Three Amity Athletes Up For the New Haven Register Athlete of the Year distinction.

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Jun 252014

IMG_9949Amity’s Joe Choiniere, Allison Denny and  are up for the New Haven Register Athlete of the Year.

Click HERE and vote for Joe / Allison / Jason as a thank you for all their contributions to Amity Sports.


UPDATE: Voting ended on Thursday night at 8 p.m. Choiniere had the majority of the votes at 26.05%; Denny came in second with 



(UPDATED) Boys Lacrosse: Wow, Amity Defeats Xavier 8-7 in Double Overtime

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May 102014

Joe Choiniere made 3 goals for the Spartans against Xavier.

Joe Choiniere made 3 goals for the Spartans against Xavier.

The Amity Spartans Varsity Lacrosse team played Xavier at Mercy High School this afternoon in a marathon SCC game with two overtimes in Middletown.

Amity scored the first goal on a shot by Joe Choiniere mid way through the first quarter. They would have the lead for almost the entire game, but Xavier rallied late and scored with 2:32 remaining in the 4th quarter to take their first lead of the game. Amity gained possession with 30 seconds left, down by one goal, and Steven Sember drew a penalty to give Amity a man advantage for one final possession. Joe Choiniere would go on to tie the game on a bounce shot from up top with just 2 seconds remaining and send it to sudden death overtime.

“It was to unbelievable to watch this goal unfold. It was a little bit of a broken play, but Joe stepped up as soon as he got the ball, and just willed it in to the net past the Xavier goalie to send it in to OT,” said coach Brandon Pepe.


In the first overtime period both teams had opportunities but never really threatened to score. In the second overtime, Amity would come up with a defensive stop, and quickly got the ball up field to captain Nick Coassin for a fast break. He made a great pass to an open Jake Milner who beat the Xavier goalie and won the game for the Spartans.

“Overall it was one of our best efforts of the season. There is no quit in this team. We remained calm and focused through the final minutes of the fourth quarter, and the overtime periods,” Pepe said. “Xavier is a great team and has some very talented players all over the field. They outshot us, and possessed the ball for nearly 70% of the game. When I look back on it, it’s hard to believe we could win a game like this where we rarely had the ball. Our offense was very efficient when we did have possessions, and defensively this is the third game in a row where we are really communicating well and playing great team defense. Exciting games like this are the reason why we love this sport. The game could have gone either way. Glad we got the victory, and hats off to Xavier for a great battle.”

Great to give the Amity Lacrosse Moms something additional to celebrate on Mother’s Day.

Basic info based on stats:
Xavier outshot Amity 31-16
Saves: Amity’s Goalie James Chapman made 24 saves for the Spartans; Xavier’s goaltender made 6 saves.
Amity took the lead 4-2 in the second quarter, but Xavier stepped things up in the fourth quarter.

Amity               1-3-1-2-0-1 = 8
Xavier             1-1-2-3-0-0 = 7


Spartan’s Captain Joe Choiniere was the high scorer for Amity with 3 goals and 1 assist; Jake Milner made 2 goals and had 1 assist; Nick Coassin made 1 goal and had 1 assist; Matt DeLizio and Jesse Cala added 1 goal each; and Tyler Burns made 4 assists.


The Falcons’ Colin O’Donnell was the high scorer for Xavier with 3 goals; Wes Reid made 1 goal and had 2 assists; Ross Bohan had 1 goal and 1 assist;  John Ford and Nico Howard added 1 goal each; and Brett Reid made 1 assist.

Records: Amity 9-2; Xavier 6-5


Boys Lacrosse: Amity Beats Hamden 10-8

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Apr 292014

IMG_0105After losing their first game of the season (in the rain) 10-9 against North Haven last Saturday, the Amity Spartans came on strong against Hamden Monday afternoon.

Amity’s Joe Choiniere was the game’s high scorer with 3 goals and 1 assist; Steve Sember added 2 goals and 2 assists; Matt DeLizio made 2 goals; Brad Uscilla had 1 goal and 1 assist; Nick Coassin had 1 goal and 1 assist; Jesse Cala made 1 goal; Ajay King and Bubba Pignataro each had 1 assist.

Amity was ahead 7-2 at the half, then the Indians stepped up their game with 2 goals in the third and 4 in the final quarter. with the last half of the fourth quarter a close 9-8, Amity wrapped things up with one final goal with just 10.5 seconds remaining, ending the game at 10-8.

Hamden’s Zach Jolles had 2 goals and 1 assist; Fran Bonadies had 2 goals and 1 assist; Angelo Dimonaco made 1 goal and 2 assists; Anthony Rascatti had 1 goal and 1 assist; Ryan Morely and Billy Fitzmaurice each added 1 goal for the Indians.

