Opinion: A Sad Day in Orange

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Feb 132015

orange_life_ad_dec_13_op_620x775Friday the 13th of February was truly a dark day for many residents in Orange as it was Reno’s Pizzaria’s last day in business.

Dave and Stephanie Kennedy posted this notice on their website to let people know in advance (as always looking out for others).

“We are sad to say that we will be closing for business on Friday, February 13, 2015.
If any of you have gift certificates, please come in and use them. If you have given gift certificates to someone, please pass this information along.
For almost ten years, our loyal customers have supported us, and we couldn’t be more grateful. We hope to continue to see you around our wonderful town of Orange.”
Dave & Stephanie Kennedy
Reno’s has always been a good neighbor and a wonderful friend to schools and charitable causes.
Dave is a sweetheart, and we wish him and his family all the best now and in the future. So Sorry to see you go.

Reno’s Pizzeria Has A Heart Of Gold: Thank You Dave and Stephanie

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Feb 272014

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By Lidia Meneo

If you have lived in Orange over the past 8 years or so, you probably participated or heard about the huge fundraiser Reno’s Pizza held at their original location in 2007. The event was to raise funds for a new playground at Peck Place School. The former principal, Mr. Al DeCant was playing the guitar, kids were singing, teachers and staff were serving — it was so much fun!

Dave Kennedy, the owner of Reno’s Pizzeria and his wife, Stephanie did not stop there, Year after year they give back to our town. In 2010, when Reno’s Pizzeria was moving to 500 Boston Post Road at Hawley Lane Plaza, parents and Orange residents couldn’t wait for Reno’s to re-open. The Kennedys posted status updates every few days on their Facebook page, the progress being cheered by their supporters. Although their new place is smaller they keep on giving. To say the Kennedys are good to their community would be an understatement. The friendliness of their staff shows that there is a lot of good going on within the business as well.

Reno’s Pizzeria’s slogan states, “We Live Here, We Work Here, We Go To School Here!” I have heard many times during various meetings, “let’s ask Reno’s for donations,” or “Reno’s is good with giving,” or “Why don’t we do a Reno’s gift Cards Fundraiser?” Reno’s Pizzeria supports not only elementary and middle schools, but also organizations — long-time supporters of softball and baseball teams, i.e. Ct Crushers Baseball Team. Time after time Committee Chairs come to the Kennedys for help and they are never denied.

I felt compelled to write this article of recognition after it was announced that Reno’s will be giving FREE pizza for the entire Peck Place School at their Yale West location on Friday, Feb. 28. Orange BOE and school officials offer a limited lunch to students, since there is no cafeteria to make hot lunches; they are doing everything they can to make lunch attractive. Out of the goodness of their hearts Reno’s once again steps up for the town of Orange — this simply is the icing on the cake! This is Community Service at its best; it  just does not get any better!

Personally, and on the bahalf of many parents and organizations we all thank you for everything you do. Dave and Stephanie Kennedy are what make the town of Orange great. You are the STAR family and exemplary business of our community with a Heart of Gold.