Boys Hockey: Amity vs Guilford, Tough Game

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Jan 302019

The Amity Spartans were on the road in North Haven for a match-up against the Guilford Indians on Saturday, Jan. 26.

The Indians are a strong, tight team and Amity knew it was going to be a challenge. Yet, no matter what, it’s anyone’s game if you want it badly enough.

Guilford scored first at 6:24 into the game John DeLucia asst Jake Watrous

First-period score: 1-0 Guilford in the first 5:11 of the second period, Jack Dacey made a goal for the Indians, assisted by DeLucia.

Less than three minutes later Amity’s Justin Miller shot one past Guilford’s goalie, Alex Attruia, assisted by Nick Kiwanis and Jason Csejka.

At 12:55 Dacey made his second goal, unassisted for Guilford.

Second-period score: 3-1 Guilford

At two points behind, it still wasn’t too late for Amity to take this game. at 3:01 Csejka made a goal, assisted by Cody White and Kiwanis, filling everyone with hope.

But two minutes later Watrous assisted by DeLucia and Shea Thibault, scored for Guilford. Then, with 4:58 remaining in the game, Dacey netted his hat trick on an assist from DeLucia.

Final Score: 5-2 Guilford

Records: Amity 7-5, Guilford 11-2

Next Up for Amity: Wednesday, Jan. 30, Home game vs West Haven at 6:30 p.m. 

Boys Hockey: Cole Gives His All, Conn Prevents Shut Out In Final Game Of 2018

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Mar 122018

On Friday, March 9, the (#7) Amity Spartans Ice Hockey team went up against (#2) Watertown-Pomperaug in Milford for the D II CIAC Quarterfinals.

Just two weeks prior, on Senior night, Watertown defeated Amity 6-1, so with that and all of their moves fresh on the Spartans’ minds, it was time for the ultimate revenge match.

The State championship is something the Spartans had been striving for all season long and now, they could taste it. Watertown is fast, aggressive and skilled at playing keep-away with the puck, but, Amity is more than capable of working the ice, and that’s what they did.

First Period

Amity played hard, racing across the ice, keeping up with every strategic move Watertown put forth. The challengers fired shot after shot at Spartans goalie Tyler Cole, and he deflected every one with the speed and agility of a ninja.

For 15 minutes Amity held Watertown off and with Cole’s help ended the first period 0-0.

Second Period

After returning to the ice, both teams played fast and hard. There was fairly equal possession out there and things were looking good for our Spartans until Watertown’s Eli Rosen sneaked one in past Cole in the first 6 minutes of play, assisted by Nick LaBella.

Later, with just 2:28 remaining, Patsy Harris scored for Watertown on an assist from Hunter Shay.

Score 2-0 Watertown

Third Period

During the final period, it was do-or-die for both teams as Watertown continued to hammer Cole with shots, and Amity’s defense was working overtime, keeping the challengers from scoring. But Watertown was performing admirably as well. Then, with just 22 seconds remaining, Spartans’ Jordan Conn successfully prevented a shutout by getting a goal off an assist by Jake Silliman.

Sadly, this was the end of the road in 2018 for Mike Richetelli’s Spartans. Everyone, players, coaches, fans, family members and this reporter felt the devastation. Even so, we are so proud of the way our Boys have grown over the years, this year, in particular, was really impressive. Tyler Cole gave it everything he had and more and the entire team was there to back him up.

New head coach Richetelli’s goal was to get them into the CIAC tournament, which he did, Even though it ended too soon, there is nothing to be ashamed of. The 2017-18 Spartans had a Phenomenal season and we thank them for taking all of us along for the ride.


Boys Hockey: Conn’s Second Hat Trick In A Week Helps Amity Defeat Trinity Catholic 7-6

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Feb 232018

Jordan Conn (#2) scores for Amity with just 2 seconds left in the second period.

The Amity Spartans Hockey Team was on the road in Stamford on Thursday night for a game against the Trinity Catholic Crusaders.

