In Spite Of Woodbridge Residents’ Efforts Amity Will Get Its Turf Field

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Jul 142020

During the various Amity High School Graduation events, I heard of a grassroots effort in Woodbridge to overturn the tri-town referendum decision to pass a turf field at the High School.

Parents, teachers, and athletes (most outgoing seniors) voiced a common concern. “What makes them think they have the right to do that?”

The last-ditch effort to block the approved turf field amid a pandemic went forward at two Woodbridge Planning and Zoning meetings this month.


After many years of trying to improve playing conditions for its athletic teams, and one failed referendum for an all-weather field in September 2013, Amity administrators worked tirelessly in 2019 to come up with a plan for a new sports complex at the high school.

A referendum was scheduled for December 4, 2019, which included two projects. The first project addressed improvements to the building and grounds facilities at all three schools. 

The second project aimed for improvements to the Amity Regional High School outdoor athletic facilities.  This project includes a complete upgrade of the athletic stadium, as well as upgrades to the competition field.  The athletic stadium was last improved 30 years ago, and almost all aspects of the stadium are at end-of-life. 

The asphalt track, constructed in 1999, would be replaced with a post-tensioned concrete track with an expected lifespan of 50 years or more.  The metal halide lights and wooden poles, installed in 1988, would be replaced with energy-efficient LED lights on metal poles.

An all-weather field would be installed, replacing the current sod field.  Installation of an all-weather field would increase the use of the stadium from its current single sport, football, to all six-field sports by adding competition space for girls’ field hockey, boys’ and girls’ soccer, and girls’ and boys’ lacrosse.

The proposal also included the installation of an LED scoreboard, which would allow the scoreboard to be adjusted to the sport or competition being played in the stadium.  Lastly, the proposal included enhancements to the current Amity competition field. This field, originally designed as a practice field, would be upgraded with permanent spectator bleachers and an ADA compliant walkway, and an LED scoreboard.


Public hearings were held to give tri-town residents opportunities to share their thoughts and any concerns about the projects.

Endless hours debating the safety of sod fields vs astroturf fields with health experts clarifying all the misinformation regarding alleged cancer-causing agents in the materials that would be used at Amity.

Hundreds of school athletic fields across the state and country have these fields with no documented health issues. Amity athletes play on these fields at away games all the time and no one ever complained of illness or injury from the field material.

The Referendum took place as scheduled with the following results

Recently, Woodbridge residents decided to fight back in order to get their way.

A small, but organized group of gadflies came together and spread the word that turf fields are deadly in many ways. •runoff would contaminate the underground water sources, •the shredded rubber causes cancer, etc, etc, etc, all arguments that were disproven during the public hearings last year.

They flooded the Town Planning and Zoning Commission with letters demanding that the project be rejected for those reasons and more.

On July 6, the Woodbridge TP&Z met online due to the COVID-19 restrictions on indoor gatherings and spent the evening reading the letters one after another until the chairman lost his voice. The meeting was continued until Monday evening, July 13.

Last night the Commissioners met online again and read letters from Woodbridge residents who opposed the plan and even some Orange residents who are in favor of it.

In the end, the facts won out over rumors and all other objections, and the original results of the December Referendum held strong.

Amity WILL have a new sports complex with a turf field. A groundbreaking will take place in the near future.


Girls Swimming And Diving: Katie O’Connor Leads Amity To Victory Over Hand

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Oct 172018

The Lady Spartans Swimming and Diving team hosted the Daniel Hand Tigers in Orange on Tuesday, Oct. 16, and guess what.
Amity defeated Hand 98-80.

