Who Won The First Selectman’s Debate In Orange?

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Oct 072021

Incumbent First Selectman James Zeoli (R) went head-to-head with a young man he’s known and liked for decades, challenger Connor Deane (D) (who, in a sweet moment, presented his old bus driver with a photo of himself getting on to Zeoli’s bus back when he was in second grade).

For the most part both candidates were respectful of one another, both had thoughtful responses to the questions presented by the Orange Chamber of Commerce.

They had similar ideas on some subjects, but did not meet eye-to-eye on others.

Although Orange Live tried to keep up with them as they responded to the questions, arthritis and hearing difficulties made it impossible to keep up.

In order to do them justice, I will refer you to the Orange Government Access Television Site and suggest that you Sit down for one hour and hear their responses for yourselves.

So, Who Won The First Debate? Zeoli supporters would say he aced it. Fans of Deane would say he slayed the incumbent.

Click HERE or the OGAT On Demand box on the left side of this page and follow to the First Selectman’s Debate recording when it is posted.

Election Day is on Tuesday, Nov. 2. The debates are the best way to weigh your options because, unlike reading a mass produced mailer, you can hear the candidates answer questions that are flung at them at the moment with no preview of those questions or coaching from their team members.

The next important established organized debate is the Men’s Club at Congregation Or Shalom on Sunday, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m.

It’s all up to you, Orange residents. Who do you think would do the best job for you and the town? Get out and vote on Nov. 2.