Track: Amity Boys and Girls Both Win Two

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Apr 292015

IMG_1402On Tuesday, April 28, Amity hosted Fairfield Prep and Hamden for a track meet.

Amity distance Runner Kyle Beaudette and Hurdler Aaron Rattley each won two events.

Amity once again came out on top.

Team results: Amity 129, Fairfield Prep 19; Amity 98.5, Hamden 50.5; Hamden 92, Fairfield Prep 36.

100 Meter Dash: Arrington, Stanley, Hamden, 11.25

200: Walker, Evan, Hamden, 22.69

400: Antoine, Kevin, Hamden, 52.10

IMG_1686800: Beaudette, Kyle, Amity, 2:03.26

1600: Beaudette, 4:39.16

3200: Thompson, Drew, Fairfield Prep, 10:04.02

110 Hurdles: Rattley, Aaron, Amity, 15.97

300 Hurdles: Rattley, Amity, 41.38

4×100 Relay: Hamden (Fowlin, Camron, Ward, Xavier, Walker, Evan, Nixon, DeSean), 43.16

4×400 Relay: Hamden (Lomax, John, Park, Kychoon, Nabors, William, Short, Singquel), 3:32.45

IMG_13804×800 Relay: Hamden (King, Atticus, William, Odei-Nitiri, Shawn, Parisella, Zach, Perusina, Daniel), 8:15.18

High Jump: Robinson, Nicholas, Amity, 5-8

Pole Vault: Antaya, Joseph, Amity, 9-00

Long Jump: Battat, Michael, Amity, 20-06.50

Triple Jump: Harrell, Virgil, Hamden, 42-00

Shot Put: Greifenberger, Cameron, Amity, 41-11

Discus: D’Ostilio, Mark, Amity, 107-06

Javelin: Post, Matthew, Amity, 167-00


IMG_1501On Tuesday, April 28, Amity hosted Sacred Heart Academy and Lauralton Hall for a track meet.

Amity’s Zoie Reed won the 100, 200, Long Jump and 4X100 Relay; Lauren Duhl won the 100, 300 Hurdles and 4X100 Relay.

Like the boys team, Amity came out on top.

Team results: Amity 120, Lauralton Hall 21; Amity 101, Sacred Heart Academy 40; Sacred Heart Academy 104, Lauralton Hall 37.

100: 1, Reed, Zoie, Amity, 12.92

200: Reed, 25.80

400: Wielk, Emily, Sacred Heart Academy, 1:02.08

IMG_1616800: Gorham, Lisa, Amity, 2:32.96

1600: Taggart, Melissa, Amity, 5:26.15

3200: Feng, Nicole, Amity, 12:17.81

100 Hurdles: Duhl, Lauren, Amity, 16.27

300 Hurdles: Duhl, Lauren, Amity, 48.52

4×100 Relay: Amity (Duhl, Lauren, Hill, Christine, Reed, Hochman, Rachelle), 52.17

4×400 Relay: Amity (Gorham, Lisa, Braverman, Yael, Criscuolo, Emily, Taggart, Melissa), 4:23.79

IMG_17954×800 Relay: Amity (Leyden, Grace, Tucker, Emma, Gorham, Charlotte, Gorham), 10:58.94

High Jump: Frey, Aigneis, Lauralton Hall, 4-10

Long Jump: Reed, 17-06.50

Triple Jump: Guadagnoli, Morgan, Amity, 31-09

Shot Put: Walsh, Sofie, SHA, 29-11.25

Discus: Walsh, Sofie, SHA, 96-10.50

Javelin: Moscato, Zoe Marie, Amity, 103-08.