How Do You Keep A Fridge Cold In A Bad Storm?

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Oct 252012

With Sandy threatening to hit the East Coast on Monday, you may be one of the thousands rushing to the grocery store to stock up on milk, eggs, yogurt and other foods, but, if the storm is strong enough to wipe out electricity for a long time, how will you keep those items fresh in your refrigerator?

One Orange Live reader offered this timely advice:

Two things I did to prepare for Hurricane Irene that I recommend to everyone preparing for Sandy. Two days prior to the storm turn the temperature on your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest settings. I also froze five one gallon bottles of water. Left two in the freezer and put three in the refrigerator. Three days after losing power my freezer was still below 32 degrees and my refrigerator below 40 degrees.

You’ve got plenty of time to prepare for this storm. IF Sandy hits, don’t shy away, be prepared to fight, make sure you can provide for yourself and your family for at least ONE week. Don’t take anything for granted.

Better to be prepared and have nothing happen than to think nothing will happen and be at your wits end when the power goes out for a week.