Update On High Plains Renovation Projects

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Jul 072019

The bond oversight committee on tour of High Plains

On Thursday, June 27, Orange Live joined the Bond Construction Oversight Committee at High Plains Community Center for a tour of the South Wing and Pool renovation projects.

Anyone who spent time in the South wing for meetings or during the annual train show may remember that the tiled walls were a highly glossed beige.

Since, they were sanded down, prepped and re-painted green. In May, the committee noted that the paint was peeling from the walls in multiple locations. The painting contractor was fired and a new one hired to complete the job.

There are two large areas that had formerly been two rooms, but the dividing walls were knocked down. They are now waiting for Accordion dividers so organizations can make the meeting spaces smaller when necessary.

The men’s and women’s bathrooms have been completely renovated and are bright, clean and modern.

In May, the Pool Locker Room schedule was updated showing the start of tile work on June 5. Floors were puddling badly in the men’s and family locker rooms and were reconfigured for better drainage.

Committee member Mitch Goldblatt, an Orange selectman, said he was disappointed that the job hadn’t been completed before the Recreation Department’s camp program started. He added that the Nursery School should be able to open again in late August.

From what we observed during the tour, we think everyone will be pleased with the “New” and improved High Plains Community Center.

Look Up To See Your Tax Dollars At Work

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Oct 112013

A worker scales down the north side of the Case Memorial Library roof.

A worker scales down the north side of the Case Memorial Library roof.

The roof renovations at the Case Memorial Library are underway.

The work, which is part of the bond that taxpayers approved, began on October 1 and should be done within an 8 week period.

Workers found that the South Roof was buckled because it had not been nailed or secured properly when it was initially installed.

If you drive by on Tyler City Road, you will see that the Northern side is being fixed, secured properly, waterproof material is being put up and it will soon be shingled.