I Can’t Say Enough About Pat Winkel

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Apr 032018

For several years, since I began covering sports for Orange Live – and Yes, I know I’m still a bit oblivious about writing sports stories, but I have developed a pretty good eye at picking out the “star” players on different teams, just by watching the boys and girls during scrimmages.

One young man who’s impressed me for many years, during Amity and American Legion Baseball games, is catcher Pat Winkel.

He has natural instincts, speed, skill and an excellent swing, and after this weekend’s scrimmage games I wanted to write something about him. But I knew it wouldn’t do him justice after I read a wonderful write up on the Register’s Gametime Webpage about him.

Author Dave Borges did a phenomenal job highlighting Pat’s rise from a little league player to the dream prospect of becoming a Major League draft pick.

Read this excellent story HERE and share in the excitement of what may lie ahead for Orange’s hometown boy.