First Period

In the first 11 seconds of the game, Joey Schittina put the Spartans on the scoreboard, assisted by Alex Leyner. Then Trinity’s Jake Levato had back-to-back goals, the first at 13:28 assisted by Andrew Ellis and Matt Dimartino, followed by another less than a minute later, assisted by Jack Kinahan and Logan Healy.

Amity’s Jamie Blum tied things up at 10:45, assisted by Colin Hughes and Brian Early. But Trinity would have none of that, 30 seconds later, Kinahan scored, assisted by Will Tellini.

At 7:42, Levato got his hat trick, assisted by Jay Bacco and Kinahan. With just 3:56 remaining in the period, Amity’s Ken Page got one in assisted by Blum and Schittina. End of period score 4-3 Trinity.

Second Period

No one scored for the first 12:29 of the second period, until Blum shot one past Trinity Goalie Lance Lippmann at 2:31 on an assist from Nelson Bordeleau.

Then, with just 2 seconds remaining, Jordan Conn scored on an assist from Michael Miller. End of period score 5-4 Amity.

Third Period

Trinity wasted no time in tying the game. Within 48 seconds of returning to the ice, Kinahan got one in past Amity goaltender Michael Holloway, assisted by Levato.

But the Spartans had their own secret weapon, Jordan Conn who scored at 10:50, assisted by Hughes. Amazingly, just 7 seconds later Conn got his hat trick on an assist from Early.

The Crusaders’ Kinahan made one last goal – yes, a hat trick – assisted by Healy with 2:38 remaining in the game, but Trinity could not outscore the Spartans. Amity won this very close game 7-6.

And if you didn’t catch it, all of the Crusaders’ goals were made by two players, Levato and Kinahan.

Right after the game, Amity Goalie Tyler Cole tweeted: “Jordan Conn has potted 9 goals and 7 assists in his last 6 games including his second hattrick of the year tonight… talk about a hot stick.”

Up Next: The Spartans take on Watertown at the Bennett Rink in West Haven at 3 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 24. The final game of the regular season will take place at Wonderland of Ice on Monday, Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. when Amity goes up against Fairfield Warde/Ludlowe.

Whatever happens here-on-in I’d like to congratulate Amity and head coach Mike Richetelli on a magnificent season. Just keep doing what you do best boys, and knock them out in the Tournaments.

Thank you to Steve Conn for sharing his photos from all the Away games. 

Opinion: Will The Amity Spartans Hockey Team Make Us Proud This Year?

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Dec 142014

IMG_7129The 2014-15 Amity Spartans Varsity Hockey Team had some big skates to fill following last year’s phenomenal season.

Sadly, with the graduation of the 2013-14 senior “stars” Goalie Brian Mosher, Adam Shea, Brett McNeil, John Uscilla and Keating Seymour, this is a rebuilding year, with a primarily young team and just five seniors.

Among those seniors are Dalton Luciani, Kevin Ryan and Zachary Shelnitz, whose names we often heard at last year’s games. They have the experience and are good team players, but can they carry the 2015 Spartans on to greatness?

Friday night’s scrimmage games at the Hockey Jamboree in West Haven proved underwhelming.

Last year Brian Mosher was so amazing that any goaltender who follows will have to work ten times as hard to even come close — although of the three who geared up in the $400 goalie padding, Freshman Tyler Cole #30 (Mosher’s old number) shows a lot of promise.

The boys showed spirit and drive and had some good passes but they will have to step things up a bit if they want to get anywhere this year.

Cheshire’s team was tight and blanked Amity 5-0, then Immaculate came out and defeated the Spartans 3-1.

I have faith in Coach Gary Lindgren and Asst. Coach Mike Richetelli and their abilities to pull this team together. Let’s just hope the boys can follow their directions.

Fingers crossed.

Who’s on the team?


William Caracciolo, Dalton Luciani, Cristian Mortali, Kevin Ryan, Zachary Shelnitz


Nicholas Gallucci, Graham Hughes, Timothy Johnston, Anthony Uscilla


Jeremy Cable, Charles Csejka, McGovern Deane, Nicholas DeGennaro, Tyler Johnston, Roger Kergaravat, Zachary White


Jamie Blum, Alexander Leyner, Tyler Cole, Jacob Silliman, Chase Kozak, Adam Moscato, Harrison Silver

Hand Wins State Hockey Championship 5-4, Title Slips through Amity’s Fingers

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Mar 232014

IMG_4523A hat trick by Daniel Hand’s Ben Solin (25) broke a 4-4 tie in the CIAC Division II State Championship game against Amity on Friday night and earned the Tigers the 2014 Title.