Amity’s Winning Events

200-yard Medley Relay: 1:58.11 Lauren Sender, Chris Delda, Katie O’Connor, Emma Tirollo
200 Ind. Medley: 2:21.04 Jenna Lu
50-yard Freestyle: 25.30 Katie O’Connor
Diving: 198.10 Georgia Smith
100-yard Butterfly: 1:01.29 Katie O’Connor
100 Freestyle: 56.51 Molly Cox
500-yard Freestyle: 5:26.90 Julia Snow
200-yard Freestyle Relay: 1:46.12 Katie O’Connor, Emma Tirollo, Julia Snow, Kalynna Hauser

Hand’s Winning events

200-yard Freestyle: 2:04.29 Ruby Redlich
100-yard Backstroke: 59.33 Kayla Mendonca
100-yard Breaststroke: 1:15.76 Abigail Chemacki
400-yard Freestyle Relay: 3:57.50 Ruby Redlich, Erin Reilly, Abigail Chemacki, Kayla Mendonca
Records: Amity 10-1, Hand 4-3

Girls Swimming and Diving: Amity Splashes Past North Haven On Friday

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Oct 122018

The Lady Spartans Swimming and Diving team was on the road in North Haven on Friday.

Although Amity only won four of the 12 events, the girls outscored the home team by 11 points and defeated North Haven 97.5 to 86.5.

Amity’s Winning Events

200 Free: Julia Snow, 2:03.77

100 Fly: Katie O’Connor, 1:00.11

100 Free: Molly Cox, 57.94

100 Back: Molly Cox, 1:03.04

North Haven’s Winning Events

200 Medley Relay: Nebor, Gambardella, Jooss, Bergin 1:53.54

200 IM:  Gambardella, 2:12.89

50 Free: Bergin, 24.54

Diving: Santacroce, 233.70

500 Free: Bergin, 5:20.39

200 Free Relay: Gambardella, Jooss, Nebor, Bergin 1:44.20

100 Breast: Gambardella, 1:07.62

400 Free Relay: Vogel, Laborde T, Faulkner, Regan 4:14.98

Records: Amity 9-1 / North Haven 6-3

Boys’ Hockey: Amity Shuts Out New Milford

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Jan 252018

The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey team hosted the New Milford Green Wave in West Haven on Wednesday night.

This wasn’t the most exciting game this season, but it had a satisfying result for Spartans players and fans.

It is always great when your team is the first to score, and that’s what Amity did at 4:08 in the first period when  Connor Bath (#14) made a goal assisted by Joey Schittina (#11) and Jacob Silliman (#6).

For the remaining two periods goalies Michael Halloway for Amity and Hayden Giampetro for New Milford helped prevent any further points from being scored, so Amity wins this one 1-0.

Records: Amity 6-4, New Milford 2-1-5

Next Up: On Saturday, Jan. 27, Amity is Away in East Haven for a game against Guilford (9-2) at 7 p.m.



Girls Track: Amity Wins Two in Woodbridge

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May 132015

IMG_9452The Lady Spartans Outdoor Track Team continued its amazing season with another double win on Tuesday.

The girls went up against Hillhouse and Cheshire in Woodbridge.

Team scores: Amity 100, Cheshire 46; Amity 78, Hillhouse 63; Hillhouse 75, Cheshire 71.

Event Results:


100: 1, Reed, Zoie, Amity Region, 12.30

200: Reed, Zoie, Amity Region, 25.52

800: Taggart, Melissa, Amity Region, 2:34.27

3200: Feng, Nicole, Amity Region, 12:43.66

4×800: 1, Amity Regional ‘A’ (Gorham, Lisa 15, Gorham, Charlotte 17, Taggart, Melissa 16, Criscuolo, Emily 17), 10:12.31

Long jump: 1, Reed, Zoie, Amity Region, 17-10.75, w:NWI

Discus: 1, DelVecchio, Caroline, Amity Region, 86-06

Javelin: 1, Moscato, Zoe Marie, Amity Region, 111-10.


