Enjoy The Almost Full Moon Tonight While The Skies Are Clear

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Mar 272021

The March Full Moon peaks at 2:48 p.m. on Sunday, March 28.

This month’s full moon is known as the Worm Moon. The name originated with Native Americans, who knew well that about the time of that full moon the soil had thawed to the point that worms were coming to the surface when rain fell.

But the earthworms you might spot during the full moon on Sunday unlikely that they will come out if it’s too cold are not the same species the Native Americans were referencing.

The earthworms and nightcrawlers most of us are familiar with in our backyards and gardens are the descendants of European and Asian species introduced to North America in the soil around plants brought here by European settlers.

The full moon of March also is known as the Sap Moon or Sugar Moon in a nod to the time of year when the sap begins flowing in maple trees.

Although some Cree groups used the term Eagle Moon to describe the time around February, others used this term for the Moon cycle closer to spring. The Northern Ojibwe called this Crow Comes Back Moon. The term Goose Moon was used among Algonquin and Cree peoples. Snow Crust Moon was an Anishinaabe term. Wind Strong Moon (Pueblo) refers to the strong windy days that come at this time of year.


November Full Moon Peaks In Pre-Dawn Hours

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Nov 302020

This month’s full moon was at peak today at 4:30 a.m, but it appeared round and full last night and will tomorrow after its peak to the casual stargazer.

This November’s full moon is known as the Beaver Moon because this is the time when beavers finished preparations for winter and retreated into their lodges. Though the full moon has many other nicknames in different cultures, including the Freezing Moon; Frost Moon; Whitefish Moon; and Digging/Scratching Moon.

The rain is supposed to stop by 10 p.m., so you may still be able to see the true full moon tonight. Otherwise, enjoy the waning full moon tomorrow and just pretend it’s still full.

The next Full Moon, the “Cold Moon” will take place on Tuesday, December, 29 at 10:28 p.m.