Apr 202020

Since the Coronavirus crisis began in our state we’ve been preparing for this, but now, the time has come. At 8 p.m. tonight, Monday, April 20, we will be required to wear masks or some kind of face-covering when in grocery stores, pharmacies, or other tight spaces where social distancing are not necessarily guaranteed. 

I’ve heard many stories about people who’ve gone to stores like Job Lot or Shop Rite and have worn a mask and tried their best to keep the proper distance from other customers, only to have an unmasked individual nearly plow them down as they round the corner or rush down an aisle going the “wrong way” because they don’t take the virus as seriously.

I’ve been locked away in my house for 40 days, and it has been 40 days since I’ve gotten a hug from my granddaughter. A beloved aunt died over the weekend and I can’t get together with the family to mourn her death or celebrate her life. I am in desperate need of money, but that won’t come unless I can get out. Yet, I know that if we open everything up prematurely just because we’re anxious, it would be a huge mistake, and the last 40 days would have been for nothing. and we will most likely just jump into the second phase of this outbreak, which would mean more isolation, businesses being closed even longer, schools being closed indefinitely, and healthcare workers, first responders and others on the front lines continuing to risk their lives.

Thank goodness CT has the super-fast test now, (less than 15 minutes instead of 10 days), and that’s a HUGE step in the right direction.

Make sure your mask fits properly, it shouldn’t slip down below your nose or expose your mouth. If you’re making a mask, use tightly woven fabric with double or triple layers. I put 4 layers AND a filter in my homemade masks, and a wire in the bridge of the nose to keep it snug and in place. Wash your mask after you use it and don’t touch it while you’re wearing it. Wash your hands when you take it off.

Be ridiculously careful, and stay safe. Some day this WILL be over.