Have You Heard Of The Fire Truck $50K Challenge?

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Jun 042020

The six elected Members of the Orange Board of Finance are sponsoring a program to help raise money for the Orange Volunteer Fire Department.

The Fire Truck $50K Challenge is 100% integrated with and supported by the First Selectman and Orange Volunteer Fire Association (OVFA) Leadership.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, and current edicts from the State of CT, the Orange Volunteer Fireman’s Association (OVFA) canceled its annual Carnival in August 2020.

The OVFA relies on the carnival for funding the costs associated with its operations. In particular, the OVFA spends $50K annually for an updated truck purchased recently.

The Firetruck Challenge’s aim is to Collect volunteer contributions to support the OVFA in light of the carnival being canceled.

The GOAL: 

• $50K (or more) to support the OVFA

• All money contributed (100%) goes directly to the OVFA


For companies and organizations that can afford it, there are three sponsorship levels

  • The “2% CLUB”  – $1,000 donation
  • GOLD – $2,500 donation
  • PLATINUM – $5,000

Orange is a close-knit community where we help each other. Now it’s time for us all to step up and support our volunteer firefighters.  

Please consider a generous donation to get us past this time.  No amount is too small.

Click HERE to support the GoFundMe for the Fire Truck $50K Challenge. 

NOTE: In the first day, the program already raised $6,866 toward its $50,000 goal. 

What about the Raffle?

In addition, the highly anticipated Carnival Raffle WILL take place this year. Tickets will be mailed out to homes next week. They also will be available at People’s Bank, 653 Orange Center Road, Orange; First Selectman’s Office, Orange Town Hall; and Knight’s Power Equipment
286 Boston Post Road.

Orange Live will provide a complete list of prizes very soon.

Library To Close On Saturdays Due To Budget Cuts

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Apr 272017

Case Memorial Library

An important message from the Case Memorial Library — and how you can help. 

Cuts to the Case Memorial Library’s staff budget, including the elimination of funding and a hiring freeze for an essential professional librarian position, forced the Case Memorial Library Commission to make the difficult decision to close the Library on Saturdays, effective June 3, until further notice.
Without funding and permission to fill essential staff positions, the library does not have adequate staffing to maintain its hours six days a week.

Let your town representatives know that you want your Library open six days a week.

Make your voice heard at the Public Hearing of the Orange Board of Finance:
Thursday, April 27, 7:30 p.m. at High Plains Cafeteria

  1. Tell them why the Library is important to you.
  2. Tell them you want the Library open six days a week.
  3. Tell them you want funding restored to the Case Memorial Library’s staff budget and vacant Library positions filled immediately.

If you can’t make it to the hearing, contact your representatives. Every phone call, every email, every letter counts

To contact First Selectman Jim Zeoli
Phone: 203-891-4737
Email: jzeoli@orange-ct.gov

To contact Chairman, Board of Finance, Kevin Houlihan
Email: khoulihan@1-hcpas.com

Notes In A Nutshell: Orange Police Commission – Change on Derby Milford Road

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Feb 112015

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.53.48 PMThe Orange Police Commission met at Police Headquarters Wednesday, Feb. 11.

Derby-Milford Road

In October, Orange Live reported that both the Derby and Orange Police departments sent letters to the state requesting a study be done on Derby-Milford Road to ban thru truck traffic.

It’s been four months, but at this week’s meeting, Police Chief Robert Gagne told the commissioners that their request has been approved by the state — Derby-Milford Road will no longer have thru truck traffic.

The commission voted to go forward with having the Highway Department install signs on Derby-Milford Road ASAP.


Asst. Chief Tony Cuozzo said the department had a busy January with several shed break-ins in the North West area of town (the Greenbriers and High Ridge section).

Tools and other items were taken in the burglaries.

Cuozzo added that two vacant homes that are set back from the road were burglarized as well, and copper pipes were stolen.

“MUCK” Reporting Forms

The Orange Police Department began utilizing the DOT MMUCC  Crash Data Collection Initiative, which Cuozzo describes as doing reports by answering a series of common questions similar to Turbo Tax.

