Sign Up Today for Amity Youth Lacrosse

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Feb 292016

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.30.27 PMIf you want your son to play Lacrosse, here’s a wonderful local training opportunity.

Registration for the 2016 Spring Lacrosse season for boys in grades 1-8, is open through Monday, February 29. Visit the Amity Youth Lacrosse website HERE.
For information on the league, call AYL President Jim Coughlin at 646-460-4166 or e-mail jtcoughlin@optonline.net.
If you live in Orange you are probably aware that new Lacrosse fields are being built at Fred Wolfe Park to accommodate the growing sport.
The AYL chose this photo of Former Amity LAX Captain Joey Choiniere who also was Amity’s Athlete of the Year in 2014.
Choiniere and two of his brothers Mike and Billy all played LAX at Amity and went on to play in college: Billy at Towson, Mike at Albertus Magnus and Joey is now playing for Sacred Heart.
So, YES parents, your child CAN receive a college scholarship for playing LAX.
Press Release:
While almost every American is aware of the popularity of the NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB and NHL; most would be stumped if asked which is the fastest growing team sport. If someone were to hazard a guess, they would most likely be wrong, because the fastest growing sport is none of these.

It’s lacrosse.

According to an annual report by US Lacrosse,“A record total of 746,859 players competed on organized lacrosse teams in 2013. The growth rate from last year (722,205) was 3.4 percent and youth participation topped 400,000 for the first time ever.”

Two Reasons for The Upward Trend

What’s behind lacrosse -the first team sport in America and once played mainly as an amateur sport in Northeastern prep schools and private colleges – and its increasingly mainstream appeal? Primarily, three things:

The first reason is that it’s a gender neutral sport. There is not much difference in the way men and women play it.

The second is that it can adapt to most playing fields, so there are no set limits on where it can be played.

The third reason is it was not until the 1970’s that manufacturers mass produced lacrosse sticks. Before then it was only available in limited supply because each stick was handcrafted by Mohawk craftsmen in Canada. Today, they are widely available from specialty websites like Lacrosse Monkey.

The combined effect of these three causal factors have made it easy for school districts to include it as a High School sport, as well as for colleges, and professional teams to organize the game.

Expanding Beyond the Northeast Corridor

When people think of lacrosse, they immediately associate it with the northeast corridor; where it is a long-established, preppy sport.

However, lacrosse can no longer be considered a Northeast-based sport. It is now even played in unlikely states such as Texas, Minnesota and South Carolina, where sports fans have never been known for appreciating the game. Moreover, from 2009 to 2013, participation in the sport has grown significantly in both the Midwestern and Southern states. Lacrosse is now popular in Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Lacrosse in High Schools and Colleges

The popularity of lacrosse is highest at the high school level, where its popularity can be described as explosive. From this swelling mass of young players, it may one day become a future All-American sport. Lacrosse, of course, still has some ways to catch up with well-established high school sports like soccer, football, basketball or baseball.

According to a press release by US Lacrosse, “Lacrosse continues to be the fastest-growing sport at the high school level, and a total of 290,046 players competed in 2013.”

The popularity of lacrosse in high school appears to have trickled into colleges, too. According to the same press release,”Lacrosse is also the fastest-growing NCAA sport, and more than 35,000 players competed on varsity, club or junior college teams in 2013. A staggering 60 new varsity programs were added in 2013.”

Denver, the #1 college team in the USA also is the farthest west.

Lacrosse Is On The Rise

Although lacrosse is edging toward becoming a mainstream sport, it is not as well known as other major American sports played in high schools, colleges and professionally. However, it’s popularity is growing at a faster rate. As young players in high schools graduate and go to college, it is expected to increase at the collegiate level, as well as at the club and professional level. While lacrosse is becoming popular in the United States, organizers also hope that it will become an international sport and that it will make it’s Olympic debut by 2024.

Originally Published on: Feb 27, 2016 @ 13:13

(From the Amity LAX website)

(From the Amity LAX website)

2013 file photo lacrosse joey-lacrosse joey lacrosse Amity Lacrosse 2013

Meet The New Voice Of Amity Football

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Sep 302014

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.35.35 AMWho can ever forget Michael Corleone’s quote from The Godfather Part III: “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

That may have run through former Amity cheerleading MVP (1982) Peggy Witheril Choiniere’s mind when her husband’s cell phone rang and they found Amity’s new Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin on the other end of the line.

Longtime announcer Stan Gedansky retired and Goodwin was looking for a permanent announcer for the Amity football games, and since Ed Choiniere filled in for the ailing Gedsnsky last season, he seemed like the obvious choice.

A Lifetime At Amity

The Choinieres have been involved in Amity sports for a long, long time.

Back in the day, Choiniere was an Amity Spartans linebacker/offensive guard, who was named the 1982 Football MVP.

30 years ago, he married the cheerleading captain and the two had four sons and have supported their athletic and educational endeavors for decades.

Eddie coached and announced for the Shoreline Football League. He Coached Baseball for the Bethany-Woodbridge League. Eddie and his band volunteered to play at fundraisers for the boys’ teams, and if you are familiar with them, you know the couple attends every one of their sons’ games.

At Amity, Billy was Captain of the Football and Lacrosse Teams; Michael was Captain of the Lacrosse Team; and most recently, in 2013-14, Joey was Captain of the Lacrosse and Football teams — and Amity’s Male Athlete of the Year.

All three boys went on to play Lacrosse in College, Billy at Towson; Michael at Albertus Magnus and Joey at Sacred Heart.

For the past 3 years, they divided their time between Joey’s games at Amity, Billy’s games out of state at Towson and Michael’s games in New Haven. So after Joey graduated in June, Peggy breathed a sigh of relief, “We’re finally done.”

