Once Again, Everybody, Lock Your Cars

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May 232018

Orange Live has already posted two separate incidents of attempted car break-ins in town, and now, there are two more complaints, but this time the offenders got into the cars.

On Tuesday, May 22, a dog on Currier Drive alerted its family to someone breaking into their car in the driveway. The wife said she is sure that the dog’s barking scared the culprits away before they could ransack the interior of the vehicle and nothing was taken. She added that nothing of value was left inside the car anyway.

Another resident said, “We are on Barton, and last week our two cars were broken into. I have it on video and I tried to catch the ‘guys.'”

Currier is one block away from Argyle where the first reported incident took place. Barton is off of Crocker, where the second incident happened.

So, just remember what the Orange Police have told us time and time again. “Lock your car doors. Keep valuables out of sight, or even better take them with you. And If you see any suspicious activity or vehicles in your neighborhood don’t hesitate to call the Orange Police Department immediately at 203-891-2130.”