Amity outshot Hamden 25-20.

The Spartans Goalies made a total of 9 saves: James Chapman, 4; Evan Campbell, 5.

The Indians goal tender Dom Sannino made 11 saves.

Records: Amity 7-1; Hamden 3-5


Amity LAX Team Means Business: Defeats Branford 16-2

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Apr 112014

LAX VS BRANFORDThe Amity Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team hosted Branford today and proceeded to crush them 16-2.
Coach Brandon Pepe predicted a good year for his team when he first spoke to Orange Live earlier this month.
“We showed up to play today in our first home game,” he said. “Everyone contributed which was great to see as a coach.”

1   2    3    4  Final
Amity          5 – 3 – 4 – 4 – 16
Branford    1 – 1 – 0 – 0 –  2


Brad Uscilla 3, Tyler Burns 3, Steve Sember 2, Joe Choiniere 2, Nick Coassin 2, Ajay King, Matt DeLizio, Jesse Cala, Kyle Sullivan

Brad Valalik 1, Teddy Stamler 1


Choiniere 3, Sember 1, Uscilla 1, Burns 1, Coassin 1, King 1, Bubba Pignataro 1, DeLizio 1, Sullivan 1, Ben DiMauro 1

Branford – None

Mike Pretlove (8) fires a shot.

Mike Pretlove (8) fires a shot.


Amity – 34
Branford – 12


Chapman – 2
Campbell – 4

Duval – 15

Amity Roster: 

Jake Milner #2

vs branfordMatt Attolino #3

Jesse Kwolek #5

Mike Pretlove #8

Nick Wright #11

John Uscilla #15

Cord DePalma #16

Damon Robinson #17

Steven Junas #19

IMG_7437David Buono #21

Jesse Cala 322

Matt Lockhart #26

Luisi Kyle #27

Mike DeVito #32

Devon Hebert #38

Sean Grenier #14

IMG_7564Brad Uscilla #12

Tyler Burns #9

Steve Sember #20

Joe Choiniere #10

Nick Coassin #25

Ajay King #18

Matt DeLizio #33

IMG_7627Jesse Cala #22

Kyle Sullivan #39

Bubba Pignataro #6

Ben DiMauro #29

James Chapman #1

Evan Campbell #13

Amity Football Player Has Something To Be Thankful For on This Holiday And Every Day

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Nov 282013

Eric Laugeni takes a moment before the game

Eric Laugeni takes a moment before the game


At today’s Thanksgiving Day Football Game you may notice one player,  Amity co-captain Eric Laugeni #70 step away from his teammates after the National Anthem, take a knee on the field and bow his head for a few moments.

This has been a ritual for the Senior, who turned 17 on Tuesday. He is not praying for a win, but thanking God for giving him the opportunity to play the game that he’s loved since he was little.

The road to high school football was filled with uncertainty, beginning with one life changing moment on August 1, 2008, when Eric, then a sixth grader, was just 11 years old. It was opening day of the Amity Pop Warner Football Season and Eric was helping his father pick up safety cones. He was standing behind his father’s truck, when the cable on a fork lift that was being loaded onto a truck behind him, snapped, sending the 15,000 lb. forklift careening down and pinning the boy against the truck, crushing him from the chest down, making an indentation in the back of the truck.

Eric’s left leg was severed and his right leg was broken and dislocated.

Five years ago, Eric was told he would never run again.

Five years ago, Eric was told he would never run again.

His father rushed to his side and laid him down on the pavement and stayed with him, making sure he remained conscious until the paramedics arrived. In the ambulance, one of the EMTs said they would have to amputate the leg, which aggravated his father to no end, Eric was crying, his future uncertain.

Once at Yale-New Haven Hospital, the Laugenis were told that he would have to have surgery within 6 hours because of the risk of infection with the sand and dirt inside his open leg.

After 8 hours of surgery, the doctors said, “He’s alive. We saved the leg, but he will never run again and he’ll always have a terrible limp.”

Eric spent 8 days in the hospital with his left leg fully casted from the hip down. The broken right leg was braced, but no surgery was done on it.

On August 9, the Laugeni’s living room became a makeshift hospital room for Eric with a hospital bed and visiting physical therapists.

He couldn’t use either leg, and had to use a wheelchair to get around.

A couple of additional surgeries were done and then regular therapy at Rehab Associates.

 Mission Accomplished, with a little help from his friends.

Mission Accomplished, with a little help from his friends.

