Boys Hockey: Another Disappointing Outcome

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Jan 092022

The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey team hosted the Cheshire Rams in West Haven on Saturday, Feb. 8 at 3 p.m.
Coverage hasn’t been very consistent this season and as in past years, Mike Richetelli, one of my favorite coaches, doesn’t send the sheets after a loss, and I can’t always quickly access a live stream. But, yesterday, I did, with the help of Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin (Thank You).
Here’s the best I can do with what I have:

Dom Harris scores Amity’s sole goal at the end of the first period. (Photo by Eric Hackett)

First period

Just 8:23 into the game both teams had one man in the penalty box and Cheshire scored.
Then, with 1:50 left in on the clock, Amity’s #27 Dom Harris smoothly slipped one into the net behind Cheshire’s goaltender to tie the game.
Second period
Five minutes in, a fight broke out near the Amity net that led to penalties and a very long delay in play.
Taking advantage of the confusion, Cheshire scored just 55 seconds later, bringing the score to 2-1.
With 3:15 remaining on the clock, the Rams took a 3-1 lead.
Third period
The clock read 4:33 and Cheshire scored again (4-1)
It appeared that a Amity player was tossed from the game for some reason.
Emotions were running high, confidence was running low, but the Spartans were still working the ice, but not well enough.
Amity’s Record 1-5.
NOTE: in spite of the final outcome, goalie Aiden Courtney #31, worked his butt off and did a phenomenal job staving off the puck as the Rams hammered him in quick succession.
All photos courtesy of Eric Hackett. 

Just Believe — Amity Hockey Comes From Behind For A Remarkable Victory

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Dec 302018


The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey team hosted the Staples Wreckers for its first HOME game of the season on Saturday, Dec. 29 at 1 p.m.

This matchup did not begin the way we like. Oh, the boys played hard and outshot their opponents 10-6 in the first period yet, the game remained scoreless.

The second period was a different story, everyone on the ice battled like winners, both goalies had to work extra hard and finally, after nearly 11 minutes, Staples’ Brian Krawiec scored the first goal, assisted by JJ Stanford. The Wreckers lead Amity 1-0.

As the Zamboni groomed the ice, Amity coach Mike Richetelli has a heart-to-heart with his boys. “You’ve got to believe in yourselves,” he told them. “You’ve got to believe we’re not going to lose this game. Just believe.”

The third period started on a low note. With two Amity players in the penalty box, Krawiec took advantage of having fewer Spartans on the ice, and at 0:56 snuck one past Amity goalie Malachi Zurolo.

Amity fans’ hearts sunk, this is the last period. Could the home team win this game in just 14 minutes?

With one shot after another, the Spartans worked feverishly to get onto the scoreboard. Then, three minutes in, Jason Csejka took a shot, assisted by Cody White and Caleb Marcin, and slammed it past Staples’ goalie Dylan Mace.

The clock kept counting down, and it looked like Amity was going to take its first loss of the season. But the Spartans were not about to give up easily they kept shooting until, with just 21 seconds remaining, Nelson Bordeleau, assisted by White and Csejka made all the difference by sinking one into the net, tying the score and putting the game into overtime.

Eight minutes on the clock, and it was anyone’s game. Pucks flying, players racing across the rink, shooting for their lives and then just 1:26 into overtime, Amity’s Marcin, a Sophomore, stunned Mace by scoring the winning goal assisted by Ryan Miller and Jason Dittman. The entire team raced across the ice, piling onto Marcin.

Pure Amity elation as Mace beat himself up for letting that one get past him – He had nothing to be ashamed of. He played an excellent game and took just about everything Amity dished out with skill and grace.

Orange Live has believed in the 2018-19 Spartans since first seeing them during pre-season practice, and now other news organizations are catching up. You’ve just got to love these boys and their spirit.

Marcin was awarded the Hummel Brothers’ Player of The Game prizes.

Also after the game, little Noah Monroe, who recently suffered a loss in the family, received the game-winning puck.

Final Score: Amity 3, Staples 2

Records: Amity 4-0, Staples 1-3

Next Up for the Spartans — A HOME game against Newtown (3-3) on Wednesday, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m.