Orange Police: Don’t Be A Victim, Lock Your Cars

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Oct 172018

Residents should be aware that like many other area communities, Orange has experienced a rash of car break-ins recently.

Groups of people, usually teenagers and/or young adults enter a neighborhood and run through the driveways, pulling on the door handles of every car they see.

If the car is locked, they move on. If the car is unlocked, they enter it and search it for anything of value. Money, computers, purses, it doesn’t matter, they will take it.

If the key or the fob is in the car, they will take the entire vehicle.

Your best defense against this type of activity is to remove valuables from your car and ensure that it is locked.

If you see anyone or anything suspicious in your neighborhood, please do not hesitate to contact the Orange Police Department 24/7 at 203-891-2130.

Once Again, Everybody, Lock Your Cars

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May 232018

Orange Live has already posted two separate incidents of attempted car break-ins in town, and now, there are two more complaints, but this time the offenders got into the cars.

On Tuesday, May 22, a dog on Currier Drive alerted its family to someone breaking into their car in the driveway. The wife said she is sure that the dog’s barking scared the culprits away before they could ransack the interior of the vehicle and nothing was taken. She added that nothing of value was left inside the car anyway.

Another resident said, “We are on Barton, and last week our two cars were broken into. I have it on video and I tried to catch the ‘guys.'”

Currier is one block away from Argyle where the first reported incident took place. Barton is off of Crocker, where the second incident happened.

So, just remember what the Orange Police have told us time and time again. “Lock your car doors. Keep valuables out of sight, or even better take them with you. And If you see any suspicious activity or vehicles in your neighborhood don’t hesitate to call the Orange Police Department immediately at 203-891-2130.”

Orange Police: Has Anyone Tried To Access Your Car Recently?

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Mar 172018

A Public Advisory from the Orange Police Department

Last week, we advised the Orange community about thefts from unlocked vehicles.

Today, we are asking residents to check to make sure their vehicles have not been subject to this type of theft, or even an attempt of this type.

Often the perpetrator(s) will check all vehicles in a certain area until they locate the ones that are unlocked, and will rummage through them to find any valuables.

If you have found that your car was gone through, or if it appears that someone even tried to access your car, please let us know.

We are interested in ANY activity of this nature, and we’ve had reports from the Avon Drive and Cummings Drive areas in the last two days.

If you have information regarding thefts from cars, please contact Detective Sean Murphy at 203-891-2138 x214 or via e-mail at smurphy@orange-ct.gov

Police: Be Aware Of Car Break-Ins, Lock Your Doors!

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Mar 112018

Over the past few days, the Orange Police Department has had numerous reports of vehicles broken into and two vehicles have been stolen from their driveways.

These thefts have occurred in the overnight to early morning hours, and the common denominator has been that the vehicles that were broken into were unlocked. The vehicles that were stolen had key fobs accessible to the thieves.

Officers were able to view residential surveillance video of some of the perpetrators and their actions. The perpetrators (in this instance) worked in groups, moving from car-to-car in a neighborhood, checking doors to find cars that were unlocked.

When they found an unlocked car, they ransacked the interior for valuables. The cars that had fobs accessible were stolen outright.

The Orange Police Department asks that you lock all of your vehicles and do not leave valuables visible inside a vehicle, even if that vehicle is locked.

If you have any information on these incidents or see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call the Orange Police Department 24/7 at 891-2130.

Orange Police: Lock Your Cars!

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Aug 112016

Man-calmly-confronts-suspected-car-burglar-caught-in-the-act-on-cameraThe Town of Orange has been plagued all summer with unlocked cars being entered and loose change, small electronics and other valuables taken. In each case, the vehicles have been left unlocked. In several cases, the owners stated they did not want the car damaged, so they left it unlocked. Many other communities have been struggling with this criminal behavior as well.

We have also investigated several instances where residents have not only left cars unsecured, but left the keys inside their cars. This resulted in the cars being stolen. In many cases a stolen car from another community is recovered nearby, usually used to transport the perpetrators to Orange.

There has been no specific pattern of this behavior and all areas of Town have been targeted.

Last week we had several cars entered in the Greenbrier neighborhood and the perpetrators were a little more brazen and removed a window screen on a home and entered the kitchen and stole some small electronics. This is certainly the exception, not the norm.

We urge all residents to lock their cars, remove valuables left in plain sight and never leave the car running unattended or the keys in the car overnight. Additionally, homes should be locked, windows locked and outdoor lights left on for security. Residents can contact Officer Bobby Amarone at 203-891-2136 for tips and to schedule a security assessment of their home.

As an aside…we have made several arrests for these incidents. The investigations remain active and we are working with other communities who have been targeted.

Please spread the word!!