CT High School Musical Theater Awards Night – Guilford’s Sweeney Was King

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Jun 062017

We all love the Amity Spring Musicals, the singing, the dancing, the acting, lighting, sets, and music, but evidently, the judges for the Connecticut High School Musical Theater Awards (CHSMTA) thought that Guilford’s production of Sweeney Todd was just “this much” better.

Of its 13 nominations, including its eighth nomination for outstanding musical production, Amity took home one award and ONE very special recognition, but no trophy.

Our own Yuliya Faryna won the Outstanding Supporting Actress award for her role as Golde (the mother) in Fiddler on the Roof.

And CHSMTA founder Brett A. Bernardini took time out from the Outstanding Student Achievement announcements to recognize Amity’s Harrison Paek for his work in the Arts in Education Student Achievement category.

Even though Harrison didn’t receive an award, he did have an opportunity to make a very well thought out speech.

Maybe I’m just partial to our Amity students, but I believe Eric Greenbaum, Tevye from Fiddler on The Roof, brought the house down when he performed “If I Were A Rich Man.” Thunderous applause and a standing ovation followed his song. (Not all of the Lead Actor Nominees received the same awesome reaction). He is a winner in my eyes.

The cast performed the “dream” sequence, including the towering ghost, also getting a standing ovation from their peers and the entire audience.

What do they say, “It doesn’t matter if you win, just being nominated is enough.” (?)

Although we always hope for more, there was an awful lot of talent on the Palace Theater stage on Monday night and Amity was well represented. Principal Anna Mahon did a terrific job making an award presentation.

Congratulations to Yuliya and Harrison for your honors, and to everyone that won awards.

To the Amity Theater Department as a whole, congratulations on all of your nominations. You deserved every one.

Until next year.

Amity High School Presents “Fiddler On The Roof”

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Jan 102017

The Amity Theater Department under the direction of Robert Kennedy will present the classic musical “Fiddler On The Roof” in the spring.

This week Kennedy released the cast list as the young actors sat down for their first “table read.”

Following are the students and the characters they will portray in what Kennedy and his wife, Andrea call “The best musical ever.”

The cast list is in alphabetical order:

Jenna Aconfora (daughter), Ali Ashworth (Momma, Frumah Sarah), Gabby Aversa (Hodel), Sophie Benjamin (son, male wedding dancer), Talya Braverman (Chava), Karianne Canfield (mama), Caitlin Carlson (daughter, Male wedding dancer), Evan D’Onofrio (son), Michael Decesare (Russian), Alaina Dwyer (Yente), Yuliya Faryna (Golde), Simon Flaherty (son, Russian), Kayleigh Foley (mama), Brian Forbes (constable), Jeffrey Gallo (Sasha), Jamie Genovese (son, Russian), Emma Gilshannon (mama), Shane Gordon (Fydeka), Eric Greenbaum (Tevye), Sofia Halepas (daughter).

Also, Tyler Jennes (Yussel), Zach Katz (papa), Kiersten Keating (mama), Brynne Keevil (daughter), Ben Kemp (Rabbi), Emily Killian (Tzeitel), Joyce Lin (fiddler, bottle dancer), Kyle Magri (Mendel), Josiah Oakley (Nahum the begger, bottle dancer, Russian), Kelsey Paier (Shindel), Dean Pocweirz (Avram, bottle dancer), AJ Pocweirz (son), Lilli Querker (Shprintze), Ryan Rappaport (Perchik), Blythe Rets (Bielke).

And Nico Sagnelli (Mordcha), Ethan Selmon (Papa, bottle dancer), Sydney Sherrick (daughter, male wedding dancer), Nathan Shilling (Lazer Wolfe), Lily Swain (mama, male wedding dancer), Halle Syrop (daughter), Julia Vinci (daughter), Maren Westgard (daughter, grandma Tzeitel) Kayla Zamkov (mama).

Since the Kennedy’s took over, he Amity Theater Department has tackled many huge musicals including Les Miseables, Tarzan, In the Heights, Rant, Sweeney Todd, Legally Blonde and Chicago.

They chose “Fiddler on the Roof” because it is a beloved musical and their all time favorite show.

So, this spring get ready for this wonderful musical with well-known songs including: Sunrise Sunset, If I Were a Rich Man, Tradition, Matchmaker, Do You Love Me … and more.

]Fiddler on the Roof  cast list by character:

The Fiddler                                      Joyce Lin

Tevye the Dairyman     Eric Greenbaum

Golde his wife               Yuliya Faryna

His Daughters:        

Tzeitel                          Emily Kilian

Hodel                          Gabby Aversa

Chava                         Tayla Braverman

Shprintze                  Lilli Querker

Bielke                        Blythe Reis

 Yente the Matchmaker        Alaina Dwyer

Motel the Tailor                   Harrison Paek

Perchik a student                Ryan Rappaport

Lazer Wolf the Butcher       Nathan Shilling

Mordcha an Innkeeper        Nico Sagnelli

The Rabbi                             Ben Kemp

Mendel the Rabbi’s Son      Kyle Magri

Avram a Bookseller             Dean Pocweirz

Yussel the Hat Maker          Tyler Jennes

Grandma Tzeitel                  Maren Westgard

Frumah Sarah                      Ali Ashworth

The Constable                      Brian Forbes

Fydeka a Russian Soldier   Shane Gordon

Sasha his friend                   Jeffrey Gallo

Shaindel- Motel’s Mother  Kelsey Paier

Nahum the Beggar               Josiah Oakley

Rumor Soloists           Emma GilshannonKayla Zamkov, Ali Ashworth

Yente’s Boys               AJ Pocwierz, Evan D’Onofrio

Bottle Dancers:          Dean Pocwierz, Joyce Lin, Josiah Oakley, Ethan Selmon

Wedding Dancers:  Caitlin Carlson, Lily Swain, Sophie Benjamin, Syndey Sherrick


Mamas: Lily Swain, Kayleigh Foley, Kiersten Keating, Karianne Canfield, Emma Gilshannon, Kayla Zamkov, Ali        Ashworth, Brynn Keevil

Daughters: Maren Westgard, Sydney Sherrick, Caitlin Carlson,  Halle Syrop, Julia Vinci, Sofia Halepas,  Jenna Aconfora

Sons: Josiah Oakley, Simon Flaherty, Jamie Genovese, AJ Pocwierz, Evan D’Onofrio, Sophie Benjamin

Papas                          Ethan Selmon, Zach Katz

Russian Soldiers      Josiah Oakley, Simon Flaherty, Jamie Genovese, Micheal DeCesare

                                       Dance Captain           Joyce Lin