Final Installment of Block A Dinner Award Recipients

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Jun 132019

So many awards were presented at the Block A Athletic awards dinner on Sunday, that we had to post them in increments.

Here is the final installment of this award series.

Each year, the versatility award is presented to one male and one female student athlete who plays in multiple sports at Amity.

Michael Young played admirably on the Varsity Basketball team and the Football team in 2018-19.

His Football Coach Craig Bruno said Michael could play any position on the team and played masterfully wherever he was on the field. When you attended games at Amity, announcer Rob Kennedy could be heard saying Young’s name after many of the plays.

He truly is an exceptional athlete and it was a thrill watching him on the field and on the court.



Madeline “Maddie” Adzigian was #16 on the Volleyball court and she ran track.

Volleyball Coach Seth Davis presented the Versatility Award and praised her for her awesome ability.

Skilled athletes like Maddie don’t come along every day.



The 2018-19 Booster Club Scholar-Athletes are two students who work as hard at their sport as they do in the classroom.



Thomas Livesay plays Tennis for Amity and excels in his studies. He will be headed to Duke University after graduation.






Kate Yuan is a runner on the Amity Track team. One thing she doesn’t run from is hard work.

Kate has a 4.078 GPA and will be attending Dartmouth.



The Albert J. Seymour Memorial Award is presented to one male and one female athlete who is unselfish and unassuming.



The winners are Baseball player #8 Cole Kucharchik and Golfer Hannah Sosensky, who was overwhelmed and tearfully accepted her trophy.



The Thomas G Laugeni Memorial Award is presented each year to one male and one female who display an exceptional character on and off the field, track, court, or course.




This year’s male recipient is Lacrosse player #7 Jacob Lettick, a fine young man that everyone can depend on.







The  =[ the female winner said she had to fight to get her player the award, since some may think of it as nepotism.

Basketball coach Michelle Shoop said that #34 Tara Laugeni fits the criteria for the honor and that she’s a talented young lady who made her 1,000th point this season.

Tara’s parents presented her with the trophy, accompanied by Coach Shoop and Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin.






There was one unscheduled presentation that night. Amity Principal Anna Mahon announced that Girls Tennis Coach Hal Friedman was named into the Coaching Hall of Fame.

He missed the award ceremony, so she made sure he received his MVP/Hall of Fame ring before a large audience.

Congratulations Coach!



Congratulations to all of the fine award winners at this year’s Block A dinner.









More Awards from the Block A Dinner

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Jun 132019

The Annual Block A Awards Dinner took place at Racebrook Country Club on Sunday, June 9.

Orange Live already published all of the male and female MVPs, the male and female Athlete of the Year recipients, and the three Coaches Association Award winners.

Here are some of the special award honorees:

Athletic Director, Ernie Goodwin, Olivia Greco, Sharon Greco, Ryan Miller, and Hockey Coach Michael “Scooter” Richetelli.

As a teenager, Mark Greco was a Spartans Ice Hockey Goalie. He went on to college, joined the Orange Police Department and worked his way up the ladder to become the Assistant Chief.

The community was shocked and saddened by his death during routine hernia surgery. His wife, Sharon was in the very early stages of pregnancy at the time, and gave birth to their daughter, Olivia, several months after losing her husband.

A year or two later, Sharon established the Mark E. Greco Memorial Hockey Award which she has presented each year to an Amity Hockey player who shares Mark’s character, values and passions.

This year’s winner was #7 senior Ryan Miller, a very talented hockey player, and nice person off the ice.


The Jeremy Saxe Memorial Award as presented to Senior Soccer defenseman #16 Sam Koorejian

Jeremy Saxe was one of Amity’s memorable multi-sport athletes. He was known for his talent in every sport he played, positive attitude, and his upbeat spirit. He died from an undiagnosed heart condition while in college.

It is an honor for any athlete to take this prize home.




The James Dunleavy Memorial Hockey Award named for a former hockey coach was presented to Senior Captain #20 Kenny Page.

