Boys Hockey: Spartans Moving On In Tourny Play

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Mar 202021

The Amity Spartans Hockey team has had a challenging season, due in part to many of their would-be challengers’ COVID quarantine delays. The Spartans had a full schedule, like all other D2 teams, but could not play for a solid two-week period because of the SCC COVID safety protocols in place.

Games were suddenly canceled because a player on an opposing team tested positive, placing that entire team in quarantine and therefore making it so Amity could not play against them.

With intense practice sessions and encouraging words from their coaches, who never lost faith in the Spartans’ ability to win, the team stayed strong and when they finally did hit the ice again against actual opponents, they were ready.

This week, the boys went up against some of the top division players holding them off until the very end, never losing steam, and showing their skill and determination every time.

Amity vs Lyman Hall

On Monday, March 15, Amity played Lyman Hall at Bennett Rink, West Haven at 8 p.m.

No one wasted any time getting the game going, at 3:54 Amity’s Niko Tournas (26) scored the first goal assisted by Ben Qian (25).

It appeared that the Spartans would hang onto that 1 point lead into the second, but with just 3.2 on the clock Lyman Hall struck back, tying the score at 1-1.

Second period

Coach Scooter Richetelli must have given one hell of a talk in the locker room, because Amity came out strong and fierce in the second, and just 15 seconds in, Kyle Hummel  (18) broke the tie off an assist from Tommy Schittina (11).

But their mighty opponents didn’t let the jubilation last too long. at 2:22 they broke the tie and at 8:45 Lyman Hall took the lead.

Still focused, Amity struck back 7 seconds later with (11) tying the game, 3-3, assisted by (4).

Third period

As I watched from the stands, I marveled at how well the Spartans were playing, believing wholeheartedly that going up against one of the best teams in their division just made them stronger and want a win that much more.

In the third period, Amity broke the tie with Justin Miller (4) scoring on a power play, off an assist from Schittina (11) at 6:35 in.

A feeling of hope filled the stadium and it was looking good for Amity but then, with only 2:34 remaining in regular play, Lyman Hall tied it up at 4-4, forcing the game into overtime.


It was do-or-die with 8 minutes on the clock, both teams pulled out all the moves but a power-play goal by Lyman Hall with just 1:18 remaining sealed the deal.

Final score, Lyman Hall -5, Amity – 4.

SCC 1st Round

Amity vs North Branford

Even with the messed up season they had to endure, the Amity Spartans were good enough to rank 7th in D2. They hosted North Branford at the Bennett Rink in West Haven for the first round of the SCC D2 tourney on Thursday, March 17 at 6 p.m.

North Branford struck first, wasting no time they scored in the first 24 seconds.

Although it took a while and after 10 more minutes of intense team play, Justin Miller, assisted by Ben Qian, tied the game at 10:49 with just 4:12 left before the buzzer.

First Period Score 1-1


Amity returned to the ice on fire.

At :57 Niko Tournas broke that tie and held onto the lead throughout the entire period.

Second-Period Score 2-1 Amity


Amity retained the lead in the third period and Brendan Smith’s masterful performance in the net prevented North Branford from getting a tie or taking the lead.

Then, just to seal the deal, with 1:11 remaining in the game, Caleb Marcin made an unassisted goal.

Amity Wins and moves on to the Quarterfinals!


Amity will be on the road in Northford to go up against the #2 seed Sheehan on Saturday at 3 p.m.


Meet The 2021 Amity Boys Ice Hockey Team

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Feb 172021

For the past week, since I first saw them on the ice, I’ve not been shy about singing the praises of the 2021 Amity Spartans Ice Hockey Team.

Some of the names are familiar and they have been together for a while, but everyone seems to be in synch and they all play well together as a TEAM.

Head Coach Mike Scooter Richetelli already is proud of his boys and has only good things to say about their skills and sportsmanship. On and off the ice, they are a great bunch of guys.

The Spartans have two different uniforms, the white jerseys (shown here) are the HOME uniforms. The gray jerseys are worn at AWAY games.

That said, here is the roster for this year’s team:

2  Dylan Raver

4 Justin Miller  C

5  Dean Gatttinella

6  Caleb Marcin.  C

7  Nolan Smith

8  Caden Demaio

 9  Ethan Moffett

11 Tommy Schittina

12 Cam Delvecchio

13 Joe Carangelo

15 Dylan Gherlone

17 David Brown

18 Kyle Hummel

20 Cade Simone

21 Jason Dittmann

25 Ben Qian

26 Niko Tournas

27 Dom Harris

30 Brendan Smith. G

31 Aiden Courtney. G

Boys Hockey: Amity Freshman Goalie’s Ninja Moves Help With Cheshire Shut-Out

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Feb 162020

The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey Team has, as I have said since the beginning of the season, a lot of potential. A young team, they haven’t had a stellar season (4-10-2), but it isn’t the worst in school history either.

On Saturday, Feb. 15, the boys hosted the Cheshire Rams in West Haven. The Amity Army student fan base was at full capacity, and ready to support their Spartans no matter what the outcome.