400: Young-Spencer, Tonija, Hillhouse HS, 1:01.27

100 hurdles: 1, White, Jaliyah, Hillhouse HS, 15.34

300 hurdles:  White, Jaliyah, Hillhouse HS, 46.36

4×100: Hillhouse Hs-Ct ‘A’ (Skinner, Diana 15, Washington, Kristen 18, Young-Spencer, Tonija 15, Moore, Alethia 15), 51.43

4×400: 1, Hillhouse Hs-Ct ‘A’ (Ali, Jamilah 18, Carr, Lanaja 15, Moore, Alethia 15, Faro, Fanta 15), 4:21.59

Triple Jump: 1, White, Jaliyah, Hillhouse HS, 36-01, w:NWI

Shot jump: 1, Cobb, Aalayjhia, Hillhouse HS, 33-04.75


1600: 1, Daddi, Lauren, Cheshire Hig, 5:39.36

High jump: 1, Liberti, Alex, Cheshire Hig, 5-00

Pole Vault: 1, Goul, Elizabeth, Cheshire Hig, 7-06



Boys Lacrosse: Amity Takes it Down To The Wire To Defeat Cheshire

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May 062015

IMG_1121The Amity Spartans traveled to Cheshire to win an amazing game against the host Rams.

Senior Midfielder Matt DeLizio scored on a pass from Mike Cavanagh with 20 seconds left, to win the game for Amity.
The game was pretty evenly matched throughout with a 2-2 tie in the first quarter; 5-4 Spartan lead in the second; 6-5 neck-in-neck in the third and 7-7 in the fourth, that is until the final :20 with DeLizio’s winning goal and an 8-7 victory for the Spartans.
Notable players
Brad Uscilla made 3 goals and 1 assist; , Matt DeLizio had 2 goals and 1 assist; Jake Milner and Ben DiMauro each made 1 goal and had 1 assist; Matt Attolino made 1 goal and Mike Cavanagh had 1 assist.
Andrew Criscuolo  made 3 goals; Matt Blois, Jack Raba, Sean Black, and Chris Papa each made 1 goal.
Amity outshot Cheshire 35-28
Amity’s Evan Campbell worked his heart out in this game with 17 saves; Cheshire’s Peter Brown made 6 saves for the Rams.
RECORDS: (AM) 6-4 (CH) 3-7

Track: Amity Boys and Girls Both Win Two

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Apr 292015

IMG_1402On Tuesday, April 28, Amity hosted Fairfield Prep and Hamden for a track meet.

Amity distance Runner Kyle Beaudette and Hurdler Aaron Rattley each won two events.

Amity once again came out on top.

Team results: Amity 129, Fairfield Prep 19; Amity 98.5, Hamden 50.5; Hamden 92, Fairfield Prep 36.

100 Meter Dash: Arrington, Stanley, Hamden, 11.25

200: Walker, Evan, Hamden, 22.69

400: Antoine, Kevin, Hamden, 52.10

IMG_1686800: Beaudette, Kyle, Amity, 2:03.26

1600: Beaudette, 4:39.16

3200: Thompson, Drew, Fairfield Prep, 10:04.02

110 Hurdles: Rattley, Aaron, Amity, 15.97

300 Hurdles: Rattley, Amity, 41.38

4×100 Relay: Hamden (Fowlin, Camron, Ward, Xavier, Walker, Evan, Nixon, DeSean), 43.16

4×400 Relay: Hamden (Lomax, John, Park, Kychoon, Nabors, William, Short, Singquel), 3:32.45

IMG_13804×800 Relay: Hamden (King, Atticus, William, Odei-Nitiri, Shawn, Parisella, Zach, Perusina, Daniel), 8:15.18

High Jump: Robinson, Nicholas, Amity, 5-8

Pole Vault: Antaya, Joseph, Amity, 9-00

Long Jump: Battat, Michael, Amity, 20-06.50

Triple Jump: Harrell, Virgil, Hamden, 42-00

Shot Put: Greifenberger, Cameron, Amity, 41-11

Discus: D’Ostilio, Mark, Amity, 107-06

Javelin: Post, Matthew, Amity, 167-00


IMG_1501On Tuesday, April 28, Amity hosted Sacred Heart Academy and Lauralton Hall for a track meet.

