Fire Department On Scene of Significant Fuel Spill

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Dec 222018

Last Saturday, the firefighters responded to a fuel spill at a local gas station during the Santa’s Helper event.

The Orange Volunteer Fire Department is braving the cold to clean up a significant diesel fuel spill behind the Taco Bell on the Boston Post Road.

One vehicle reportedly was involved in a collision with something and leaked a lot of fuel sometime before 5:30 p.m.

The firefighters are no strangers to cleaning up this type of spill, but the Fire Chief also called for DEEP to respond in order to protect the environment.



Meet The 2018-19 Blades Girls’ Ice Hockey Team

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Dec 212018

2018-19 Blades Girls’ Ice Hockey team is what some may call a “young” team. 

There are only six seniors on the roster: Caitlin Ranciato #1, Andrea Delvacchio #3, Shannon Reilly #12, Hannah Sosensky #12,  (two #12s? It’s on the CIAC site) Meaghan Hogan #22, and Katie St. Peter #24. 

The four juniors all have familiar names: Tess Csejka #2, Sara Cable #4, Nadia DiNatale #11, Haley Cable #28.

There are four sophomores: Megan Crowley #7, Olivea Kosh #8, Caroline Cadelina #14, and Kelsey McCarthy #16. 

Five freshmen round out the team: Ilana Leyner #10, Jade Krukar #15, Paige Kergaravant # 19, Mia Dow #20, and Carsyn Rizzuti #25. 

In past years, the Blades have been nearly unstoppable, losses were few and far between, but this year’s girls can’t seem to catch a break. 

At least 10 of the girls have played together and called Shelton their home ice, but this year, “home” is a rink in Hamden. The girls play hard and their experienced coach, John Peschell knows how to get the most out of his players. He believes in them, and we hope to see a more positive outcome in upcoming games. 

Come on Blades, you can do it!