Page had a phenomenal year on the ice and proved his leadership skills and athletic talent.

He and his fellow senior teammates will be sorely missed next season. It was a pleasure watching them play in 2018-19.



There are many more awards that were presented on Sunday, so, in order to get all of them in by Graduation Day, I have to rush a few of them by giving a little less detail.



The Thomas J Ross Memorial Manager Award was given to Jake Bronson, whose commitment to the Boys Varsity Basketball team was greatly appreciated by Coach Jeff Neilsen and the entire team.

Bronson will be hard to replace.






Jared Sullivan won the Steven J. Zeider Memorial Swimming Award.






The Paul D. Mengold Award was presented to Track Runner Madelyn “Maddie” Ciskowski.

Recognizing her leadership skills and integrity.






The male athlete honored with the Sportsmanship Award was Hockey Captain Kenny Page.





The female athlete to earn the Sportsmanship Award was Senior Soccer player #12 Madelyn “Maddie” Pickett.




The Unified Sportsmanship Award went to Joey Wasikowski who was unable to attend the award dinner.


We will publish the final installment of the award announcements prior to Graduation.

Students Not The Only Honorees At The Block A Dinner

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Jun 112019

On Sunday, June 9, Amity student-athletes, their coaches and family members gathered at Racebrook Country Club for the annual Block A Dinner.

We know that the athletes are recognized for their hard work and success in their respective sports. But students are not the only ones to receive awards at this event.

The Amity Coaches Association Awards go to those adults who make a difference in the lives of these student-athletes.

Outstanding Service Award

Girls’ Golf Coach Michael Cofrancesco presented the Outstanding Service Award to a mom who volunteers her time to teach the game to girls who want to be on the team.

Jennifer Barnsley has donated her time selflessly for years.

Her assistance is greatly appreciated by the coach and girls alike.


Coach of the Year

Boys’ Basketball Coach Jeff Nielsen had the honor of presenting the Coach of the Year award to longtime Girls’ Basketball Coach Michelle Shoop.

Michelle, the mother of two small children has guided the talented girls to championship games and is known for her patience, passion, and respect. Former players often come back to watch the games and check in with their beloved coach every year.


Assistant Coach               of the Year

Boys Hockey Coach Michael “Scooter” Richetelli surprised his assistant coach Todd Dandelske with this award.

Todd has been working with the Spartans Hockey Team for a long time and was part of the coaching staff when Richetelli won this award back in 2014. The year the boys went all the way to the state championship final.

Todd is well liked, and always smiling. Richetelli was joined by three of this year’s players (Jason Csejka, Kenny Page, and Ryan Miller) for the presentation.



Amity MVPs Honored At Annual Block A Dinner

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Jun 102019

Amity High School has some phenomenal athletes, that can’t be denied.

On Sunday, June 9, the Amity Booster Club hosted its annual Block A Awards dinner, during which the best of the best in Spartans athletics were recognized.

Most of the MVPs were chosen by their teammates.

One by one, the varsity coaches came up front and gave a brief history of his or her MVPs accomplishments before revealing the name and calling that athlete up to receive his or her plaque.

Following are the 2019 Male MVPs:

Baseball – Senior Pitcher, #7 John Lumpinski

Basketball – Senior Guard, #20 James Van Hise

Cross Country – Senior Connor Visnic

Football – Senior #22 Michael Young

Golf – Senior, Dan Comeau

Hockey – Senior, #18 Jason Csejka

Indoor Track – Senior, Richard Papa

Lacrosse – Senior, Harry Brochinsky

Ski Racing – Junior, James Fortin

Soccer – Senior, #25 Austin Gilbride

Swimming – Senior, Shiva Gowda

Tennis – Senior, Chris Bullers

Track and Field – Senior, Richard Papa

Volleyball – Senior, #5 Christian Tzepos

Wrestling – Senior, Andrew Seaton

Following are the 2019 Female MVPs:

