Dec 162021

(Photo by Eric Hackett)

The Amity Spartans Hockey team took to the ice in Milford against Staples on Wednesday, Dec. 15 for the first game of the season.

Period 1

Staples took a quick lead just 3:30 in to the first period with Tyler DiMaio #19 making an unassisted goal.

But the Spartans would have none of that, less than 3 minutes later, Amity’s Captain Joe Carangelo #13 tied the game, assisted by fellow seniors Dom Harris #27 and Kyle Hummel #18.
Period 2
Staples failed to score in the second period, but Amity broke the tie  when sophomore Josh Hackett #4 shot one in, assisted by #17 David Brown with 3:52 left on the clock.
Period 3
Just 1:15 into the third period Hummel, assist by Carangelo pulled the Spartans even further ahead.
Near the halfway point with 8:30 on the clock, Cam Delvecchio #11 scored on an assist from Brown bringing the score to 4-1.
With 5:36 remaining in the game Harris, assisted by Carangelo, shot in the fifth and final goal.
Amity wins 5-1
All Photos Courtesy of Eric Hackett.
Observation: Staples players spent plenty of time in the penalty box with seven penalties to four against Amity. 
Staples player #7 Jason W. accrued three of them himself, including a fight in the second period that earned him a game disqualification.
This is a reminder to athletes from all schools in all sports that good sportsmanship goes a long way. Bad behavior doesn’t hurt just one player, it affects the entire team. 
Next up for the Spartans: A matchup with Westhill-Stamford, Away at the Terry Conners – Stamford Ice Rink on Saturday, Dec. 18 at 8 p.m. 

Amity’s Swimmin’ Women Off To A Great Start

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Sep 152021

file photo

The Amity Girls’ Swimming and Diving Team hosted Branford at its season opener in Orange on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Longtime head coach Todd Rainey sent the results after the meet showing a Lady Spartans 97-67 victory.
Following are Amity’s winning categories:
200 Medley Relay 1:54.57 – Lauren Sender, Marea Li, Grace Mahon, Julia Snow
200 Freestyle 2:15.21 – Isabel Barry-Ruiz
200 IM 2:15.85 – Marea Li
50 Free 25.94 – Katie O’Connor
Diving 161.70 – Lily Quill
100 Butterfly 1:00.72 – Grace Mahon
100 Free 57.70 – Lauren Sender
500 Free 5:33.14 – Julia Snow
Branford won in these four categories:
200 Free Relay 2:41.75 – Rory Jacobson, Ridhima Strethsa, Kayda Tope, Malak Elwheshy
100 Backstroke 1:09.28 – Erika Barone
100 Breaststroke 1:40.17 – 1-1 Acuarulo Savastano, Kylie  Acuarulo Savastano
400 Free Relay 5:03.33 – Erika Barone, Rory Jacobson, Sydney Baker, Emma Hall
Records: Amity (1-0), Branford (0-1)
Congratulations Lady Spartans! Here’s to another GREAT season (and no more virtual COVID meets).

Amity Swimming’ Women Splash Past Jonathan Law

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Oct 242020

The Amity Girls Swimming and DivingTeam Had a Virtual Meet against Jonathan Law on Thursday, Oct. 22.
The Lady Spartans edged out Law 91 to 87
Here are the results:
Amity’s winning events
200 Medley Relay – Amity 1:57.94 Lizzie Bodie, Mandy Robinson, Grace Mahon, Julia Snow
200 IM – Amity 2:30.26 Lauren Sender
50 Free – Amity 26.32 Grace Mahon
100 Fly – Amity1:03.13 Julia Snow
100 Free – Amity 56.19 Katherine O’Connor
200 Free Relay – Amity 1:48.03 Lauren Sender, Mandy Robinson, Grace Mahon, Emma Tirollo
Law’s winning events
200 Free – Law 2:05.09 Athena Homorodean
Diving – Law 235.35 MaKenna Sharpe
500 Free – Law 5:38.99 Emma Savoie 
100 Back – Law 1:19.41 Aislinn Burns
100 Breast – Law 1:13.21 Hennessey Shane
400 Free Relay – Law 4:18.90 Athena Homorodean, Olivia Franzman, Macie Rascall, Hennessey Shane

Boys Swimming: Amity Defeats Fitch Co-Op

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Feb 222020

The Amity Boys Swim Team was on the road in Groton for a meet against Fitch Co-Op on Friday

Amity (7-5) outscored Fitch 94-71.
Amity’s winning events:
200 Medley Relay A 1:46.08 Seamus Hennessey, Brodey Lu, Kevin Sweeney, Tyler Roy
200 Free A 1:54.17 Mark Platonov
500 Free A 5:07.87 Mark Platonov
200 Free Relay A 1:37.47 Nic Robinson, Raymond Lu, Mark Platonov, Kevin Sweeney
100 Back A 59.48 Seamus Hennessy
Fitch’s winning events:
200 IM F 2:06.64 Alex Doerwaldt
50 Free F 23.61 Michael Urgo
100 Fly F 57.47 Michael Urgo
100 Free F 52.75 AJ Murko 
100 Breast F 1:04.55 Alex Doerwaldt 
400 Free Relay F 3:35.12 Michael Urgo, Oliver Guijarro-Sines, AJ Murko, Alex Doerwaldt

