Celebrate Hanukkah at Congregation Or Shalom on Friday Night

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Dec 042018

Come to Congregation Or Shalom, 205 Old Grassy Hill Road, Orange for a fun-filled evening of Hanukah Celebration on Friday, Dec. 7.
The menorah lighting will take place in the lobby at 7 p.m. sharp, and then everyone will gather in the Sanctuary for the dedication of the new Marty Zwerdling Hanukah Menorah, followed by a brief Friday night service.
A Oneg Shabbat will follow, featuring a magic show, latkes, and chocolate gelt!
Children of all ages are invited.

Keeping Pets Safe During Hanukkah Celebrations

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Dec 172014

menorah catsToday is the first day of Hanukkah. I wish you joy and many happy memories with your family and friends on this important holiday.

I also want to remind you to keep your pets safe as you celebrate with all of your traditional foods and your Menorah.

Be sure to keep the sufganiyot away from your pets. If they eat them, it could lead to gastrointestinal difficulties and even pancreatitis.

Dogs and cats both can become ill or even die from eating latkes. The onions in them are toxic to animals and the fats and carbohydrates may upset your pet’s stomach.

Keep the chocolate gold coins away from your pets, too. Not only the chocolate, but the metallic foil wrappers can be dangerous if consumed.

Dreidels can be fun for children, but a curious pet, especially one that tends to eat just about anything, can suffer terribly if it consumes one of the toys and it gets stuck in the throat, behind the teeth or in its intestines.

It is traditional to let the candles of the Menorah burn out, so it would be wise to lock your pet out of the room where your Menorah is lit. To keep everyone safe, you may want to consider using battery operated candles in your Menorah.

Have a safe, happy Hanukkah.