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Jan 302016

Are you looking for a gift that will keep on giving for centuries? What about a data disc on which to share all of your special videos, photos and family memories with your great grandchildren long after you are gone? On Nov. 10, 2014, Orange Live published this story about a new item that can do just that. There are plenty of gift giving occasions approaching, so check out this story again and consider putting in your order so it will be done in time to give it to that special someone.

All of life’s precious memories: photos of your baby daughter in the delivery room, the best golden retriever you ever had, that special trip to Disney World when your little boy actually met Donald Duck, your grandma standing on the stairs showing off her new pantsuit, weddings and so much more.

You can take a thousand photos but in time they fade, and if you stored them improperly moisture will make them stick together and all those images are gone forever.

Back in the late 70s – early 80s the saving grace was a Betamax or VHS player, if you were tech savvy you could make a decent video slide show of your best photos. But tapes wear out, lose magnetic flux, often break and in humid environments, grow mold and they’re ruined.

Then, in the 90s and at the turn of the century came the invention of the DVD, USB Flash drives, Storage Hard Drives, and Memory cards but each of these long-lasting storage items have less than a generation of anticipated life and have a tendency to fail at the worst time.

When will someone invent a dependable back up medium that will never let you down?

Well Good News!  Working with the DOD, Naval Air Warfare Center, the Millenniata firm presented the D.O.D with the “M-DISC” DVD, which after exhaustive testing, the D.O.D. proved to be unquestionably a permanent storage medium for video or data!


 “The recently announced, Millenniata DVD, ( M-Disc) is very special 4.7GB DVD with a data layer made out of stone-like minerals and metalloids. The idea is that conventional optical discs (recordable DVD’s) have a very soft recording/data layer, and has little resistance to heat, humidity and light, while the M-Disc on the other hand, has an infinitely tougher data layer that can withstand all of the above, along with the test of time. M-Discs can’t be burnt with your current DVD burner — melting pits in stone requires a special laser that’s five times more powerful than normal DVD writing lasers!  But, on the flip side, M-Discs are backwards compatible and can be read by normal DVD drives.

Now the actual statistics:  According to the US Department of Defense, the Millenniata,

(M-Disc) is incredibly resilient. In the D.O.D. accelerated aging tests, 25 different “archival” DVD’s, including the M-Disc, were exposed to 85C (185F) temperatures, 85% humidity, and extremely bright, full-spectrum light for 24 hours.

Where every other archival-quality recordable DVD failed the test with thousands of read errors and with complete loss of data, the M-Disc passed with full data integrity. Millenniata even goes on to say that the stone layer of its DVDs should retain data for over 10,000 years — but the polycarbonate covers are only good for 1,000 years. Still, both figures are worlds higher than the 10-15 year average lifespan of hard drives, recordable DVDs, and flash drives.” The eye-opening fact is, prior to the announcement of the M-Disc, no dependable data-storage medium exists for video or important data that will survive even one generation!

See Final Report for Millenniata DVD Testing August 2009-October 2009″Naval Air Warfare Center,  https://www.esystor.com/images/China_Lake_Full_Report.pdf

Available to You Now

8deab2769c416e5962d56d0be6c0ccfdOrange resident Ron Davis, the owner of VideoLab, 200 Boston Post Road, may be 80, but he is by no means “Old.” Ron keeps up with all the latest technology and is known around the state for miracles he can do with videotapes after he was featured on FOX news for restoring a tape found on the beach after one of our recent hurricanes. 

Ron researched the M-Disc and installed all the necessary equipment needed to create these 1,000-year media storage DVDs for regular folks like you, who have precious memories that you want to pass down through the generations – and know those images will still be there when your great-granddaughter puts it into whatever version of a player companies are making in the future.

He has the blank M-Discs in stock at VideoLab and he’s ready to go.

“We’ve performed extensive testing of the “M-Disc” and couldn’t be more pleased with the results,” he said.

VideoLab is offering these “Forever” discs to customers for just $29. This would make a wonderful, affordable holiday gift for anyone you love.

The M-Disc is also a phenomenal option for hospitals, doctors, lawyers and Government offices that have valuable data that needs to be stored safely, securely and permanently!

VideoLab is the first, and currently only local place to have this service available. Bring your most precious DVD to Ron today at VideoLab and he will create a shiny new, “Forever” M-Disc for you!    Call 203-799-7017.

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