Letter: Legislators Should Ban Fur Sales and Manufacturing

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May 262020

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To the editor,

I recently contacted some Connecticut politicians to ask them their position on a ban on fur sales and manufacturing. I was pleased to discover a number of officials supported the idea who I wasn’t previously aware of. These included state representatives Kim Rose of Milford, John Hampton of Simsbury, and Jillian Gilchrest of West Hartford. They join a growing list of Connecticut politicians opposed to the fur industry.

Readers should contact their state legislators and urge them to support a ban. For more information about the campaign to achieve this, follow Fur Free CT on Facebook or Twitter. To stay up-to-date on other forms of electoral action for animals, visit CTVotesForAnimals.org.
Jon Hochschartner


LETTER: Pam Staneski Works Effectively And Fiercely

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Oct 082018

To The Editor:

In light of the toxic political environment in the last two years, I began to question my own political identity. The madness I was hearing in Washington, D.C. compelled me to take a closer look at my personal ideals, and where I stood in the political realm.

This self-examination prompted me to apply for the Connecticut Legislative Internship out of the State Capitol. Although the State Capitol isn’t directly involved in Washington, I thought this was a good start. I was fortunate enough to be assigned to state representative Pam Staneski.

As I mentioned earlier, I was questioning what party I considered myself to be a part of. About a week into the internship, I found clarity. Pam exemplified everything I aspire to be. Her compassion and work ethic as a state representative goes far beyond just the state capitol. She is the co-founder of the Milford Prevention Council, and she is a dedicated volunteer for the Rape Crisis Center of Milford.

It is hard to find someone truly genuine to look up to as a role model, and I am so lucky I got the opportunity to be her intern. As a legislator, Pam has mentored many young women aspiring a career in politics, including myself. She is bringing back the spirit of compromise among her fellow legislators. She works effectively and fiercely with both sides of the aisle. An example of TRUE BIPARTISANSHIP. I have never seen such fierce dedication and loyalty in anyone, especially a legislator. Pam is truly an
inspiration – A genuine soul who has only the best intentions for this beautiful state.

Nicoletta Blevins

Richetelli says Peck Place Situation Still Needs Attention

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Mar 192014

thAfter speaking at this week’s Orange Board of Education meeting, resident Michael Richetelli sent in this letter to the editor regarding his thoughts about the Peck Place School situation:

To The Editor:

The numbers are in; it will cost $2 Million to repair the damage done to Peck Place School from the pipe break and resulting flood on Monday, January 6th. The Board of Education members acted swiftly and responsibly by relocating the Peck students to the Yale West Campus in the aftermath of this disaster. As a father of a child in Peck Place, I have seen firsthand how this event has negatively impacted the educational process of our children.

The town recently approved spending $2 million to restore Peck Place, with the majority of the work awarded with no-bid contracts. It is critical to ensure that this work is done quickly and properly for the safety of our children. However, BOE Business Manager Kevin McNabola has left the district for another position; Kevin has been integral in coordinating the planned restoration of Peck. I have asked the BOE to hire a construction manager to oversee this project, as we need the expertise of a professional to manage the different tradesmen, ensure the project meets identified time constraints, and ensure fiscal responsibility.

It is also appropriate to investigate what protocols and precautions were taken to prevent this event. The taxpayers deserve accountability in determining if this could’ve been prevented and to ensure that safeguards are implemented for the future; they also deserve answers to the many unanswered questions.

The facilities manager for the BOE has stated on the record that he was concerned about freezing temperatures going into the weekend and had the building checked on Sunday, Jan. 5th. What kind of inspection was done? Working in the Property Management field, I was trained that there is only one critical task when checking a building for frozen pipes- run the water! If this safeguard was taken, this situation may have been averted.

It also came to light that an alarm was sounded after the pipe broke. Was this alarm responded to properly? Could the damage at Peck Place School have been prevented or mitigated? I’ve advocated for the BOE to form a bipartisan committee to include residents with expertise in building management and maintenance to review this matter and make recommendations to the BOE. I truly hope that they will follow through on this important retrospection due diligence. 

Mike Richetelli