Basketball – Senior, #34 Tara Laugeni

Cheerleading – Senior, Ashley Thomas

Cross Country – Senior, Madelyn Ciskowski

Dance Team – Senior, Sophie Benjamin

Field Hockey – Junior, #18 Tess Csejka

Golf – Junior, Tess Csejka

Ice Hockey – Junior, Tess Csejka

Indoor Track – Senior, Julia Potter

Lacrosse – Junior, #30 Ana Carney

Ski Racing – Senior, Mary Foley

Soccer – Senior, #14 Cailey Esposito

Softball – Junior, #26 Marissa Dwyer

Swimming – Senior, Molly Cox

Tennis – Senior, Sarah Bullers

Track and Field – Senior, Katie Yuan

Volleyball – Senior, #21 Abby Harbinson

Here are photos of the 2018-19 MVPs


Meet Amity’s 2019 Athletes of The Year

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Jun 102019

2019 Athletes of the Year, Connor Visnic and Abby Harbinson.

The Amity Booster Club hosted its annual “Block A” Dinner at Racebrook Country Club on Sunday, June 9.

All of Amity’s top athletes were honored with plaques, trophies or scholarship awards for their exemplary work throughout the years.

The top prize, of course, is the Athlete of the Year distinction.

This year’s winners are runner Connor Visnic and volleyball player Abby Harbinson.

In addition, Connor was named MVP for Boys Cross Country and Abby received the Girls Volleyball MVP Award.

Both are phenomenal athletes and deserving of the recognition.

We will miss them next year, and wish them the best as they go on to college.

Meet Amity’s Two 2018 Scholar Athletes

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Jun 122018

Jake Silliman and Shayna Goldblatt, Amity’s 2018 Amity Scholar Athletes

On Sunday, June 10, The Amity Booster Club hosted the annual Block A Dinner at Race Brook Country Club.

The event honors the best of the best of all the Athletes at Amity High School.

Top honors (Athlete of the Year), as we posted the other day, went to Patrick Winkel and Nicole Koshes.

One of the other highest awards (Scholar Athlete) went to one boy and one girl who are not only excellent on the field, court, links, track, whatever but also excel in the classroom.

This year, the male scholar-athlete Jacob Silliman was an Amity Ice Hockey defenseman.  He has an astounding 4.9 GPA.

The female scholar-athlete Shayna Goldblatt, a tiny, physically fit young lady who surprised the wrestling coach when she expressed her desire to join the team a couple of years ago. With sports trainer Kim Pierce’s encouragement, Shayna learned everything she needed to know and this year, she was one of the co-captains. She also played field hockey, contributing a lot to that team and as an underclassman, she was on the outdoor track team.


No matter what she takes on, Shayna always gives her all. She obviously takes her studies seriously and is a fantastic choice for this year’s scholar athlete award.


At The Block A Dinner, “It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again”

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Jun 112018

As Yogi Berra once said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” At least that’s what it felt like for me. I don’t know if anyone else realized it, but it immediately struck me when the Athlete of the Year winners were announced at the Block A dinner at Race Brook Country Club in Orange.

Two years ago, at the annual Sports Dinner, Chris Winkel and Katie Koshes were crowned Amity’s Athletes of the Year.

Go forward to Sunday, June 10, Patrick Winkel and Nicole Koshes were named the 2018 Athletes of the Year.

So, there we go again. Two amazing Orange athletes with highly recognizable last names earning the top honor. This is quite a tribute to their parents, as this particular award is not only for the athlete’s playing ability but for the way they conduct themselves on and off the field.

Congratulations Pat and Nicole, you both deserve this honor. Thank you for all you did for Amity over the years, all the best in College and in all your future endeavors.

Two Orange Residents Get Top Honors At The Amity Block A Dinner

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Jun 132016

IMG_9769Every year the Amity Booster Club hosts the Block A Dinner (Athletic Awards) honoring individual Amity athletes for their exemplary work on – and off – the fields, courts and tracks – throughout the year.

