Students Help Orange Fire Marshal’s Office Make History

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Mar 012021

For as long as I can remember, the Orange Fire Marshal’s Office has engaged the town’s fourth and fifth-grade students in the state Fire Prevention Poster Contest.

If you haven’t heard of it, recently, It may be because of the disruption COVID-19 had on our lives, but, the town’s website carried a complete explanation of the whys and wherefores of the contest along with the specific rules. http://www.orange-ct.gov/803/Fire-Prevention-Poster-Contest

The contest is announced through the school system and, separate from any school work, the children have two months to work on their posters (Oct. 1 – Dec. 1).

For some towns this past year, the contest got lost in the shuffle with many schools on a remote learning schedule. But Orange wasn’t one of them. Fire Marshal Jamie Vincent said he received around 100 entries this year, from which two, one from a fourth-grader named Dasy from Racebrook and the other from a Turkey Hill fifth-grader named Avery were chosen and submitted to the County Representatives for the New Haven County judging process.

The Orange judges liked these two for their clear messages, excellent artwork, vivid colors, and the imagination and care that went into the work. It was clear that both girls love drawing and their posters contained all the required bullet points, which could result in winning the state competition.

Daisy said she was inspired by the message “Don’t hide, go outside” which is an important thing to remember if your home is on fire.

She said she loves drawing and making the poster was so much fun.

Avery’s drawing featured a cat stuck in a tree during a violent brush fire while a firefighter battles the blaze. A replica of her poster can be seen attached to the tree.

The detailed posters are both easily reproducible, for any and all future use by the State Fire Marshal’s office.

So, how did the girls help the OFM make history? In past years, Orange has had winning County posters, but it has never had two in the same year.

As the county winners, the girls each would receive a $150 prize. Locally, though they were bestowed with gifts from the OFM, Vincent presented each one with a gift certificate from Hobby Lobby and the OVFD gave each a certificate entitling them to a ride to school on a fire truck.

Congratulations Daisy and Avery. I wish you the best of luck in the State Competition.


Fire Prevention Everyone/Everyday – Get Your Posters Ready

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Sep 202014

Last Year's 5th grade winner Zaruf Mujawar.

Last Year’s 5th grade winner Zaruf Mujawar.

Orange Fire Marshal Tim Smith announced that the 2014 Connecticut Fire Prevention Poster Contest, a statewide competition for fourth and fifth graders held from October to December, has begun. 

The contest is a cooperative effort of elementary school teachers and the sponsors: Connecticut Fire Marshals Association, Office of The State Fire Marshal, Connecticut Fire Chiefs Association, Connecticut Board of Education, Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and  Connecticut FAIR Plan (representing the insurance industry). The theme is “Fire Prevention- Everyone/Everyday.”

About 30,000 children from more than 130 communities design and produce the posters. 

A winning poster will be chosen from each county and that student will receive a cash award of $150.00. 

Posters will be exhibited in locations throughout Connecticut, including the State Capitol.  From these, one poster will be chosen to be reproduced and distributed as Connecticut’s 2015 Fire Prevention Poster. The statewide winner will be awarded an additional $750.00 and his or her school will receive $500.00. 

A luncheon, where the state winner is announced, will be held for county winners, parents, teachers, principals, local fire marshals and other guests. Fire safety education is important as a means of preventing injuries, death and economic loss. The contest brings awareness to children, who are a valuable link in the chain of communication; taking information home to the family and suggesting ways to reduce damage and prevent fires. The Orange Fire Marshal’s Office would like to thank the students, administrators and teachers from the Peck Place, Race Brook and Turkey Hill schools for their support and participation. 

Important fire prevention measures include:

• never playing with matches or lighters • never leaving a lit candle unattended • never leaving cooking utensils unattended • and keeping flammable items away from heat sources.

Some fire escape tips are:

• never hide • get low and go • know two ways out of every room • have and practice a home escape plan and meeting place • never go back into a burning building. 

If your clothes catch on fire:

• stop where you are • drop to the ground and roll over until the fire is out • cover your face with your hands. 

Smoke alarms should be installed:

• on every level of the home including finished attics and basements • inside every bedroom and sleeping area • at the top of the first–to-second floor stairway • at the bottom of the basement stairway

A working detector cuts the risk of dying in a fire by one-half. 

NOTE: Kids, as a past poster contest judge, I’d like to stress the importance of having the words, “Fire Prevention- Everyone/Everyday” on your poster. Be sure all words on your poster are spelled correctly too.  It breaks our hearts to have to disqualify you because an otherwise perfect poster is missing these two requirements. So when you plan out your poster make sure  these words are prominently displayed and double check for spelling accuracy. Good Luck!

The Orange Fire Marshal’s Office Community Smoke Detector Program provides and installs 10 year lithium battery alarms free of charge to Orange residents. The program has been expanded to include carbon monoxide detectors. 

If you have questions regarding fire safety or wish to have smoke or CO alarms provided and/or installed in your home, please contact The Orange Fire Marshal’s Office at 203-891-4711, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.