Letter: Stealing Political Signs IS A Crime

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Sep 302020

Joint Statement from the Orange Democratic and Orange Republican Town Chairs”
Every election season, we have issues with signs being destroyed or stolen.  This year seems particularly excessive.  Destroying, degrading, or stealing of signs or personal property is punishable by law.  Neither party condones nor encourages this behavior and, we believe, many of the culprits are just out to do mischief.
As chairs of the respective main parties in the Town of Orange, we are asking everyone to respect their neighbors’ property and right to display political signs for the candidates they support.  If you see anyone defacing or vandalizing signs, please call the local police and check your security cameras for any tape, so these people can be apprehended.
In the end, we are all neighbors who live together, whose kids go to school and engage in extra-curricular activities together.  Let’s all get along.
Thank you,
Jody Dietch, chair, Orange Democratic Town Committee
Pio Imperati, chair, Orange Republican Town Committee

Letter: Defunding School Resource Officers Is Not The Right Thing To Do

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Aug 242020

To The Editor:

U.S. Senator, Chris Murphy, has introduced legislation into the U.S. Senate seeking to defund federal support for school resource officers.  A school resource officer is a police officer assigned to work in collaboration with school administrators to provide a safe environment for students and staff.

For the past eight years, Senator Murphy has gone across Connecticut making promises of support for school resource officers and other trained professionals under the jurisdiction of local police departments.  Now, Senator Murphy claims that eliminating school resource officers is a step towards eliminating systematic racism. Senator Murphy is simply playing politics. This is an issue about the safety of our children, not racism, and Senator Murphy’s bill will only weaken protection for our children. 

Since state funding for local education is much greater than the federal funding, we must ensure that our State Senators and Representatives will stand up to Senator Murphy’s politics and commit to NOT defund school resource officers.

Dan DeBarba, the Republican candidate for State Representative, understands the purpose of school resource officers. DeBarba has strongly opposed Senator Murphy’s proposal.  DeBarba wrote on Facebook, “These officers are there for one reason: To Protect Children.” He continued, “I believe that the residents of Woodbridge, Orange and Derby have a much better sense than Chris Murphy does of what is good for our children.”

It is important for Mary Welander, the Democrat candidate for State Representative, to take a position on this issue.  Will she stand up to Chris Murphy like Dan DeBarba has? Will she put politics aside and make the same commitment that Dan DeBarba has already made?  The voters of Derby, Orange and Woodbridge need to know.


Christopher Daddio

Orange, CT 

Editor’s Note: This letter toes the line on our political policy that’s been in place for the past 8 years.

LETTER: Re: Mileage Tax

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Jul 272016

letter to editorI am a life long Democrat and have voted the straight party line for some time. In addition, I have lived in Connecticut my entire life. That is why I am absolutely aghast that the Democratically controlled General Assembly is considering resurrecting the mileage tax.
As I understand it, the Transportation Committee in the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut is looking at a mileage tax as one consideration being floated along with several other revenue generating measures to provide funding for Governor Malloy’s infrastructure program.
While I applaud the Governor for the vision to realize that the infrastructure required for the transportation network in the state needs updating, it needs to be delayed given the state’s budgetary crisis which may or not be fixed given the lack of credibility of revenue estimates that the state has received of late.
In addition, in my opinion, widening I-95 would only invite more traffic causing safety and environmental concerns while taking valuable resources away from improving mass transit – particularly the rail system.
It is believed that this tax on mileage is not being given a high priority of passing at this time but there is nothing that precludes it from becoming a reality after the November elections. After that, elected General Assembly members cannot be recalled and are therefore untouchable for two years. To find out the membership of the Transportation Committee in the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut just Google it and the web page will come up and just click on “MEMBERS”. Both House and Senate membership will be displayed.
It just doesn’t make sense to do this. The gas tax is essentially a usage tax and to incorporate a mileage tax on top of that would be redundant and economically crippling to a state that is facing all kinds of financial and demographic issues. Who are some groups that might be negatively affected by this?
I am thinking just about everyone since Connecticut is such a small state, commuting is a necessary evil. In particular, students who commute and are already incurring debt; the elderly which are already being driven from the state by its costliness; businesses would incur additional expenses as reps and deliveries would be costlier; and, finally, families that are
trying to give their children a better life at the same time as take care of elderly family members. Maybe exemptions could be carved out but that would only create claims of discrimination and favoritism.
For example, suppose one of those possible exemptions was given to the very state legislators that initiated such a tax. Finally, how do we track and tax vehicles traversing the state? It is my firm hope that the General Assembly will not go down this path and that the voting public should hold them accountable if they do.
Robert A. Cuozzo
207 Laurelbrook Drive