Girls’ Ice Hockey: Blades Have No Mercy on Northwest Catholic In Wednesday’s Shut Out

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Jan 042018

The Amity/North Haven/Cheshire Girls’ Ice Hockey Team (Blades) hosted Northwest Catholic/Mercy at the Rinks in Shelton on Jan. 3 at 6:30 p.m.

From the moment they skated onto the ice, the Blades showed their opponents that they were a force to be reckoned with.

Tess Csejka (Amity #2) had three goals and two assists for the Blades, followed by Megan Spring (#23) with two goals.

First Period

Csejka made the first goal of the game assisted by Melissa Montesi (#25) at 1:16 in the first period.

Second Period

The Blades continued to batter their opponents. Early on, Megan Spring made an unassisted goal at 12:20. Next, Meghan Hogan (#22) made her own unassisted goal at 8:34 and about 1.5 minutes later at 7:04, Cally Dixon (#17) smacked one in, assisted by Csejka and Montesi.

Third Period

Just seconds into the final period, Tess Csejka made an unassisted goal, bringing the score to 5-0.

At 11:42, Nadia DiNatale (#11) made a goal assisted by Olivia Dittmann (#21) and Meghan Hogan (#22). Then, three minutes later, Shannon Reilly (#24) from Andrea DelVecchio (#3, Amity).

At 5:36, Tess Csejka (#2) scored her third goal on an assist from fellow Amity player Grace Kosh (#20), and with just 16 seconds left on the clock, Megan Spring made her second unassisted goal, wrapping up this nice 9-0 victory for the Blades.

Records: Blades 7-2, NWC/M 3-1-2

Girls’ Ice Hockey: Three Wins, Two Consecutive Shut Outs For The Blades

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Dec 182017

If you’ve never seen the Blades Girls Ice Hockey team play, you are missing out on some great games.

The Blades is comprised of girls from Amity-North Haven-Cheshire, and we are so proud of our Amity players on the team, including Grace Kosh and Tess Csejka (whose cousin is on the Spartans Team). I hope to get a roster soon, which will help me to write about the games.

The Blades are off to a magnificent start to the 2017-18 season.

Game One

On Friday, they played New Canaan at the Rinks at Shelton taking home their first win 3-2 in Overtime.

New Canaan led in the first period with two unassisted goals, but the Blades came alive in the second period with Callie Dixon’s goal, assisted by Tess Csejka and Melissa Montesi.

Haley Cable tied the game for the Blades in the third period, assisted by Megan Spring and Shannon Reilly.

Then Tess Csejka scored the winning goal in overtime on an assist from Callie Dixon.

New Canaan outshot the Blades 29-24.

Records Blades 1-0, New Canaan 0-1



Game Two


The Blades were home again on Saturday, this time taking on Lauralton Hall.

The Crusaders didn’t stand a chance, as the Blades came into the game on fire, with Tess Csejka making the first goal assisted by Shannon Reilly at 11:8, Cecile Tobin, assisted by Callie Dixon scored the second goal, and 40 seconds later, Melissa Montesi, assisted by Megan Hogan made it 3-0 in the first period.

The Blades continued to demonstrate their skill with two unassisted goals (Meghan Hogan and Callie Dixon) in the first half of the second period.

The Blades continued their assault on Lauralton’s goalie and then Caroline Cadelina, assisted by Meghan Hogan, shot in the last goal at 1:45, wrapping this victory up and tying it in a neat little bow.

The Blades far outshot the Crusaders 43-7.



Records: Blades 2-0, Lauralton 0-1

Game Three

The outside air was colder than inside the rink, as the Blades welcomed the Masuk-Barlow-Newtown-Oxford-Bethel Ice Hockey team to the Rinks at Shelton on Sunday night.

Coming off a shut-out against Lauralton the day before the Blades were ready to go. They took a 2-0 lead in the first period and never looked back.

Grace Kosh (from Amity) made an unassisted goal (don’t blink or you’ll miss it) with 4:45 left on the clock in the second period, Then another goal was landed going into the third period 4-0.

In the third period the Blades were relentless, making one unassisted goal after another taking a knee after the sixth point out of respect for an opponent who was hurt and lay on the ice for a few minutes. The game resumed after she staggered off the ice with her coach and two team members. (She gave spectators quite a scare and we all hope she is okay)

The Blades wrapped up the game with two more assisted goals (I wish I had their names).

And our girls’ ice hockey team enjoyed their third win and second shut-out of the season.

This is how the Blades play. It would be nice to see some of the Amity Army up in Shelton making noise for our Amity players.

NOTE: Any parents who have the complete roster, including the player’s schools and jersey numbers, I would appreciate it if you could forward it to me along with the coach’s name and contact information. Please e-mail orangectlive01@gmail.com. Thanks so much in advance.


Girls’ Hockey: Blades Show The Crusaders How it’s Done

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Dec 222016

img_2893The Blades Girls’ Ice Hockey team (Amity, Cheshire, North Haven) hosted the Crusaders from Lauralton Hall at the Rinks in Shelton Wednesday night.

The Blades grabbed an early lead with Nadia DeNatale (11) making the first goal just 2 minutes and 10 seconds in at 12:50 in the first period.

Then, at 7:19 DeNatale got another one in, this time assisted by Shannon Reilly.

A minute and a half later, Shannon Reilly scored, assisted by Bailey MacNamara. This was followed by a fourth Blades goal by Tess Cesjka, assisted by Jackie Howlett.

About 90 seconds later, Lauralton got onto the scoreboard bringing the score to 4-1.

With just 30 seconds remaining in the first period, and Tess Cesjka got one past the Crusaders’ Goalie.

First Period score 5-1  – Blades.

Second Period

Back on the ice, Tess Csejka (2) scored an assisted goal, then, four minutes in, Kiley Degrand (7) got one in, assisted by Bailey MacNamara (10).

At 4:36 Lauralton scored an unassisted goal, bringing the score to 7-2.

The Blades’ Melissa Montesi scored on an assist from Kyla Delvecchio.

Third Period

At 11:19, the Blades scored again with Kiley Degrand’s goal on assists from Hannah Sosensky, and Bailey MacNamara.

An unknown Lauralton player scored an unassisted goal at 4:36.

The Blades won 7-2.

The Blades outshot Lauralton 25-7.

Record: Blades 4-1