Amity’s Zoie Reed won the 100, 200, Long Jump and 4X100 Relay; Lauren Duhl won the 100, 300 Hurdles and 4X100 Relay.

Like the boys team, Amity came out on top.

Team results: Amity 120, Lauralton Hall 21; Amity 101, Sacred Heart Academy 40; Sacred Heart Academy 104, Lauralton Hall 37.

100: 1, Reed, Zoie, Amity, 12.92

200: Reed, 25.80

400: Wielk, Emily, Sacred Heart Academy, 1:02.08

IMG_1616800: Gorham, Lisa, Amity, 2:32.96

1600: Taggart, Melissa, Amity, 5:26.15

3200: Feng, Nicole, Amity, 12:17.81

100 Hurdles: Duhl, Lauren, Amity, 16.27

300 Hurdles: Duhl, Lauren, Amity, 48.52

4×100 Relay: Amity (Duhl, Lauren, Hill, Christine, Reed, Hochman, Rachelle), 52.17

4×400 Relay: Amity (Gorham, Lisa, Braverman, Yael, Criscuolo, Emily, Taggart, Melissa), 4:23.79

IMG_17954×800 Relay: Amity (Leyden, Grace, Tucker, Emma, Gorham, Charlotte, Gorham), 10:58.94

High Jump: Frey, Aigneis, Lauralton Hall, 4-10

Long Jump: Reed, 17-06.50

Triple Jump: Guadagnoli, Morgan, Amity, 31-09

Shot Put: Walsh, Sofie, SHA, 29-11.25

Discus: Walsh, Sofie, SHA, 96-10.50

Javelin: Moscato, Zoe Marie, Amity, 103-08.


Boys Lacrosse: Amity Gets First Season Win Against Branford

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Apr 132015

IMG_8309The Amity Spartans Boys Lacrosse team came on strong under the Friday Night Lights in Branford in its second game of the season.
The Spartans were ahead of the Hornets 2-1 in the first quarter; 4-2 in the second; 6-4 in the third and kept the lead all the way to the end with a 7-5 win.
Brad Uscilla led Amity in scoring with 3 goals and 1 assist; Jake Milner had 1 goal and 2 assists; Sam King, Ben DiMauro and Matt DeLizio each had 1 goal and Nick Mazzacco had 1 assist.
Noah Lohman made 2 goals for Branford, E. Duffy, Mike Potter and Mike Caminear each made 1 goal.
Goalies on both sides worked hard, Evan Campbell made 12 saves for the Spartans and Zach DeGoursey made 11 saves for the Hornets.
Amity coach Brandon Pepe said, “It was good to get our first win on the road against a conference opponent. We are looking forward from here and hope this can build the momentum we need against some very good teams that we play this week.”

Records: Amity, 1-1; Branford, 1-1.

Amity goes up against Daniel Hand Monday, April 13 in Woodbridge at 3:45 p.m. and away at Guilford on Thursday at 7 p.m.

Boys Hockey: The Comeback Kids, A Surprising Twist at The Spartans Senior Night Game

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Feb 232015

IMG_4774The Amity Spartans Senior Night game against Trinity Catholic took place at the Bennett Rink in West Haven at 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Among the surprises was the starting lineup, which included fan favorite Senior Christian Mortali, who entered the ice to cheers from the stands and wide smiles from his teammates.

The event started off as many Spartans games have this season, with the other team making the first point.

The first period was a bit of a sleeper, with slow motion moves until Trinity junior Dan Bernard (#20) scored a goal off an assist from Jordan Skiba (#7) at 6:59.

In the second period both teams came alive, Trinity quickly scored with Griffin Northrop (#10) getting one past Amity goalie Tyler Johnston on an assist from Zach Lockwood (#25) at 2:53.