Our Amity Spartans have played their hearts out this season and they were ready to give coach Gary Lindgren his third state championship win – the last one was in 2010.

Historically this season, the Spartans come into the third period strong and can really work some magic even with just a few seconds left on the clock, but that just wasn’t the case this week at Ingalls Rink.

Everyone wants to be the first to score, and in this game, Daniel Hand had that honor.

At 3:04 in the first period Solin, assisted by Dan Braumann (17) got the first goal past Amity’s goalkeeper Brian Mosher (30).

Solin raced down the ice and made a solo shot into the net at 6:29 and six minutes later at 12:31Dan Healey (20) scored on a power play assisted by Braumann and Solin.

With a first period score of 3-0, one might think that it was all over for the Spartans.

But wait! just 16 seconds into the second period Adam Shea (5), assisted by Dalton Luciani (28) got Amity onto the board.

At 3:45 Shea, assisted by Brett McNeil (8) and John Uscilla (15) narrowed the margin 3-2.

That proved too close for comfort for Daniel Hand, so less than a minute later at 4:39 Mike Belliueau (26) scored with an assist by Solin.

Amity kicked it into high gear with McNeil getting a goal on an assist by Ryan at 11:50 and with less than 30 seconds left in the period Kevin Ryan (9), assisted by Luciani and Uscillla tied the score 4-4.

The Tigers did not seem to tire and clawed their way back onto the ice in the final period. The Spartans came out with a vengeance working hard to break the tie, or at least bring the game into overtime.

It did look like it might go into OT but then Solin performed his hat trick off an assist from Jeff Rider. Giving Hand the lead and leaving Amity to either tie the game with 1 point or win it with 2. The Spartans tried hard but could not get the puck past Hand goalie Chase Briggs.

This was a heart-breaking conclusion to an amazing season for the Sprartans, but they knew going into it that one team was going to win and one was going to lose.

Sure it would have been awesome to bring home the title, but these boys should be proud of themselves for the way they conducted themselves on the ice during the game and afterward during the award ceremony, applauding for their opponents as they received their medals.

Orange Live and the fans thank you boys for an entertaining and very exciting season. Brian Mosher proved his worth as one of the best goalies out there and the three Irishmen, Shea, Ryan and McNeill never let the fans down. It was great seeing Keating Seymour back out there after recovering from a broken collarbone.

Hockey Game Dedicated to Everyone’s Favorite Coach, Gary Lindgren

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Mar 212014

Amity Lady Spartans Basketball Sharpshooter Mikaela Schmitt rocked the school spirit at a pep rally for the Boys Hockey Team today.

The boys are going for the CIAC State Championship Title at Ingalls Rink. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Come out and Cheer the boys on.  Coach Gary Lindgren took ill at the beginning of the school year, but in spite of any difficulties, he has been there for his boys. Interim Coach Mike Richetelli has done a phenomenal job at bringing them this far, still, Gary Lindgren is  the beloved leader and the boys are dedicating this one to him and playing to win the first state championship since 2010.

Boys Hockey: “We’re Going to Yale!” Spartans Advance To CIAC Semifinal

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Mar 162014

The Spartans celebrate their victory against New Milford.

The Spartans celebrate their victory against New Milford.

The Amity Spartans had their eye on the prize — an opportunity to play Hockey at Yale in the Semifinals — when they skated onto the ice at the sold out CIAC quarterfinal tournament game in Milford on Friday night.

The opposing team, the New Milford Wave played hard, firing on Amity’s goalkeeper Brian Mosher (30) with every chance they got.

But Amity dominated this game, starting with Brett McNeil’s (8) unassisted goal at 2:19 in the first period. and they never let go of that lead.

In the second period, John Pignataro (6) assisted by Kevin Ryan (9) scored at 9:30.

