Come On People, Clean Off Your Cars

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Jan 042021

We had a little bit of snow this weekend and it appears that the next snowfall may happen next week on Tuesday.

Now, I have an SUV. I’m 5’5″, and I’m a senior, yet, before I leave my driveway my vehicle is totally cleared of snow and ice. Is it easy? — not always, but I know the importance of having a “clean car” after a snowstorm.

My daughter, granddaughter and I took a day trip to Massachussettes on Sunday and I was disgusted by the drivers whose cars were hemorrhaging ice and snow missiles on other drivers on I-95. It’s not only dangerous, but it’s illegal!

Today I left my house very early in the morning when the temperature was hovering just above freezing, but I cleared off my Forester before I ventured out.

On my way back home I was shocked to see several SUVs with 20 and 30 -something’s driving that were barely touched. One guy didn’t even think about making an effort to clean his vehicle off. He just got in, turned on the windshield wipers, and drove.

Come on people, clean off your cars! If this old lady can do it, certainly you young ones can. There is no excuse!

I mentioned that it’s illegal, well, yes, it IS the law, and if you don’t clean off your car you can be fined at least $75. If the falling debris from your vehicle causes injury or property damage, you can be charged up to $1,000 per incident. (Commercial drivers could be charged up to $1,250) How’s THAT for incentive?