Notes in a Nutshell: Board of Selectmen’s Meeting

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Jan 082014

Selectmen Mitch Goldblatt and John Carangelo settled in at Wednesday's Selectmen's Meeting.

Selectmen Mitch Goldblatt and John Carangelo  at Wednesday’s Selectmen’s Meeting.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli praised the Fire, Highway and Police departments for their excellent work during the horrendous weather this past weekend.

At Selectman Goldblatt’s request Zeoli addressed the ongoing dispute between Cablevision and WFSB 3 (Channel 3 disappeared from the airwaves in Milford, Orange and Woodbridge late last week).

“It’s all about money,” Zeoli said. The two entities are still in negotiations and in the meantime, residents in the three towns are not happy.

Cameras on School Busses

The Supt of Schools requested that the board approve a contract to get cameras on the school busses to catch violators who disregard the flashing lights on a school bus. The fine is $468, of which the town would receive a portion of the fine.

Cameras would be placed on a few busses where violators have been a problem. If another route has difficulties, the cameras can be removed from one bus and placed on another.

The Board unanimously approved the Guardian program.

Peck Place School Flooding

The school authorities have been on top of the situation at Peck Place School where a water pipe (or pipes) burst on Monday sometime before 7 a.m. displacing the students.

Everyone is working hard, getting the school cleaned up so the kids can return.

In the meantime they have made other arrangements and bringing students to other Orange Elementary Schools so the children don’t miss valuable class time.

Bamboo Ordinance

The ‘language’ in the proposed ordinance was discussed to make sure there won’t be any problems down the road.

As it stands, any resident who does not abide by the ordinance and remediate (get rid of the bamboo plants) there will be a $250 per day fine.

Selectman John Carangelo asked, what happens for new homeowners who discover bamboo on their property that was previously not visible.

Town Attorney Vin Marino said the presence of bamboo should show up on a title search. Then, there’s the question – if the town remediates it for one parcel, do you have to remediate it for another parcel?

This will be potentially expensive proposition, Carangelo said.

Judy Williams said she was uncomfortable with being the town’s gardeners – why not take a milder step before putting our necks on the line?

Marino said bamboo destroys septic systems and if it gets out of control, it could force the town to install sewers everywhere.

Goldblatt said he believes the board should go forward with the ordinance, with the addition of  having existing bamboo mentioned on land records.

Two residents said all species of running bamboo should be included in the ordinance as it grows 20-feet underground per year and is extremely difficult to get rid of.

Selectman Okenquist said the ordinance is important and as drafted (with above mentioned inclusions)

Zeoli said he is opposed to the ordinance, but the DEEP will never do anything, so maybe they have to do it on a local level.

The Board voted unanimously to have Marino complete writing the proposal and bring it on back to the table in February.