Girls’ Swimming: And The Beat Goes On

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Oct 192019

Amity(9-1) hosted North Haven in Orange on Friday, Oct. 18.
Amity defeated North Haven 95 to 89.
Amity’s Winning Events
200-yard Freestyle: A- 2:01.63 Julia Snow
500-yard Freestyle: A- 5:25.65 Julia Snow
200-yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:43.08 Katie O’Connor, Emma Tirollo, Julia Snow, Grace Mahon
100 Butterfly: A- 59.76 Katie O’Connnor
North Haven’s Winning Events
200 yard Medley Relay: NH- 1:52.90 Brooke Nebor, Angela Gambardella, Mikayla Rapuano, Madeline Bergin
200 Ind. Medley: NH-2:13.95 Angela Gambardella
50-yard Freestyle: NH- 25.06 Madeline Bergin
Diving: NH- 227.70 Ava Santacroce
100 Freestyle: NH- 55.50 Madeline Bergin
100 yard Backstroke: NH- 1:04.39 Mikayla Rapuano
100 yard Breaststroke: NH- 1:07.55 Angela Gambardella
400 yard Freestyle Relay: NH- 4:04.60 Mikayla Rapuano, Riley Jooss, Giulia Faulkner, Taya Laborde

Boys Hockey: Are The Spartans Back On Goal?

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Feb 212019

The Amity Spartans went up against Tri-Town (9-1-8) in Enfield on Monday, Feb. 18.

After having only one win in the last 10 games, Amity really needed to ace this one.

Just 42 seconds after entering the ice Justin Miller made a goal, assisted by Jason Csejka and Nelson Bordeleau..

Tri-town answered with a goal at 9:49.

Less than a minute later Amity’s Csejka broke the tie, assisted by Cody White and Bordeleau.

First-Period Score: 2-1 Amity

Tri-town came back to the ice, sticks ablaze and broke the tie in 1:16.

Amity shot back 5 minutes later, taking back the lead with a goal by Colin Hughes, assisted by Ryan Miller.

Second-Period Score: 3-2 Amity

Nearly 109 minutes of game-play took place before anyone scored in the third period. That was Nick Kiwanis, assisted by Dylan Raver and Kenny Page.

Having Amity keep the lead for so long was too much for Tri-town and they fought back. Less than a minute later they added a point to the score, narrowing Amity’s lead to one point.

With the clock ticking down, Tri-town struck again with just 1:15 remaining, they tied it up.

The Spartans continued to shoot at goal, and with just 17 seconds left, Csejka broke the tie with the winning goal, assisted by Bordeleau and Caleb Marcin.

Final Score: 5-4 Amity

Are the Spartans back on goal? We certainly hope so. With just two games left to the regular season then Tournament play coming up next month, they need to rediscover that winning spirit they possessed at the beginning of the season.

You boys can do this! Just listen to the coach and remember everything you did in practice and apply it during the games. You can shock all the nay-sayers and take home all the marbles! WE Know You CAN!

Next up for the Spartans (9-9): The boys will battle a very tough Watertown-Pomperaug (14-2-3) in Watertown on Saturday, Feb. 23 at 8 p.m.

Then Glastonbury (9-2-6) in Glastonbury on Monday, Feb. 25 at 3 p.m. — and that’s the end of the regular season.

The CIAC Championship Tournament begins on March 6.


Boys Swimming and Diving: How Did Amity Fare Against Hand?

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Jan 292019

The Amity Boys Swim Team was on the road in Madison on Monday, Jan. 28, for a meet against Daniel Hand.

Both teams were pretty evenly matched, all are excellent athletes, but when the numbers were tallied, Amity edged out Hand 87-83.

Diving:No Diving

Amity’s Winning Events

50-yard Freestyle: A- 23.47 Tyler Roy

100-yard Butterfly: A- 59.56 Tyler Roy

100 Freestyle: A- 51.75 Shiva Gowda

200-yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:38.06 Jared Sullivan, John Alvarado, Nick Robinson, Tyler Roy

100-yard Backstroke: A- 57.76 Shiva Gowda

100-yard Breaststroke: A- 1:09.06 Brodey Lu

 Hand’s Winning Events

200 yard Medley Relay: H- 1:47.57 Dan Chen, Jake Reiner, Beecher Porter, Griffin Mascia
200-yard Freestyle: H- 1:55.80 Beecher Porter
200-yard IM: H- 2:06.75 Dan Chen
500-yard Freestyle: H- 5:18.66 Jack Signorella
400-yard Freestyle Relay: H- 3:32.91 Dan Chen, Sean Laragy, Griffin Mascia, Beecher Porter
 Record: Amity 5-2
Next Up for the Spartans: Thursday, Jan. 31 Away vs Shelton at Shelton Community Center Pool at 3:30 p.m.