Northrop made an unassisted goal at 6:13 bringing the score to 3-0.

Amity’s captains came together to get the Spartans onto the scoreboard at 7:17, Zach Shelnitz (#8) scored off an assist from Kevin Ryan (#9) and Dalton Luciani (#28).

Trinity fought back, scoring again at 9:10 with Joey Nelson (#14) firing one in on an assist from Connor Scanlon (#3).

But Amity wasn’t done yet, Zach White (#13) got a goal assisted by Ryan and Luciani at 10:21.

With just 22 seconds remaining in the middle period Trinity’s Northrop got a Hat Trick on an assist from Bernard, bringing the score to 5-2.

The final period began with another quick move from the boys from Stamford, Nelson made an unassisted goal at 2:43, peaking Trinity’s score at 6.

Then, 14 seconds later, Anthony Uscilla (#16) flew across the ice and slapped one into the net for Amity.

At 4:07 Shelnitz scored off a Ryan assist. At 5:22 Charlie Csejka got a goal on an assist from Luciani, and at 6:34 Nick DeGennaro (#5) made an unassisted goal and tied the game at 6-6.

As the game drew to an end Ryan scored off an assist from Mac Deane (#22) at 11:35 and with only 49 seconds remaining, Uscilla made the final, game winning goal off an assist from Luciani.

Final score 8-6.

The Spartans are traveling to play Watertown-Pomperaug on Saturday at 7:30 p.m

Jan 312015



The Amity Boys Hockey Team showed us last week (Jan. 23) that they really knew how to play the game. They came alive in the third period and gave fans hope for the season.

On Saturday, Jan. 31 they started strong against Guilford and kept it going until the final second.

In this matchup, Amity was first to post in the first period at 2:44 with Zach Shelnitz (#8) scoring on an assist from Liam Caraciolo (#17).

First period score: 1-0 Amity

4:33 into the second period, Guilford’s Ryan Brand (#17) tied things up with an unassisted goal.

But the Spartans would have none of that, and at 7:00 Shelnitz and Caraciolo repeated the first period play, pulling Amity to a 2-1 lead.

Nearly two and a half minutes later at 9:27 Guilford’s Rick Sardella (#9) tied the game at 2-2 on an assist from Matt Clifford (#12).

Amity’s Kevin Ryan (#9) made the tie-breaking and game-winning goal at 12:38.

Neither team scored in the third period, but the puck was passed and smacked and skates were flying across the ice as shots were made, making it an exciting 15 minutes for spectators.

This may be the first game that Amity outshot its opponent, with 26 to 20.

Goalies (both #30) Tyler Cole for Amity and Kyle Dwyer for Guilford worked hard in this game, and deserve a lot of credit.

Asst. Coach Mike Richetelli and the other coaches were smiling as they came off the ice after the game.

“We played a solid game today, and the boys needed that,” Richetelli said. “We still have an outside shot at making the tournament and that’s what our goal is, that’s our focus.”

“We came out and had a very good first period. Guilford is very strong, they played two lines, so we wanted to try and wear them out,” he said. “In the second period Guilford had a little bit of an edge. The third period we battled and (Goalie) Tyler Cole (a Freshman) had the first win of his High School career today, which is a big moment for him.”

Richetelli said the boys will continue to practice hard and play to win.

“Collectively as a group that’s how we’re going to do things. We had a good solid effort today,” he said. “We’re not quitting. Every team has an identity and this team’s is a ‘stick-to-itiveness’. They don’t quit, they practice and they play hard at every game. So if we can string a couple more together, which we have a shot to do, the opportunity is there.”

The Spartans next three games will be against tough opponents.

• On Tuesday, Feb. 3, they play Cheshire at Wesleyan University at 7:30 p.m.

• Saturday, Feb. 7, New Milford at Canterbury School at 12:45 p.m.

• Then Wednesday, Feb. 11, against West Haven at 6:30 p.m.