I don’t know what was in the water head coach Mike Richetelli gave them in the locker room, but the Spartans came onto the ice with a spark we haven’t seen in quite a while. They played fast and hard with so much skill and enthusiasm for all three periods that everyone was at the edge of their seats for the entire game.

The first period went scoreless, but not for lack of trying on either side, and the second period had some exciting moments. Amity fans near the Cheshire net saw the puck go in and shoot out again like a rocket not once but twice, but neither “goal” was recognized by the refs. Still, life went on, and the Spartans continued to play just as hard until the buzzer.

Score at the end of two periods still 0-0.

Amity often loses steam in the third period, but that was simply not the case here. Everyone came out with renewed energy, a fighting spirit and their eyes on a victory.

The Spartans were relentless in their plan to keep the puck away from their end of the rink. Cheshire would get possession, then Amity would intercept it and pass it along to the opposite end of the ice.

Then it happened, Connor Bath (14) passed the puck to Dylan Gherlone (15), who passed it to Caleb Marcin (6) and GOAL at 6:35 in the third.

Now, all Amity had to do was hang onto this lead for 8:25 minutes. Could they do it?

You bet!

Freshman goalie Brendan Smith (30) had some pretty sweet moves, keeping his eyes open and getting quite a workout, squatting, kneeling, diving and blocking whatever the Rams shot at him, no matter the angle.

The elation felt throughout the arena was palpable when the final buzzer sounded and the Spartans skated over to their adoring fans to celebrate the 1-0 shut-out victory against the glass.

Coach Richetelli left the locker room after the game with a smile on his face. “This is the team, I know they can be,” he said. “They played hard for 45 minutes [all 3 periods] and never let up. The third line came out and did a great job, making way for the first line to rest and come out and finish it off. It was a great game.”

What’s Next?

Amity MUST WIN three (3) of the remaining regular season games. Can they make that happen? If they continue to play the way they did on Saturday, they can.

Join the Amity Army in cheering on the Spartans this month on Monday, Feb. 17 vs Tri-Town at HOME at 3 p.m.; Wednesday, Feb. 19 vs Glastonbury at HOME at 7:15 p.m.;  Saturday, Feb. 22 vs Watertown-Pomperaug at HOME at 1 p.m.; and finally, Wednesday, Feb. 26 vs Newtown AWAY at the Danbury Ice Arena at 5:30 p.m.


Mar 292019

The Amity Spartans Boys Hockey Team attended its annual Banquet on Wednesday, March 27.

This event is an opportunity for the coaches and players to recognize their own for all the hard work they put in on the ice during the past season.

The Spartans made it into the states, but, like the girls’ team (which won the SCC Title) they were eliminated after the first round. We’re proud of the 2018-19 Spartans for all of their accomplishments and tip a hat to Head Coach Mike “Scooter” Richetelli and the assistant coaches for a job well done.

The following players were honored at the dinner.

The Hobey Baker Award for Character and Sportsmanship — Nelson Bordeleau #10

Most Improved Player — Justin Miller #4

Top Defenseman — Kenny Page #20

Top Offensive Player — Jason Csejka #18

Rookie Of The Year ‚— Caleb Marcin #6

Team Player: Unsung — Nelson Bordeleau #10

Bethany-Orange-Woodbridge Community ‚— Colin Hughes #8 and Ryan Miller #7

The Gerry Couden Coaches Award — Colin Hughes #8

Joey Ciancola Memorial Award — Kenny Page #20

We will miss the seniors: Csejka, Page, Hughes, Bordeleau, and Ryan Miller. But there is still a lot of talent to carry the team through next season.In

In addition, watch this: https://youtu.be/VXJAzgr8SS0



Boys Hockey: Spartans Keep On Keeping On, One Game At A Time

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Jan 062019

The Amity Spartans faced off against the North Haven Indians in North Haven on Saturday, Jan. 5.

It took a while for the first goal to sink into the net and that was 9 minutes in by Amity Senior Captain Jason Csejka, assisted by Caleb Marcin and Nelson Bordeleau.

Six minutes later, North Haven’s Donny Funaro tied the game, assisted by Domenic Biondi.

In the second period, Csejka struck again at 10:48, assisted by Cody White, pulling the Spartans to a 2-1 lead.

After returning to the ice, the Spartans wasted no time finding the net again – and it was a hat trick for Csejka, assisted by Connor Bath and Bordeleau.

Amity wrapped up the game with 5:07 remaining with a goal by Ryan Miller, assisted by Nick Kiwanis.

This was a sweet victory for the Spartans, marking their sixth consecutive win.

Records: Amity 6-0, North Haven 1-1-5

Next Up: On Wednesday, Jan. 9, the Spartans will be at Bennett Rink in West Haven for a duel with Notre Dame-West Haven (4-3), which just had a big win against Fairfield Prep in Overtime. Notre Dame is NOT going to want to lose to Amity. This will be the toughest match-up to date.

Bennett Rink is the home ice for both teams, but on Wednesday, Amity will be the visitor.

Remember what Coach Scooter Richetelli said, “Just Believe.”