Boys Soccer: Ali Bobi Leads Spartans to Win Against Foran

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Sep 182018

file photo

The Amity Spartans were on the road in Milford for a game against the Foran Lions on Monday.

In the first half, Ali Bobi scored a goal assisted by Dean Saracino, giving Amity a 1-0 lead.

The second half saw some more action, with the Lions’ Caleb Tondora tying the game with a penalty kick.

The remainder of the game was all Amity: Austin Gilbride made an unassisted goal, 15 minutes later Arian Bobi also made an unassisted goal, followed by a second Ali Bobi/Dean Saracino goal just two minutes later.

Amity outshot Foran 18-4

The Spartans won 4-1

Records: Amity 2-1-0, Foran 1-2-0


Amity Football: 2018 Roster

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Sep 102018

Junior Quarterback James Laubstein

The Amity Varsity Football team has a new coach, Craig Bruno, and with one very impressive 26-8 win under their handsome new jerseys, they give us hope for a successful season.

This year’s team includes 10 seniors.

#3 Daniel Beckwith, RB; #10 Jacob Lettick, WR; #22 Michael Young, WR; #30 Andrew Kimball, RB; #33 Gabriel Lipsitz, LB; #34 Brendan Messina, LB; #41 Brenna Dimauro, RB; #72 Ryan Biagetti, OL; #78 Justin Griffin, DL; and #89 James Van Hise, WR.

There are 18 Juniors.

#4 Jake Forchetti, WR; #5 Abyan Nawaz K/P; #9 Jamie Genovese, CB; #12 James Laubstein, QB; #13 Andrew Gnidula, LB; #20 Jack Figuly, CB; #25 Samuel Sachs, RB; #40 Alexander Ablozhey, WR; #42 Jeremiah Schmidtke, LB; #45 Nicholas Bevvino, RB; #50 Daniel Cavanagh, OL; #58 Joseph Digello, OL; #61 Sam Papelo, OL; #64 John Healey, OL; #73 Janek Olofsson, OL; #81 Nico Semmonella, WR; #83 Gabriel Morin, RB; and #85 Aedan Loynsky, WR.

Also 15 Sophomores

#19 Max Dempsey, QB; #28 Shaki Gray, SS; #46 Aidan Massa-Vaspasiano, LS; #52 Colby Fantarella, OL;  #54 Anthony Olenechuk, LB; #55 Kyle Behnke, OL; #70 Laurence Lambiase, OL; #74 Carter Correia, OL; #76 Anthony Vega, OL; #77 Justin Miller, OL; #80 Daelyn Boscarino, WR; #82 Spencer Buynak, WR; #84 Jonathan Levit, WR; #86 Benjamin Iwaszkiewicz, WR; and #87 Ryan Buda, WR.

The team also includes one freshman who made the cut, #88 Eric Santangelo, LB.

For those who are not familiar with footballese here’s the magic decoder for the above mentioned Acronyms: K/P = kicker/punter; RB = running back; WR = wide receiver; OL = offensive lineman; LB =  linebacker; QB = quarterback; SS = strong safety; CB = cornerback.

Baseball: Amity Playing Like Amity Again – Defeats Shelton In Six Innings

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Apr 152018

The Amity Spartans Baseball team was on the road in Shelton on Saturday for a matchup with the Gaels which had been postponed due to weather.

The Spartans got a jump on the Gaels with two runs in the first inning (Justin Hafle, pitching)

With Ben Lodewick on the mound and Pat Winkel behind the plate, Shelton only managed to get one run in. Amity leads 2-1.

The second inning was Amity’s time to shine, they added 6 runs to Shelton’s 1, pulling even further ahead. Second Inning score 8-2.

The Spartans didn’t score in the third, but Shelton added one. (score 8-3)

Amity saw a lot of action in the fourth, adding four more runs (Gaels’ Will Ciccone pitching) yet Shelton didn’t have any further success (Spartans’ Will Rotko pitching).

The game went on for two more innings (Shelton putting Mike Kennedy on the mound in the fifth) with no advancement on either side. Amity wins 12-3.

Amity 12, Shelton 3 (6)

AMITY      260 400 — 12 13 3
SHELTON 111  000 —   3   9 2


Amity: Pat Winkel went 3-3, 3 walks, 2 doubles, 3 runs, 1 RBI; Jack Nolan went 2-3, 2 runs, 3 RBI, 1 walk; Quinn Burke went 3-4, 2 runs, 3 RBI.

Shelton: Mike Kennedy 2 innings pitched, 2 walks, 2-4 1 run; Matt Hunyadi went 2-3, 1 walk; Will Ciccone pitched 1-4, 2 innings pitched, 1 hit allowed, 1 walk issued, no runs;

Record: Amity 3-2

(file photos by Marcy Winkel)