The third period was more of the same, with Ryan scoring off an assist from Adam Shea (5) and McNeil at 8:49.

Then, with 1:38 left in the game the Wave’s Logan Doud (20) got one by Mosher on assists from Harrison O’Connell (17) and Cole Case (7). Just 42 seconds later after New Milford goalie was pulled in order to get extra men on the ice, Shea, assisted by Ryan shot one into the empty net at 14:04.

Final Score 4-1

New Milford outshot Amity 26-17 in this matchup.

Mosher made 25 saves for Amity and New Milford’s Nick Capriglione made 13 for his team.

Interim Coach Mike Richetelli said Mosher is the best kept secret around, “He’s been like that all season and he was awesome tonight. We worked hard all week in practice. We had a game plan and stuck to it. We make sure our goaltender can see what’s coming, make the right play and take advantage of our chances.”

Of New Milford, he said, “Hats off to these guys. They played hard. They were very respectful, and had a great season. They did a fantastic job.”

As his team celebrated in the locker room “We’re going to Yale!” — Richetelli said, “I hear we’re going up against Milford. It’s anybody’s game. We want to get there and we want to play our game.”

Coming out of this game, Amity’s record is now 15-8; New Milford 15-6-1

(Fun Fact – All Four Teams going to the semifinals won their quarterfinal game with 4 points)

SemiFinals at Ingalls Rink

#2 Amity will play #11 Milford in the semifinals at Ingalls Rink at Yale on Monday, March 17 at 5:30 p.m.

Ingalls Rink 73 Sachem St., New Haven

From all points:

Take I-95 to I-91. Take Exit 3 (Trumbull Street). Continue down Trumbull to Prospect St.  At Prospect Street, take a right and continue to Sachem Street.  Turn left at Sachem St. to arrive at the main entrance to Ingalls Rink OR continue straight through the intersection and turn left to access the Prospect-Sachem Parking Garage.

This is going to be a hot game, don’t arrive on time, get there early!

The Spartans celebrate their victory against New Milford.

The Spartans celebrate their victory against New Milford.

IMG_2803 IMG_2817 IMG_2813 IMG_2811 IMG_2805 IMG_2841 IMG_2835 IMG_2829 IMG_2826 IMG_2900 IMG_2882 IMG_2874 IMG_2872 IMG_3004 IMG_3001 IMG_2956 IMG_2941 IMG_3088 IMG_3086 IMG_3084 IMG_3057 IMG_3023 IMG_3017 IMG_3009 IMG_3007 IMG_3287 IMG_3283 IMG_3281 IMG_3279 IMG_3223 IMG_3217 IMG_3184 IMG_3181 IMG_3170 IMG_3155 IMG_3132 IMG_3109 IMG_3379 IMG_3377 IMG_3348 IMG_3345 IMG_3343 IMG_3322 IMG_3308 IMG_3306 Spartan Hockey Roster IMG_3404 IMG_3402 IMG_3380

Boys Hockey: Ryan’s Hat Trick – Amity Moves on to State Tourney

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Mar 112014

IMG_2064The Last time Amity met Fairfield Warde on the Ice, they won 6-3. Today the two teams will meet up again for the first round of the State Tournament at 6 p.m. at Bennet Rink in West Haven.

On Saturday, March 8, Amity lost to Branford in a hard fought battle. They are #2 in SCC Division II.

A quick run-down of Saturday’s game:

Branford was first on the board with an unassisted goal by Tyler Hackett at 5:08 followed by a second goal at 11:36 by Tyler Criscuolo, assisted by Hackett.

At two points behind, Amity came out with a vengeance, playing hard and finally Kevin Ryan (9), assisted by Brett McNeil (8) and Dalton Luciani (28) at 10:16.

Not wanting to fall behind, Branford’s Anthony Pascale, assisted by Cooper Bunton and Jason Vitale, got one in past Amity goalkeeper Brian Mosher (30) at 12:24.

The third period brought another goal by Ryan, again assisted by McNeil and Luciani at 3:10.

Five and a half minutes later Vitale, assisted by Hackett scored Branford’s fourth goal at 8:49.