I Believe our boys can do this! Of all the teams on the Spartans game Roster, Amity is the ONLY one that is undefeated.


Just Believe — Amity Hockey Comes From Behind For A Remarkable Victory

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Dec 302018


The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey team hosted the Staples Wreckers for its first HOME game of the season on Saturday, Dec. 29 at 1 p.m.

This matchup did not begin the way we like. Oh, the boys played hard and outshot their opponents 10-6 in the first period yet, the game remained scoreless.

The second period was a different story, everyone on the ice battled like winners, both goalies had to work extra hard and finally, after nearly 11 minutes, Staples’ Brian Krawiec scored the first goal, assisted by JJ Stanford. The Wreckers lead Amity 1-0.

As the Zamboni groomed the ice, Amity coach Mike Richetelli has a heart-to-heart with his boys. “You’ve got to believe in yourselves,” he told them. “You’ve got to believe we’re not going to lose this game. Just believe.”

The third period started on a low note. With two Amity players in the penalty box, Krawiec took advantage of having fewer Spartans on the ice, and at 0:56 snuck one past Amity goalie Malachi Zurolo.

Amity fans’ hearts sunk, this is the last period. Could the home team win this game in just 14 minutes?

With one shot after another, the Spartans worked feverishly to get onto the scoreboard. Then, three minutes in, Jason Csejka took a shot, assisted by Cody White and Caleb Marcin, and slammed it past Staples’ goalie Dylan Mace.

The clock kept counting down, and it looked like Amity was going to take its first loss of the season. But the Spartans were not about to give up easily they kept shooting until, with just 21 seconds remaining, Nelson Bordeleau, assisted by White and Csejka made all the difference by sinking one into the net, tying the score and putting the game into overtime.

Eight minutes on the clock, and it was anyone’s game. Pucks flying, players racing across the rink, shooting for their lives and then just 1:26 into overtime, Amity’s Marcin, a Sophomore, stunned Mace by scoring the winning goal assisted by Ryan Miller and Jason Dittman. The entire team raced across the ice, piling onto Marcin.

Pure Amity elation as Mace beat himself up for letting that one get past him – He had nothing to be ashamed of. He played an excellent game and took just about everything Amity dished out with skill and grace.

Orange Live has believed in the 2018-19 Spartans since first seeing them during pre-season practice, and now other news organizations are catching up. You’ve just got to love these boys and their spirit.

Marcin was awarded the Hummel Brothers’ Player of The Game prizes.

Also after the game, little Noah Monroe, who recently suffered a loss in the family, received the game-winning puck.

Final Score: Amity 3, Staples 2

Records: Amity 4-0, Staples 1-3

Next Up for the Spartans — A HOME game against Newtown (3-3) on Wednesday, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m.

Boys’ Ice Hockey: Spartans Spank Indians In Milford

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Dec 182018

Coming off of an awesome victory over NFI last week, the Amity Spartans Ice Hockey team was feeling confident and ready to go at their second regular season game on Saturday, Dec. 15.

This game against the Milford Indians at the Milford Ice Pavillion was reminiscent of televised NHL games in the 80s, with a ridiculous list of penalties in which the home team (Milford) accumulated 9 to Amity’s 7.

The game got off to a quick start with Amity’s Nelson Bordeleau getting one in just 3:52 into the first period, assisted by Cody White and Ed Martino.

About 8 minutes later Milford’s #14 (name unavailable) tied the game off an assist from #11 Kosh.

Martino quickly answered by scoring Amity’s second goal, assisted by Jason Csejka.

First Period Score: Amity 2, Milford 1.

Just 3:28 after returning to the ice, Tommy Schittina made a goal for Amity, assisted by Bordeleau and Justin Miller. Then 10 minutes and several shots later, White scored off a Martino assist, bringing the Spartans lead to 4-1.

Moments later both #20s, Amity’s Ken Page and Milford’s Ubaldi, were sent to their respective penalty boxes for roughing with only 50 seconds remaining in the second period.

Second Period Score: Amity 4, Milford 1

It took a while for the third period to get going since so many penalties were being handed out. In the first 10 minutes we saw slashing, cross-checking, high sticking, roughing, tripping and unsportsmanlike behavior. with players from both teams spending time in the box.

Finally, at 10:19, White scored off an assist from Csejka. It only took three minutes for Caleb Marcin to find the net, assisted by Csejka.

I hope you didn’t blink, because, within seven seconds, Dylan Raver swooped in and scored on White’s assist.

This was an exciting game, the Spartans really showed what they had to offer. With a 7-1 victory, the Spartans are now 2-0 for the season.

Amity Head Coach Michael Richetelli said Milford did its job and his Spartans had a great day. Many of the new, younger players got ice time and did very well.

Fans are recognizing that the Spartans are playing like a seasoned team that’s been together much longer than just a couple of games. We all have high hopes that we’ll see them go all the way to the states this year. Yes, they’re that good.

Come cheer the Spartans on to another victory at the Danbury Ice Arena on Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 7:40 p.m. The Boys will be playing against BBD

Go get ’em Amity!