtual)

Boys Basketball vs Notre Dame-West Haven AWAY Notre Dame at 7 p.m.

Saturday, March 13

Boys Ice Hockey vs BBD HOME Edward Bennett Rink West Haven at 5 p.m.

Pending change awaiting acceptance by one or more parties involved: Time to 1:00 p.m.

Girls Ice Hockey vs Guilford HOME Lou Astorino Ice Rink  Hamden at 6:30 p.m.



Boys Ice Hockey: Tough Loss At Bennett Rink

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Feb 222021

After a promising start to the season, the Amity Spartans Hockey team felt a couple of blows this week. On Saturday, Feb. 20, the game matchup between Amity and Cheshire was changed with North Branford coming to West Haven’s Edward Bennett Rink instead.

North Branford brought their “A” game, taking no prisoners and breezing through every period like they owned the ice.

In the first period, the Thunderbirds’ Max Maisano (18) got a solo shot past Amity goalie Branden Smith at just 4:32.

Second Period

The Spartans put their game faces on and with just 3:28 left in the period, David Brown (17) tied the game on an assist from Dylan Gherlone (15).

Score 1-1

Third Period

The tie didn’t last long. Just 20 seconds after returning to the ice, North Branford’s Ryan Michonski (15) scored off an assist from Nick Poulin (11). 36 seconds later, Collin Augur (12), assisted by Aidan Stoner (3), and Jake Pedersen (17) pulled the Thunderbirds to an even more comfortable 3-1 lead.

At 4:21, Joe Marra (24), assisted by Maisano (18) added another point to the game. 4-1

But it wasn’t over yet, 6:48 into the final period Amity’s Justin Miller (4), made the Spartan’s second goal, assisted by Kyle Hummel (18), and Jason Dittmann (21). 4-2

With 5:09 to go, North Branford’s Pedersen (17), assisted by Maisano (18), and Dakota Cooper (28) widened the spread 5-2.

As Amity’s parents’ hope sunk, suddenly, Niko Tournas (26), made a shot on Ethan Moffett’s (9) assistance in the last two minutes of the game.

Score 5-3 – Something can still happen!

What did happen was the Thunderbirds’ Maisano (18) got one last one past Smith with just 1:42 remaining and that’s all she wrote. North Branford won this one 6-3. No apologies, No excuses. They simply played to win.

Next Up for the Spartans, an AWAY game vs North Haven at the Northford Ice Pavillion – Red on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 3:50 p.m.

PS My boys still have a lot of potential and they CAN turn this around.

Boys Hockey: Sheehan Over Amity in Hamden

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Feb 182021

The Amity Boys Ice Hockey Team (2-1) continued its grueling game schedule on Wednesday night at the Louis Astorino Rink in Hamden against the undefeated Sheehan Trojans (3-0).

Everyone played fast and hard in the first period, determined to get the first goal. That advantage went to Sheehan at 4:03 when Anthony DeBalio (6), shot one past Amity’s Brendan Smith (30), assisted by  Luke Festa (13). and. James Stratton (24).

End of the first period Sheehan 1-0.

After returning to the ice, the Trojans did what they had to do, and just 2:47 into the second period, Anthony Romano (3) scored off an assist from Joe Romano (2).

Amity came on strong and Niko Touranis (26) put the Spartans on the board at 6:14.

The Trojans would have none of that, and within 1:30 Sheehan’s Luke Festa (13). pulled his team even further ahead with a goal off an assist from A. Romano (3).

End of the second period Sheehan 3, Amity 1

The final period was do-or-die, could Amity tie the game? After 13:31 of fierce gameplay, it appeared that it was all over, and then, suddenly, out of nowhere, Amity’s Jason Dittmann (21) shot one past the Trojan’s Goalie with just 1:30 remaining.

The celebration didn’t last too long because one second later with 1:29 left on the clock, Sheehan’s Joe Romano (2), assisted by Brandon Hiliash (18) slammed one into an empty net sealing their victory.

Sheehan 4, Amity 2

Records: Sheehan (4-0), Amity (2-2).

The Spartans get a couple of days off, before taking on North Branford at HOME Edward Bennett Rink in West Haven on Saturday at 3 p.m. 


Boys’ Hockey: Amity Spartans Show How It’s Done Twice This Week

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Feb 172021

When I first saw the 2021 Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey team last Wednesday night (Feb. 10) I knew I was witnessing something really special.

