Fireworks: Amazing Or Terrifying?

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Jul 032020

Over the years we’ve learned that the Fourth of July celebration begins and ends several days before and after Independence Day.

This year, though with people feeling freedom from the three-month lockdown they seem to be much more bold and obnoxious than in past years, and pet-owners across the state have been expressing their frustration.
The loud rumbles, cracks, pops, and booms may thrill us, but they can be terrifying for dogs.
When I was a kid, my dog Bootsie would burrow as deep as she could under anything, beds, tables, chairs whatever she could hide under trying to find safety.
Although I’m lucky that my newest rescue dog, Tori, doesn’t seem frightened at all by the wall-shaking fireworks in our neighborhood, my 8-year old dog, Mi Sun seems to be increasingly terrified by loud noises. There are so many of us who need to find a way to protect our pets to help get him or her through this noisy holiday.
Mi Sun is laying on my lap, panting uncontrollably right now, so I’m going to spritz her with some lavender and frankincense essential oils to help calm her down.
Make sure to create a safe zone in your home where your pet can feel comfortable. If you have a quiet inside room, set it up with familiar items once the noise begins. Give him access to water and leave a radio playing at normal volume to keep him company.
Don’t bring your pet to fireworks displays if there are any, and never leave her unattended in the car.
Don’t leave your dog outside alone. He could get lost or hurt if he panics and tries to escape from your yard — or worse run into traffic as he flees.
Keep dog doors and fence gates locked this week until your neighbors run out of their TNT.
Make sure your pet has a collar and ID tag with up-to-date information. An ID tag will help get you reunited even if your pet isn’t microchipped.
This is one holiday that your pet’s feelings should be your top priority.
The Number One Holiday For Lost Pets
NOTE: Over the past 8 years, Orange Live has had an excellent record reuniting lost pets with their rightful owners after a firework fleeing incident.
If by chance, your pet takes off when he or she gets scared, TEXT us as soon as possible (a description of your pet, your location, the time he or she went missing, a photo, and your contact information)at 203-506-1747 any time night or day and we will text the post and put the word out on Facebook and on our site so townspeople can start looking for your furry friend.
Fun fact: Oddly enough several runaway dogs, no matter where they live have been found in the Pine Tree Drive area of town.