Town of Orange Does Have Specific Rules for Dog Owners To Follow

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Mar 242014

In Orange dogs must be on a leash.

In Orange dogs must be on a leash.

After Orange Live published a story on March 13 about a man who allowed his little, unleashed dog to attack puppies at High Plains, many readers asked whether or not there was an ordinance against letting dogs run free.

Yes, there is, it’s known as Town Ordinance 307-9 “Orange Open Space Lands Dog Rules & Etiquette.”

It states:

Over the last several years, people have allowed their dogs to degrade the environment, jeopardize people’s safety, and compromise non-dog owners’ visits to open space lans.

To protect our natural lands and to ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience, the following rules should be followed:

• Dogs must be kept on leash and close to their owners

• Dogs must be kept on designated trails

• Dogs must be kept out of streams and rivers, and away from waterways’ fragile banks

• All dog feces must be picked up and disposed of properly.

Editor’s Note: There is a plastic bag dispenser at the entrance to the walking path around the fairgrounds if you didn’t remember to bring your own for dog feces pick up. If you have plastic bags to contribute, please leave them for others to use. 

Until the planned dog park is opened in Orange, there is a fenced in area at the rear of the Orange Fairgrounds where you may let your dog off-leash to play with other dogs. 

Do NOT allow your dog in the enclosure if it has issues with other dogs. 




Owner Does Nothing As Nasty Little Dog Attacks Puppy In Enclosure

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Mar 132014

Puppy was atttackedA pleasant spring-like afternoon turned into a horror show for a young woman, her sister-in-law and a 5-month old Australian Shepherd Puppy named Delilah.

The nightmare began at the fenced in “dog play area” in the rear of the Orange Fairgrounds where the horse and oxen pulls take place during the fair. Delilah was romping around happily in the grass while the two women watched her, when a “big, older man with gray and blonde hair” set his vicious little white dog (a Jack Russell/Westie mix perhaps) free inside the enclosure. The dog made a b-line for Delilah and attacked her.

The man reportedly laughed while Delilah screamed and as her horrified owner tried to get the nasty bully away from her.

She scooped her terrified puppy up and ran to her truck and the man came after her, reportedly screaming the dirty “c word” and various other derogatory terms at her and her sister-in-law while threatening to knock them out. Stating It would only take “two hits and I’d be on the ground.”

“Upon hearing this loose cannon go on I got to my truck as he followed me and then he punched the side of my car causing a dent,” she told Orange Live.  “I reported it to the police but of course not knowing who this crack pot is, I can’t identify and have him arrested yet. As for my puppy, Delilah is okay her back end is sore so no heavy exercise which is hard with an Australian Shepard. I have two, and my adult male thankfully listened and stayed back. So lots of walks for the next two weeks and no running around with her brother.

“The only thing I can really add is that he’s not someone you approach. I didn’t do anything to create the reaction I got,” she said. “There’s something very off about the entire exchange. I think the smartest thing I did was get away.”
This was not the only incident with this pair of bullies, on Tuesday a similar incident occurred with another younger, medium sized dog that also was attacked by this white devil dog.
So If you see a man, big, older with a vicious white dog, in an older silver beat up car at the Orange Community Center, keep your pet away from them and call the police.
Orange has rules for dogs on public property, and one of them is that the dog must be leashed. This little terror was not, even outside the fenced enclosure.