Even with all the COVID restrictions and the lack of fans in the arena, I knew, and said, they had a lot of potential. They may have lost that first game, but I knew they would be okay, and they proved me right twice this weekend.

I looked forward to watching them play on Saturday, but a freak accident left me with a big tear in the cornea of my photo-shooting left eye. The bright lights and the strain of trying to shoot 250-300 photos was too painful and I had to skip it.

Thankfully, Coach Richetelli sent the score sheet so I could put something together for you.

Saturday, February 13 

Amity vs Cheshire

Both teams hit the ice, pumped and ready to win, but it remained scoreless through the first period.

In the second period, both teams played fast and furious, then with 9:04 remaining Cheshire’s Damon Zurolo (7) got one past Amity’s goaltender Brandan Smith (30) on an assist from Will Gaudet (10).

The Spartans returned to the ice for the third period with their skates on fire. Within 38 seconds, David Brown (17) scored his first career goal as a Spartan, tying the game 1-1 on an assist from Niko Tournas (26).

At 7:29 Tommy Schittina (11) shot one in on a power play, giving the Spartans a 2-1 lead. or, even better, as CTHSHockey put it in their tweet, “Tommy Schittina gives Amity the lead with a point shot that had eyes. Puck must’ve passed eight skaters en route to the back of the net.”

Thanks for that description, CTHSHockey, it was absolutely poetic!

Then, to seal the deal, with just 1:03 remaining Justin Miller took advantage of an empty net. Amity wins! 3-1.

Saves: Amity’s Brendan Smith (Player of the Game) 33, Cheshire’s Amaan Chaudhry 13

Records: Amity 1-1; Cheshire 0-1


Monday, Feb. 15

Amity vs East Haven

The Amity Spartans hosted the East Haven Hornets at the Edward Bennett Ice Rink in West Haven on Monday, Feb. 15.

Amity wasted no time in getting this party started. Just 2:34 into the first period Tommy Schittina (11) scored the first goal on a power play assisted by Justin Miller (4) and Jason Dittman (21).

The Spartans did not disappoint in the second period. 2:01 after reentering the ice, Miller scored off an assist from Dylan Gherlone (15). Four minutes later, Schittina made his second goal of the game, assisted again, by Dittman.

With Amity ahead 3-0, East Haven stepped up its game and with 4:45 remaining in the second period, Duncan Rider (8) finally got one past Amity’s hardworking goalie Aiden Courtney (31), assisted by Dave Amatruda (21) and Rocco Piano (3). End of second, 3-1, Amity.

The third period had a lot of action, with both sides battling it out and doing their best to score.

With 2:57 remaining in the game, Niko Tournas (26) made an unassisted goal.

Just as we thought it was over, with 55 seconds left on the clock East Haven’s Chad Feola (7) sneaked one in, assisted by Dylan Ingram (68).

Final Score: Amity 4, East Haven 2



“Scooter’s” 2021 Amity Spartans Show Potential

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Feb 112021

The 2021 Boys Hockey Season has begun. On Wednesday night, Feb. 10, the Amity Spartans took to the ice at the Ct. Sports Center Rinks in Shelton.

The face of High School sports has changed dramatically. The players are socially distanced as they gear up since they don’t use the locker rooms. A crucial part of their uniform is a face mask, which must be put on properly before the helmet goes on and they can enter the rink.

There are no spectators, no Amity Army, no moms and dads crowding the glass around the ice or filling the stands. No game announcer, just me and the rink manager (who checked to make sure I wasn’t a mom who’d sneaked in to watch her baby boy play in violation of CIAC Covid rules) giving our silent approval for impressive teamwork and unusually skillful shot into the net.

The MVP honor for the game, if you will, has to go to Watertown-Pomperaug’s Ryan Magee’s (10) Hat Trick.

Magee scored his first goal in the first 14 seconds of the game. In the second period, he shot one in with just shy of 4 minutes left on the clock. In the third period, just seconds after Amity’s goalie, Brendan Smith (30) was pulled from the ice — a common strategic move to get another player in the game — Magee took advantage of the empty net and scored with just 1:16 remaining in the game.

The congratulatory team line up after the game even looked different, instead of skating past each other and saying “good game,” each team lined up on their own blue lines and hit their sticks on the ice before heading off to change.