In less than a minute Amity answered with Ryan getting a Hat Trick with an assist by Adam Shea.

Amity had a couple of missed opportunities, a goal that didn’t count from beyond the blue line and another that went in seconds after the buzzer sounded.

Branford won the SCC Title, but Amity still earned the opportunity to play in the state tournament.

Boys Hockey: Spartans Ready To Skate Into 2012-13 Season

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Dec 042012


File photo from 2011 Amity Hockey Game


Orange Live Sports Writer

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After two years of getting banged around playing Division I hockey, this winter Amity is back playing at the Division II level, where it won the 2008 and 2010 state championships.

According to Coach Gary Lindgren (who is about to start his 16th year at the helm of the Spartans,) “We lost 19 players over the last two years and will lose six more this year. Both the CIAC and I both thought it would be best for us to go back down to Division II. It was exciting playing with the big guys for two years, but I had to be fair and do what was best for our hockey program. Right now, this is where we belong.”

The Spartans ended up 6-13-1 last year, two wins away from qualifying for the state tournament. Forwards Joe Bianchi (who recorded 105 points in his three years at Amity), Luke Sacramone, and Riley Hine departed last June as did defensemen Joe DeGoursey.

The 2012-13 Spartans will be led by senior Tri-Captains Nick Nuzzolo (goalie), Patch Flynn (left wing), and Eric Dykun (defenseman).  Dykun is out of action for two weeks due to a broken clavicle.

Lindgren pointed to Branford as the Division II team to beat in the Southern Connecticut Conference. The Hornets went to the State Finals last year before losing to Trumbull and have many of those key players back again this winter. He went on to tab Guilford, Milford, Hand, and newly added North Branford as teams Amity will have to contend with if it wants to win at least 40% of its games and qualify for the state tournament. In addition, the Spartans will also play West Haven, Cheshire, East Haven, North Haven, and Glastonbury—all Division I teams.

Nuzzolo, who was in the nets last year, will again be the there this year—but as Lindgren pointed out, he will be a year older and a year wiser after facing Division I opponents during the 2011-12 season.

“It all starts in goal. Our goalie is our backbone,” Lindgren said. “Nick did a decent job last year and I look for him to do even better this year.”

Junior Brian Mosher and sophomore Christian Mortali will serve as his understudies.

When Dyken (whom Lindgren called “our defensive anchor”) gets back into action, the Spartans will have seven defensemen. The remainder of the blue liners are: senior Zhang Liu, returning juniors Johnny Usailla, Ryan Hauser, and Scott Saffran as well as first year junior Justin Proto and sophomore Dalton Luciani.

Junior Adam Shea (who will be Amity’s go-to guy on offense) centers the first line that also includes senior right wing Dane Simone and junior left wing John Crocker. The Spartans’ second line will be comprised of veteran junior center Brett McNeill flanked by senior Keating Seymour and junior Patch Flynn. Junior Bubba Pignataro and sophomore Liam Caracciolo flank third line senior center Brendan Ferrer. The fourth line is comprised of freshman center Graham Hughes along with sophomore wingers Zach Shelnitz and Kevin Ryan.

According to Lindgren, “Our first two lines are equally talented and should do most of our scoring. The third line is traditionally a checking-defensive line but I think that the three guys on our third line will be able to put the puck into the net. The fourth line is a young developmental line that will see some action too.”

He added, “I like the attitude this year. We graduated some talented people and as a result, we are going to have to work hard and scrap for everything we get. Our strengths will be in goal and defense. Nothing will be easy or just given to us. We have excellent leaders and a very tight knit group of guys, who enjoy playing together. I don’t expect us to be as offensively talented as we have been in past years. As a result, I expect us to play and hopefully win a lot of close, hard checking, low scoring games. Our keys to success will be our ability to work together as a unit, especially on defense and our ability to outwork our opponents.”

Following Saturday’s Jamboree which gets underway at 6 p.m. at the Edward Bennett Rink in West Haven (and also includes Cheshire and St. Joseph of Trumbull), the Black and Gold open their season on Saturday, December 15 at 1 p.m. as they host Sheehan.