Prior to the accident, Eric had been trying to get into shape, lost 20 lbs. and was training for the Woodbridge Roadrace. He was determined to compete in the 5k, but how could he do that without the use of his legs?

Longtime Amity residents will recall the victorious photo that I ran in the Amity Observer newspaper of several friends pushing Eric in a wheelchair in the pouring rain as they approached the finish line.

During physical therapy, even as he began to walk by himself, Eric’s mom was a driving force behind his recovery. She would not let him slack off and pushed him to try as hard as he could to regain the full use of his legs (without a limp).

Some doctors suggested he take up swimming because he would never be able to do anything else. His mother was disgusted. “How can you even think of telling an 11-year-old that?”

Eric was a member of a travel basketball team at the time of the accident and his coach, Scott Hurwitz figured out a way for him to play. He spoke with the team and all opposing teams and arranged it so Eric would shoot all the foul shots for his team, therefore being an active team member, even if he couldn’t run the court.

Still, Eric wanted to play football. He worked hard to recover, sat out one season then the following year, he was back on the field again.


Never Ever Quit!

As a 7th grader at Amity Middle School, Eric was fully casted and had tutors for 3 months and therapy.


Eric is thankful for all that he is able to do. The doctor who said he should never play football again, just inspired him to work hard and prove the doc wrong.

Dr. Jim Ronai, who works on many difficult cases, knew Eric had a long battle ahead, but never discouraged him from living his dream. For this Eric is grateful.

Daily Pain and More Surgery

The accident shattered a growth plate in his left leg, so it did not grow normally afterward. His leg is 3/4-inch “off.” He goes to New York to the Hospital For Special Surgery where Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch is prepared to lengthen Eric’s femur whenever he is ready to take time off for the surgery and rehab. This could be during his college years or after, but it is better done while he is young.

Eric has chronic back and knee pain, and often it takes a while to climb out of bed. But football is his life and today, when he takes a knee after the National Anthem, take a moment to join Eric in his prayer giving thanks for the second chance on life he’s been given.


The Thrash of the Titans

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Sep 212013

Football 9-20By Nick Mirto

Orange Live Sports Writer 

After coming out chucking the football on the opening night of the season, the Spartans took to the ground in Week 2. And the game plan worked, as Amity steamrolled Sheehan 48-13 last night at William E. Johnson Field to advance to 2-0.

“We said ‘let’s try to run the ball,” Head Coach Burt Mozealous said.  “We got our offensive line going. To do that you have to have a good running attack.”

The running attack wasn’t good. It was unstoppable. To wit, Amity rushed for 307 yards on 33 carries – that’s a whopping 9.3 yards per carry.  Senior David Buono was the bell cow, running for 118 yards on 21 carries and 5 touchdowns. Junior Spencer Thomas rushed 8 times for 130 yards, including a 66-yard TD scamper. Senior captain Joe Choiniere ran 4 times for 59 yards and a TD.

“They looked for the right holes,” Mozealous said. “They had some jitters in the first game.”

Amity dented the scoreboard with 5:04 to go in the first quarter on Buono’s one yard plunge.  After getting the ball back after one of many Titan three and outs, Thomas caught a 19-yard screen pass and then ran for 20 more before Buono hit pay dirt again with a 24-yard scamper. Just 1:53 into the game, the trash of the Titans was on.

“We want to win games early,” Mozealous said.  “The games get tougher down the road.”

Defensively, senior linebacker Ben Feola sacked Sheehan quarterback Justin Lange and pressured him relentlessly.  Defensive lineman Michael Butler, who added three sacks in the second half, including two on back-to-back plays, was a constant force.  Junior defensive back Tyler Burns and Senior Cory Ricks were both ball hawks, closing quickly on Lange passes.   Defensively, Amity held Sheehan to 35 total yards in a first half that ended with Amity leading 27-0.

“That was a really good team effort on defense,” Mozealous said.  “We attacked, attacked, attacked.  They completed 17 screen passes last game. We didn’t let that happen this time.”

Lange was just 3-8 for 13 yards in the first half.  Conversely, Senior quarterback David Ryan was efficient, going 4-4 for 50 yards in the first half dominated by the Spartans.  Before intermission, Amity ran 27 plays for 233 yards and 10 first downs and controlled the time of possession.

Down big, Lange was 6-12 for 120 yards in the second half, mostly in garbage time. The Titans added 77 yards on the ground. However, Amity sealed the one-sided contest on an electrifying 55-yard punt return from Burns with 4 minutes left in the third quarter which set up a 5 yard Buono TD run to make the game 41-6.  Buono added a 26-yard TD – his fifth – on a 26-yard spring with 10:45 left in the 4th quarter to cap the scoring.