Perhaps the most coveted award is that of Athlete of the Year, it is the final presentation of the evening and the only one whose recipients are a closely guarded secret, known only to the Athletic Director and his administrative assistant.

This year, two Orange residents, who honed their skills on the Orange Little League fields and became legendary on the Amity High School softball and baseball fields (and the Amity Basketball court), were named the male and female Athletes of the Year.

It is our pleasure to announce that Katie Koshes and Chris Winkel are this year’s Top Amity Athletes.

Both of them have proved their integrity, sportsmanship, talent and drive for the past four years and we are so happy that through all their success they remained humble and rejoiced in their fellow players’ accomplishments.

Katie and Chris represent everything that the Athlete of the Year should be — Congratulations!

Amity Honors Its Best 2014-15 Athletes At Block A Dinner

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Jul 012015

On June 14th the Amity Block A Dinner took place at Grassy Hill Country Club in Orange. IMG_3535

The event honors the best of the best in Amity Athletics.

Following are the recipients of the Most Valuable Player Awards:

Baseball — Devin Belenski

Boys Basketball — Chris Winkel

Girls Basketball — Elise Graham

Boys Cross Country — Sricharan Kadimi

Girls Cross Country — Emily Criscuolo

IMG_5086Dance/Spirit — Rosie Richetelli

Field Hockey — Kaitlin Thomas

Football — Matt Attolino

Golf — Zach Prete

Boys Ice Hockey — Kevin Ryan

Girls Ice Hockey — Meaghan Francis

IMG_9499Boys Indoor Track & Field — Aaron Rattley

Girls Indoor Track & Field — Zoie Reed

Boys Lacrosse — Evan Campbell

Girls Lacrosse — Tori Ramos

Boys Outdoor Track & Field — Matt Post


IMG_1498Girls Outdoor Track & Field — Zoie Reed

Boys Ski Racing — Michael Proto

Girls Ski Racing — Carly Mastrangelo

Boys Soccer — Dean Schwartz

Girls Soccer — Zoie Reed

Softball — Teresa Marchitto

Boys Swimming & Diving — Ben Clemens

Girls Swimming & Diving — Dana Chung

Goalie Evan Campbell (13)

Goalie Evan Campbell (13)

Boys Tennis — Jason Seidman

Girls Tennis — Jamie Thimineur

Boys Volleyball — Brett Southworth

Girls Volleyball — Haley Pierson

Wrestling — Jake Cala

Congratulations to all these fine athletes, we’ll miss you next year. 


Information: Athletics Booster Club Bricks, Sports Yearbooks

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Jun 152015

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 6.58.50 PMAmity Athletics Booster Club Commemorative Bricks

The Amity Athletics Booster Club has been selling bricks that link current students and families to Amity’s future. Hundreds of alumni, friends and family members are currently represented on “The Wall” in the High School Cafeteria.   Join them and include your message on “The Wall” today. 

Open to all grades, faculty, corporations, families, etc. The cost is $25/per brick.  A 1.5” x 4.5” engraved brass plate with your inscription will be installed on the “The Wall” for everyone to view for years to come.  

Click on the Brick Wall Form below to purchase a brick to commemorate your student’s achievements at Amity. This makes a unique graduation gift.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 7.00.49 PMBrick Wall Form

Mail order form and check to:

Amity Regional High School

c/o Amity Athletics Booster Club –Brick

25 Newton Road

Woodbridge, CT 06525

Any questions can be directed to: amitybooster@gmail.com

file collage photo

file collage photo

2014-2015 Sports Yearbooks

2014-2015 Sports Yearbooks will be distributed this week to Booster Club members:

Seniors: During the Graduation rehearsal on Thursday June 18.

Underclassmen: pick up Yearbooks on Thursday June 18 in main lobby between exams.

Yearbooks are distributed at this late date to allow for inclusion of athletic awards given at the annual Block A dinner last Sunday, June 14.

Books not picked up will be in the athletic office.