“It’s 6-7 pages long instead of the basic 2 page report, but it is detailed and the state is happy with what Orange Police have turned in so far,” Cuozzo said. “The Department turned in 79 of these accident forms in January.”

Department Expenditures

• On Jan. 5, Orange Police paid a fee to use the training simulator at the Milford Police Department.

• Sgt. Jose Taverner will go to an administrative training course.

• Orange has software that gets detailed information on stolen items. New Haven uses the system and hopes that other regional departments also will use it.

• Officers Scott and Klein are going to a “train the trainer” class on “Fair and Impartial Policing.”

• The hallway outside the police meeting room is lined with boxes containing new AEDs for all of the police cars in the Orange fleet.

• With more female officers in the department, there was a need to install new lockers in the women’s locker room.

Taser• Updated tasers are now required per state statute. All but a couple of officers have been re-trained in taser use.

• The patrol and dispatch overtime budget is in the red, but Gagne is working it out with the Finance Department.

• Gagne met with the Board of Finance on Feb. 6 to discuss the department’s needs for the 2015-16 budget. The requests total about a half of a percent, so he believes their requests will be approved.

• Capital Planning – the radio project was approved.

• Officer Amarone has been doing a wonderful job with DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and this week all three of the grammar school’s DARE classes are graduating.

2016 Marks 20 years of teaching DARE in Orange

Orange Board of Finance Hears Ad Hoc Safety Committee Proposal

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Jan 292013

Sally Port designs

The School Security Ad Hoc Committee went before the Orange Board of Finance on Monday night to present its safety proposal and request needed funding in order to implement the measures immediately.

The Committee, which includes members of the police and fire departments, Board of Ed, teachers, parents, technology and security specialists and others, have met as a whole at least twice and thoroughly examined the Orange school buildings and discussed what it will take to keep the children safe.

During the presentation, they assured the Finance Board that they had done their research and each of them understood concepts and terms such as “line of sight,” “shatter-guard,” and “sally-ports.” and the difference between prevention and mitigation.

They stressed there was nothing knee jerk in the proposal, which includes common sense enhancements that mitigate a potential situation, contemporary updates to multi-use security applications that take advantage of technology.

They want to implement steps that other districts already have taken in the past 6 to 10 years.

The BOE Facilities Director has worked collaboratively with the police and fire departments since 2006 and most recently Jan. 17, on its SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (critical infrastructure assessments).

Many of the recommendations, including surveillance cameras are just out of reach, but providing all of the classrooms with window blinds, continuing lock-down drills and using a sign-in system.

According to the presentation the schools already have begun several key issues to provide a safe environment, including bullying prevention, positive behavior intervention and adding a full-time school resource officer.

The “soft” estimated cost for the immediately attainable measures is $730,000.

• Assigning a trained full time school resource officer to the schools. This way an officer is an unscheduled, unannounced presence at each of the schools on a daily basis. At which school he will be at a certain time makes it impossible for someone to “Plan” an attack on a school.
The school resource officer also would work with students on issues like bullying, substance abuse, decision-making and communications media.

• They want to immediately install Rapid Call Buttons at all four schools — this is a mass notification system: 1-step push of a button to make both a pre-recorded loud speaker announcement and 911 call simultaneously.
The estimated cost for all four schools is $29,000.

• ID Badge Entry System — Install ID Card readers to open locked entryway doors on color coded lanyards. Changing exterior doors.
The estimated cost with panic button for all four schools is $150000.

• Changing classroom door locks that would auto-lock from the hallway.
Classroom doors will be locked at all times when the room is empty.
The lock sets at one building would be keyed together and teachers, administrators and rescuers can access each secure classroom.
The estimated cost is $150 per installed lock-set — totaling $97,000.

• One of the most expensive proposals, at $430,000 is a video surveillance system  that would monitor entrances, playgrounds, in offices, common areas and down the hallways, which would enable real-time monitoring, and allow authorities to review recordings should an incident occur.

• The BOE requested support for the Police department’s wireless backhaul system request which is needed for surveillance cameras at a cost of $125,000. And Support for the police departments personnel request to accommodate a full-time SRO in the schools (undetermined cost).

Orange Live will have more information as it becomes available.