The Spartans may not have won this game, but they proved they weren’t afraid to shoot, pass to one another and play as a team. There are no cowboys on this team, no “Me” players, they get out on the ice and play as a unit, looking for an opening and passing to someone who is in a good position and covering for one another.

Head Coach Mike “Scooter” Richetelli acknowledged he has a good group of players this year and said he wasn’t disappointed in the way they played last night.

“They haven’t played a game since November when Youth Hockey ended, so it will take a little while to get used to it again,” he said. “They played well and they’ll only get better.”

The Spartans go up against Cheshire on Saturday at 4 p.m. at the Louis Astorino Ice Arena Hamden. (No spectators allowed)

See more photos on the Orange Live Facebook Page







Boys Hockey: OUCH, Stamford Skates Over The Spartans

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Jan 082020

The Amity Spartans hosted Stamford/Westhill in West Haven on Wednesday night. The student fan section came out to watch them play, and the parents were there too, as was I.

What was going known in advance to be a huge challenge, turned out to be so much more.

Not only does Stamford have really handsome uniforms, but they also have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

When Amity first came out onto the ice, they had their game faces on, looking strong and determined to be contenders in this battle. Brendan Smith was the goaltender and he showed off some really impressive ninja moves in the first period. Amity outshot Stamford and kept Jared Maloney on the move, but at the end of one, the score was a tie at 0.

1:29 Jason Marchese assisted by Tyler Tuccinardi, 3:24, power-play goal by Marchese assisted by Tucker Healy and Tuccinardi, 10:34 shorthand goal by Healy assisted by Jason Bacco, 11:20, shorthand unassisted goal by Gavin Dolan, 12:14 Edward Zelerman scored the fifth goal of the game assisted by Healy and Tuccinardi.

Finally, in the second, just 26 seconds after Stamford scored, Nick Kiwanis got one past the defensive line and Maloney, assisted by Connor Bath and Caleb Marcin.

Second-period score: 5-1.

Could Amity recover from this in the third period?

After the Zamboni smoothed the ice Stamford lined up outside the rink and the refs put the nets in place as the clock ticked down the seconds, someone asked, “Is Amity coming out?” And there they were, taking to the ice like they wanted to take care of business.

Amity fans didn’t have to wait too long, at 2:48 Connor Bath scored with a power-play on an assist from Justin Miller. Now we’re talking! But Stamford had other plans, it only took 56 seconds for Healy to score an unassisted goal, and it was downhill for the Spartans from there.

At 9:02 a power-play goal and Healy got a hattrick assisted by 24. A minute later Jordan Grabine shot one over Smith’s shoulder for a power-play goal assisted by Ethan Skaug.

Then with just 4:03 remaining Hunter Gilchrist slipped one in behind Smith’s back assisted by Bacco.

Stamford remains undefeated with this 9-2 victory.

Although I didn’t speak to Coach Mike Richetelli after this game, I believe he would have said something like, “You have to play if you want to win.”

Records: Stamford 6-0, Amity 1-3-1

Boys Hockey: No Winners or Losers In Saturday’s Overtime Matchup

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Jan 062020

The Amity Spartans hosted North Haven in West Haven on Saturday, Jan. 4 at 3 p.m.

Naturally, the game could have gone either way and in the first period it appeared that North Haven was a little more determined to take it.

At 14:06 North Haven’s Aaron Racino asst by Owen Quick got the puck past Amity’s goalie Brendan Smith in his first career start. Then, 31 seconds later, Eli Brubacher, assisted by Racino brought the score to 2-0.

You simply can’t write off the 2019-20 Spartans, though, just 12 seconds after returning to the ice, Amity Captain Nick Kiwanis shot a goal, assisted by co-captain Justin Miller and Connor Bath, giving Amity fans the hope they needed.

At 5:39 in the third, Jason Dittmann tied the game on a power play, assisted by Kiwanis and Dom Harris.

In overtime, both teams battled for that extra point, but nothing more happened and the game ended in a 2-2 tie. No winners, no losers, but an awesome effort on both sides.

The Spartans will play a HOME game against Westhill-Stamford in West Haven at 6 p.m. Come cheer on our boys then.



Boys Hockey: Spartans VS Tigers, Refs Hand Out Penalties like Candy Canes at Christmas

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Dec 202019

The Amity Spartans Boys Hockey Team hosted the Daniel Hand Tigers in West Haven on Dec. 18.