The Final Decision

So, with Peggy in the car next to him to offer her input, how did that conversation go between Ernie Goodwin and Ed Choiniere?

Goodwin said it wasn’t a slam dunk and it took a little convincing.

Choiniere said they talked for about 20 minutes, and Goodwin was really pushing for it. “He’s such a nice guy. And he was an announcer once, too.”

That said, why would this newly established empty-nester commit to going back to high school?

“The fans won’t let me go,” Choiniere said with a laugh.  “I got a bunch of calls and luckily the schedule this fall works out for me.”

Choiniere wants the fans to come out and show support for the Spartans because a lot of noise from the stands really helps morale on the field.

“We have some tough games ahead of us, Xavier (Oct. 10), Notre Dame (Oct. 17) and Prep (Oct. 31) are all home games, and we need the fans to rally,” he said.

Choiniere takes the mike this Thursday at 7 p.m. for the game between Amity and Lyman Hall. Come on out and root for the Spartans.







Amity Lacrosse Captain Will Play Division One Lacrosse at Sacred Heart University

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Nov 212013

Amity Lacrosse Captain Joey Choiniere signs a letter of Intent to play division one Lacrosse at Sacred Heart University. His coach Brandon Pepe stands by to support his decision.

Amity Lacrosse Captain Joey Choiniere signs a letter of Intent to play division one Lacrosse at Sacred Heart University. His coach Brandon Pepe stands by to support his decision.

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, Amity Senior Joey Choiniere, 17, officially signed his National Letter of Intent to play Division One Lacrosse at Sacred Heart University.

Choiniere is well-respected by his coaches and teammates alike. He is the captain of three sports this year: Football, Indoor Track and Lacrosse.

His Lacrosse coach Brandon Pepe came to the school for this photo op on Tuesday.

Pepe said Sacred Heart has an excellent Lacrosse program and a good fit for his team’s captain.

On top of his busy sports schedule, Joey takes his education seriously and he is an honors student.

He plans to study business and finance at Sacred Heart.



Amity Varsity Football: If Scrimmage Game is Any Indication, We’re In For A Winning Season

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Sep 072013

Tyler Burns scores a touchdown in Friday's scrimmage game against Oxford.

Tyler Burns scores a touchdown in Friday’s scrimmage game against Oxford.

The Amity Spartans Varsity Football team won an exhibition game against Oxford at the Wolverines field, 21-15, on Friday, Sept. 6.

Amity still has a grass field, whereas the Wolverines play on artificial turf.

The Amity tri-town referendum to approve (or deny) an artificial turf field at the high school will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 24 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Orange residents will vote only at the High Plains Community Center. Absentee Ballots are now available at the Town Clerk’s office until the day before the referendum (Monday, Sept. 23).

For those who think the change from grass to turf is an expensive, unnecessary luxury item, see what 2013-14 Varsity Co-Captain Joey Choiniere (10) had to say.

“It will help as far as practice goes,” he said. “We won’t have to cancel practice because the field is muddy, and we won’t have to worry about the field being torn up.”

With the feel of Oxford’s turf still fresh on his mind, Choiniere said it was a lot easier playing on the turf than it is playing on the grass.

More photos will be posted on our Orange Live Facebook Page tonight.

Spartans Lacrosse Team on a roll, Record Now 5-3

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Apr 252013

Co Captain Joey Choiniere was named top player of the game.

Co Captain Joey Choiniere was named top player of the game.

The Amity Spartans Varsity Lacrosse Team had another stellar game this week, beating the Green Dragons in Hamden 16-2 on Monday night.

Amity got off to a strong start with seven goals in the first quarter.

With the Spartans clearly ahead, Hamden’s Zach Jolles, scored the Green Dragon’s first goal in the second quarter, and Amity tacked on 2 more. Ending that quarter 9-1.

Jolles came back in the third period with Hamden’s second and last goal of the game and Amity added 5 more goals.  Ending the third quarter with a score of 14-2.

In the final quarter the Spartans tacked on 2 more, winning the game 16-2.

Hamden’s Angel Dimonaco had 1 assist.


Jake Milner had 4 goals, 2 assists; Joe Choiniere had 3 goals, 5 assists; Matt Milner had 2 goals, 2 assists; Tyler Burns had 2 goals, 2 assists.

Also, Steven Sember, Jesse Cala, Matt Attolino, Nick Coassin and Ajay King scored 1 goal each.
Casey Grenier and John Pignataro each had 1 assist.

Hamden Goalie Tom Scott had 13 saves; Amity’s James Chapman had 4 saves and Evan Campbell had 3.

Team records: Amity 5-3; Hamden 4-4

Amity co-captain Joey Choiniere was named the top player of the game and the New Haven Register pegged him as a Lacrosse Star of the week.

“Joe Choiniere, A, (Amity): He had three goals and five assists in a 16-2 win over Hamden.”
— NH Register

Breakfast For Dinner Benefits Boys Lacrosse Team

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Mar 102013

joey lacrosseAmity High School’s Spring Sports teams soon will begin hitting the fields and stadiums.
To kick things off, the Amity High School Boys Lacrosse team will host a Breakfast for Dinner Fundraiser at Chip’s Family Restaurant, 321 Boston Post Road, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12 with three seatings at 5pm, 6:15pm or 7pm.

Tickets are $10 each and walk-ins are welcome.

Dinner includes 2 Buttermilk Pancakes, 2 Eggs and 2 Pieces of Bacon or Sausage

Meet the Team Captains, Matt Milner, Austin Burns and Joey Choiniere and wish them a winning season.

Stack of pancakes