Under the leadership of head coach Michael Scooter Richetelli, the “young” Amity players held their own against the Hand team (nearly equal makeup), which is coached by former Amity coach Brian Gonsalves.

Hand came onto the ice with a vengeance and quickly showed that they meant business. During the first 3 minutes of the game (:41; 1:06; and 2:47) the Tigers scored three goals.

Amity’s Connor Bath (#14) answered back with the Spartan’s first goal, a power play, assisted by captains Justin Miller (#4) and Nick Kiwanis (#22)

Amity managed to hold off Hand in the second period and the score stayed at 3-1 until the end of the third period.

With 3:49 remaining, Hand slipped another goal past goalie Sai Neelam (#29). The Tigers finished the game with a fifth goal with 1:11 left on the clock, defeating Amity 5-1.

Saves: Amity 27, Hand 26.


The referees were really paying attention to what was going on during this game, handing out penalties like candy canes at a Christmas parade.

Often the penalty boxes had 2 players from each team sitting it out.

Hand had 14 penalties to Amity’s 10. Most of the penalties cost the players 2 minutes of downtime, but some were in the box for 10-12 minutes. There weren’t too many chants of “You can’t do that” because players on both sides were “doing it.”

Amity Coach Richetelli said the boys still have some work to do, “But we’ll get there.”

We agree. There’s a lot of talent on this team, “young” or not. They just need the confidence and experience to know when to make that move.




Boys Hockey: Cheshire Tops Amity On Feb. 16

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Feb 182019

Following a mind-blowing start to the season, the Amity Boys Hockey Team went from unbeatable to maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

Last week, at 5-5, Amity went into overtime with North Branford in a nail-biter of a game. They lost, and no one was really thrilled about it, but we still stand by our team, knowing how GREAT they CAN be, and that tournament play is right around the corner.

Last Saturday, when the Spartans played the Cheshire Rams at Wesleyan U. The first period remained scoreless until 16 seconds before the buzzer, when the Rams got one past Malachi Zurolo.

First Period Score: 1-0 Cheshire.

Amity showed that skill and spirit we’ve come to know and love within just 1:04 after returning to the ice and 6 tied the game on an assist from 10.

Just a minute later, 8 pulled the Spartans ahead on an assist from 14, and that was it for the second period.

Score: 2-1 Amity

Cheshire was determined in the third period and tied the game after only 2:30 had passed.

Tie 2-2 end of three and on to overtime.

With 8 minutes in which to show the other team how it’s done, there’s always a battle in overtime.

Unfortunately, the Rams netted the puck at 5:12 and won this one.

Final Score: 3-2 Cheshire.

Catching Up – A Recap Of Recent Unreported Boys and Girls Hockey Games

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Jan 242019

On Jan. 17, the Blades (Amity/North Haven/Cheshire) girls ice hockey team was on the road for a matchup against Masuk.

The Blades got off to a good start with Andrea DelVecchio scoring off an assist from Shannon Reilly

First Period Score: 1-0 Blades

The Blades were on fire in the second period with four goals: Reilly assisted by Sara Cable; Olivea Kosh assisted by Mia Dow; Meaghan Hogan assisted by Haley Cable; and Reilly with an unassisted goal.

Second Period Score: 5-0 Blades

In the third period DelVecchio scored on an assist from S. Cable

Final: 6-0 Blades

Saves: Eva Smith made 25 saves for Masuk, Caitlyn Ranciato made 8 saves for the Blades.

Congratulations on your shut-out girls. Hats off to head coach John Peschell for a job well done.


Amity Spartans Boys Team

The Amity Spartans Ice Hockey Team was on the road in Stamford on Jan. 19.

Very briefly, here’s what happened.

Stamford came out shooting in the first period and scored within the first 2:33 minutes.

First Period Score: 1-0 Stamford

The second period belonged to Amity with Cody White making a goal just 2:50 after returning to the ice on an assist from Caleb Marcin. Then, with only 4:50 remaining in the period, Nick Kiwanis scored on an assist from Connor Bath.

Second Period Score: 2-1 Amity

Both teams made numerous shots and after nearly 9 minutes it was looking hopeful for the Spartans.

Then Stamford tied the game with a goal at 9:01. With tie-breaking overtime looking probable, and just 1:22 remaining in the game Stamford swooped in and made the game-winning goal.

Stamford wins 3-2. So Close.

Records: Amity 7-4, Stamford 6-5